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Blowing out the candles

OMG! What a birthday week!  I have received so many well wishes!  People keep asking me what am I doing for my birthday?  Well, I  Just got back from Nashville Sunday night.  It was a whirlwind of a trip but it was fantastic!!  I walked around in a sleepy little blurry bliss yesterday.   I feel sorry for anyone who honestly wants to connect with an audience, if they have not heard of Tom Jackson and read his book, watched his videos or attended any of his workshops!!  Now, he may humbly tell you he's just teaching you tricks of the trade but I'm not convinced he doesn't have some sort of innate talent in this area.  That's really all I can tell you.  You really have to see him in action, witness it for yourself.  Originally, I saw videos of him where he taught things like how to build a set list and how to utilize a stage and angles, along with other videos, including making over performances.  I tried to get Dan to watch but he was more like,  you watch it and tell me what we need to do.  Then I begged pleaded and persuaded in every way I could to get Dan to one of his workshops.  And let me tell you my skeptic engineer husband walked away just as amazed as me!   We got home and he was making changes to our songs and saying, "Hey we need to do this song this way."  Now ladies, you know he was saying what I had been saying all along but I batted my lashes and said, "That's the best idea ever!" 

Seriously though, Dan is a much more critical thinker than I with all his education based in math.  He does his best to keep me from tripping too high up there in the clouds but also likes impressing me with his skills and he can think out of the box, which most often leads to him finding other ways to deliver my hearts desire.  I'm the brain stormer and he is my Macgyver.  I wanted to move to Florida to live in harmony with my Seasonal Affective Disorder and their were some physical health reasons, in that I wanted to be out doors and physical year round, their were budget reasons, music reasons and because I believe the Fountain of Youth is really just being among people who don't subject you to ageism.  Also, there was my plan to get an RV so we can go on tour.  A very particular RV because I can be very particular in my visions.  Which I had.  I had visions.  I had these visions when I attended the first Tom Jackson Workshop.  In fact, I had these visions since well before then but I knew it was a step by step process.   
What Dan and I aren't,. Well we're not schmoozers.  Growing up I was taught. That's gauche.  Dan was taught you create for yourself, what you want.  This had worked for us in every aspect of our life.  So, we saw no reason to go to "Networking" events.  Well, except one that my friend was putting on and I really wanted to support him because he was doer and his heart was in the right place.  He really loved music and therefor musicians and he wanted to help them for no other reason then he wanted to be connected to what he loved, music, musicians and the vibes around them. Now, I've heard over and over again, you have to network but honestly, Dan and I have gotten more tracktion with our music through booking and playing music.  Which brings me back to why Tom Jackson Workshops work for me.  My husband and I learn things together, get inspired and come home with interesting ideas to try with our music.  Well, that and his work associate, Amy Wolter, made time in her busy schedule for us, last year when we needed to schedule a session with her pronto, so we could create a special moment with our song "Deeper" in hopes of helping raise money for The Anthony Fowler Foundation.  Why pronto?  Not because we hadn't planned on doing something special with the song but pronto because I was in between visits to Baltimore, MD at the time as my mother was going through cancer treatments and it was a very difficult time to get in enough practice.  We needed her help early on so in between visits we could implement her tweaks and suggestions. 
In 2013, Dan and I attended our first Workshop.  I had the pleasure of eating lunch with Tom Jackson.  Hey was very down to earth and I felt comfortable enough to ask him how exactly he started his business.  He was genuinely kind and willing to share as he answered me.  It was from the ground up and I was impressed that that's how he did it.  He advised me to do it the same way.  Do what you can afford and add to that.  I thought that was great advice and honest. 

My own vision for what I wanted and how I would carefully stack each piece, considerately and carefully was so clear that day...   I didn't know that while I was there that weekend my father was having his final birthday.  I didn't know about a lot of things life had in store for me.  I didn't know I would lose that vision, regain different visions or that Dan would lose his father, I would lose my mother.  I never expected, I would lose interest in music all together but that too happened for a little while.  There were moments I wanted to yell at people that said things like dreams don't come true plans do.  I disagree on both accounts.  Dreams have come true for me.  For me it is the first step in the process, knowing what I want and seeing many different versions of how it might play out because I wouldn't want my dream to turn into a nightmare for myself or really anyone.  As far as plans go.  I have started planing many things only to learn that life's plans trump my own.  Now maybe they wouldn't if say I just decided my loved ones weren't important enough to me to do the best I could to be there for them.  I suppose if my plans became more important than people, I probably would have had very little problems seeing my plans to fruition but that's not who I am.  Every dream, every plan, every choice along the way I discover more about who I am and that I suppose is the sliver lining.  So what do I do, I go back to the last place I got my needs met.  The last place I clearly saw where I wanted to go.  The last place I could see my plans coming to fruition.  There's a lot to learn from history and it's a comfortable place to fall when it's familiar in a kind way.   

The rest of my birthday celebrating has my best friend (don't worry she's reality-based) coming to visit  and we have all sorts of things planned.    

After that, I look forward to getting my new best, little cuddly buddy, "Aja" (pronounced Asia).  As in Steely Dan's "Aja"Aja because she is female had we picked a male, his name would be "Pounce" as in "Pounce De Leon (The french poodle discovering Florida)  But wait till you see Aja, I've got pictures at the bottom of my share page.  I couldn't choose which one, as I was in puppy heaven  "Call It Puppy Love"  Luckily, Dan was there to help because the little RV I want/Dream of/am planning on getting will be cozy enough with the three of us.   Things are looking up and I'm pretty psyched up over this next decade!


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