Kristina Furey


Two, almost three weeks ago, I jammed my finger, just after starting to figure out one of my songs on the synth.  I ended up losing all my gains on it, which I guess was no biggie, since I found I wanted to change the key.  A little over a week ago I got back at it.  Then we had company, which was awesome!  Still, I found myself once again, back at the beginning, with said song, "17".  The goal was to get it figured out.  I am trying to organize my songs.  This is where you wish me luck!  Please :-)  The other goal, which I have thus far been falling short of, was to spend 20 hours a week on music related things.  Yet another goal, was to have "17" figured out this week.  I was not there, as of this morning and I have spent the day trying to get there.  I was hoping to have a video of me nailing it.  That was my hope.  I settled for having it figured out and videoed, regardless.  That goal was accomplished.  Here it is.


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