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A silly Christmas song

I had a Blog already planned and penned yesterday and I meant to post it today but I've been so busy getting things ready for Christmas.  If you've been keeping up with my blog then you know it's been a really tough year for both Dan and I.  We had a lot of trips up north as a result.  However, this past weekend our trip up north was more for fun as Dan got to hang with his buddies and my family gathered at my best friend's Christmas party that she throws every year.  Now back home  I've been rushing around preparing to host Christmas Eve here at my house and ready things for house guests.  Well I've been running around today, I've had the AXS TV channel playing in the background and I got to listen to an interview with Crystal Gayle and and Dan Rather.  I grew up singing Crystal Gayle music and at one point I tried to grow my hair as long as I could, inspired by her.  AXS also had a  Dolly Parton special  on.  I admire her in so many ways, especially her attitude towards life.  Next, they had a special on Shania Twain, when I was making lunch.  I didn't get to see all of it but the three shows were very Soul filling.  Silly things happen when my soul gets filled.  It always makes me feel so full of myself.  Which is probably where I got all chirpy and found this song in my heart this evening.  It led me to feeling all  playful which lead to rolling underneath the Christmas tree and singing the song while creating this silly video...   Hope I can link it here.   Sometimes these sticky things work for me and sometimes they don't.  If it doesn't work maybe I'll just post my other blog that I wrote yesterday tomorrow.  Haha yesterday tomorrow did any of that make sense?  Maybe I'll post it anyway... Maybe...   Regardless I wish you a very merry Christmas or very joyful holiday season whichever is most appropriate for you. ❤️   


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