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An Invitation

What would you do if your child met with a tragic accident?  If they were placed in critical care?  Are you prepared for this financially?  Chances are that won’t happen but for some, this is a reality.  Losing a child is hard enough without the complications of hospital and burial costs.  For some, an experience like this can wipe them out emotionally and financially.   It was a tragic accident that put Anthony Fowler’s parents in this position.  It was their love for their son, their desire to leave a legacy and their ability to find a way to pay it forward by being there for other parents in this position, that led to the creation of the Anthony Fowler Foundation.  They chose love instead of despair and they come to the aid of others to help them do the same.  They understand the currency of life is love.  It’s giving from the heart even as life, so loved and dear to you is being taken.  I am in awe of their compassion and that’s why the Anthony Fowler Foundation is so dear to my heart and why I ask you to please support them in their endeavors.  

Please come out to the Florida Railroad Museum, Saturday April 29th, from noon to 6:00pm.  It will be a celebration of life, Anthony’s and those saved as a result of his families vision to pay it forward in Anthony’s name.   Through this event, community members like you, can come out, celebrate and support the efforts of the Anthony Fowler Foundation to reach out to families side blinded by tragedy and struggling to meet the unforeseen financial obligations and complications brought on by the hospitalization and burial costs of a child.   April is “Donate Life Month” and comes just before Anthony’s birthday of May 1st and this is why the Anthony Fowler Foundation chose April 29th to hold this celebration.  Come,  celebrate and help us spread the word, spread the love, raise funds to lift the spirits and hearts of those future individuals that will be faced with their own tragedies.  We can lift them up.  We can be their heroes.  And if you can’t make it April 29th, please consider donating here.  Donations will help support families of children that have faced or are facing a life-ending tragedy, and will fund the Anthony Fowler Sports Equipment Grant Fund for youth residing in Parrish, Florida.  If you’d like a download of Dan’s and my song, “Deeper” look for the link there for that option.  100% of the donation money received goes to the Anthony Fowler Foundation.  It’s our way of paying it forward and our attempt at supporting the Anthony Fowler’s Foundation in leaving a legacy.  

One last request, please consider registering to be an organ donator.  I am registered and who knows, maybe one day my heart may be yours… ;-)

With all my heart,
Kristina <3

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