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2nd Blog (Impetuous one): NOTE: everything here is said in love and in sincerety

So, this morning I wake up from a dream.  I remember nothing from it except the words, "You are not incorrigible.  You are impetuous".  I have the strangest dreams...  So I had to look up impetuous, I mean I thought I knew what it meant but you know not really...  Then I headed for my synth.    to honor all mother's, wives and any female that has ever given birth to your offspring.  Mothers LOVE their children and want the best for them.  It doesn't always work out the way they plan.  My mother loved my brother and it was heartbreaking at times for her.  He loved her too, so much.  We are challenged as families but we should always take time to say "I love you" and hear the words when they come our way.  If we don't, important things that need to be said get lost.  Relationships get lost. 

In this video I spoke but it probably sounded like gibberish about a video I made and lost.  It was another songs I had attempted to show as I wrote it. It had nothing to do with the "Make Your Momma Proud" song.  It was just the reason I chose to be impetuous.  I sat on this till now 2:34pm.  Fear I guess, holding me back.  I decided I'd rather look the sad, pathetic fool than have what I need to express go unsaid.
Along these lines...  Someone recently asked me if I had seen the picture of Melania Trump smiling at Barack Obama.  It reminded me of a video I recorded, after moving from our home in Virginia into a condo there, just prior to moving to Florida.  I can't find the video now for the life of me.  Perhaps it died in my video camera along with the battery at some point, lost to the abyss.  Yet somewhere, in one of my notebooks, packed in a box was the song I wrote about a little girl I met when I worked for Images 4 Kids.  I had been combing her hair and trying to get her ready for her picture.  It was like she was catatonic or something.  She never said a word but she got this beautiful little smile on her face as I combed her hair.  There are some wonderful daycares out there and there are some beautiful people that work at daycares.  There are also some women that I would never want near mine or anybody else's child because they're just, for lack of a better word, bitter.  They made these comments, "oh look she's smiling. She never smiles.  She never speaks.  Her mom just dropped her off looking like that.  You may be the first person that's ever even combed her hair".  On and on they went as if she could not hear them.  I was so disgusted with these women!!  I turned she and I away from them and softly whispered to her and told her how beautiful she was and how lovely she looked and how her mommy was just going to love the beautiful picture of her, when we got her picture taken.  I wish I hadn't lost the video I made of the writing of that song because I remembered so much more about it in that moment and the attempt was to explain all of it, while writing a song for her.  My thought being, maybe one day she would see it or maybe there was somebody else out there that it might mean something to.  I think I called it "Mona Lisa's Smile" but it may have been crack the code to "Mona Lisa Smile."
My best friend is coming for my birthday early tomorrow and I've been trying to straighten up around here.  I'm not doing the best job but at least the guest bedroom, the guest bathroom, and the kitchen will be immaculate.  Really she's the kind of friend that is just coming to see me, not judge me on whether or not my house is clean.  So I'm taking this time to be impetuous, if I'm using the word correctly but I'll have to save looking up that song (Mona Lisa) that I wrote in that notebook for another day.  The little girl was the subject of the song.  I was the photographer's assistant.  It was my job to make sure that the children looked as attractive as possible for their pictures and I also did my best to keep them calm before they went in front of the camera.  I would explain in detail, this is what's going to happen and this is why we're cleaning your face cuz we want your mom to see all your beauty shining through and this is why were combing your hair.  Well, I always asked first, who was going to be looking at the picture to make sure I told them the right person was going to love their picture.  I'm a problem solver by nature.  It was my job as I saw it, to crack the code.  In this particular child's case, I wanted to crack the code to Mona Lisa's smile.  That what I call her.  My hope was she would always have that picture to look back on and see all her beauty shining through.  I wanted to share the writing process in a video because I really just wanted people to get it!!!  Not just listen to the song but keep their eyes peeled for Mona Lisa and help crack the code.  Don't let her get lost and end up in the wrong place or in the wrong hands.  I realize I'm a romantic at heart and perhaps I'm reading too much into it but did anybody else look at that recent picture of Barack Obama with Melania Trump and think "By God he's cracked the code!" Being a visual thinker, for me that painting came to mind.  The one of Barack Obama and the word HOPE."
Maybe that's why I needed to be impetuous this morning when I woke up.  Maybe that's why I had to cry over the keys for a little bit.  I may never be a good keyboard player but if I can show you what I see...  Maybe it will affect you and maybe it will kick off a chain of affection for those you love and perhaps might overlook, if I didn't impetuously spout off over the beauty of a person a beautiful situation or a traumatic one.  No worries over my tears, I'm okay, as long as I keep expressing myself.
My mother is gone!  A friend who was like a family member to my family is still here today because her love one bent over backwards, all for the love of his life.  What a world it would be if we would all be so willing.  Express yourself!  Don't let the moment pass you by <3

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