Kristina Furey

Blurry head

I was sick this 4th of July.  A cold.  Haven’t had one of those since April, 2017.  Not feeling good and in a bit of a funk.  Everything seems to take more effort than what I feel I have to invest.  Yet, I try.  It’s a very blurry, stuffed up to my ears, kinda thing going on, keeping me from thinking through on my decisions, like the precarious placement of a dish that shattered into so many shards.  Took way more time to clean it up than it would have to think through my lazy dish placement decision. Just don’t feel like myself and I’m waiting, wishing, praying, that the buzzy little bee part of me, will quickly return.  In the meantime, I’m trying hard not to infect those around me with my cold or lousy attitude.  That said, I’ll just wish you “peace” and be off, lest I betray myself and you, in the process.  

Stay healthy!!!


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