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Can President be charged w/federal crime while in office?

“A president can not be charged with a federal crime while he is in office”.  Check out minute 4:40 here:   I did not know this.  I did know Mueller is not the judge or jury.  He is simply the messenger.  He was working for you and me and on behalf of our country.  He has done his part.  It is time for the rest of us to do ours. 

Some people get diagnosed by their doctors (the messengers) as having diabetes.  They can ignore this decease and it may take their foot or it may take their life or they might develop some other complications from it, like cancer.   If they do not take the necessary action it will continue to be a problem and most likely continue to become a bigger problem.  Their doctor didn’t give them the diabetes and it wouldn’t make the diabetes go away if they called the doctor a fraud or misinterpreted what the doctor said.  It wouldn’t even make the diabetes go away, if they made the doctor testify in front of the house, the facts, of what was in the doctors report.   Not even if they called the doctor out on twitter?  No.  You see facts are facts, whether we want to hear them and act upon them or not.  Some people may suspect they have diabetes and never get tested.  Does that mean they don’t have it?  The facts are the facts whether we know them or choose to know them or not! 

At minute 9:10   Mueller says, “There were multiple systematic efforts to interfere in our election and that allegation deserves the attention of every American.”  I just want to say, “Thank you Mueller, for the work you have done.  I am sorry if you feel like you are under attack for doing your job.  I realize it is not your job to do anything but report the findings in the investigation.  I am doing my best, in my job, as an American citizen, to educate myself on those facts and let my representatives know what I expect from them.  I am also doing the best I can to help inform others and better yet, direct them to inform themselves.”  

Tomorrow at 8am, Mueller is scheduled to testify before House lawmakers.  That is Wednesday, July 24th at 8am and you can stream it here:

Since my last blog I have continued to read The Mueller Report and here are my latest notes if you'd like to check them out. 

 174-“The office similarly determined that the contacts between the Campaign officials and Russia-linked individuals either did not involve the commission of a federal crime or, in the case of campaign-finance offenses, that our evidence was not sufficient to obtain and sustain a conviction.  At the same time, the Office concluded that the principles of the Federal prosecution supported charging certain individuals connected to the Campaign, with making false statements or otherwise obstructing this investigation or parallel congressional investigations.

Pg 185 and 186,  Describes how the June 9th Trump Tower meeting, the one with Trump Jr., Kushner and Manafort in attendance, was considered a possible implication that our laws were violated.  The law as I understand it is the “Foreign Contributions Ban”.  Which brings up  a “Thing of value”.  This type of gift from a foreign entity is illegal.   When Trump Jr. was offered this by Emin and Aras Agalarov, in the form of  information, given with the purpose of influencing an election for Federal office.  Trump Jr. welcomed this meeting  with an email reply of “If it’s what you say, I love it, especially later in the summer” and the “it” was information on Hilary Clinton that would benefit the Trump Campaign.   Now, if I understand what I read correctly, he did not receive the information at that meeting.  (I suggest, if you can, you read the report for yourself.  It would benefit you, help give you a fuller understanding of what the laws are and why they are there.   I mean really, whether or not a court of law could decide if the laws were broken, I have to believe that you have your own since of justice and hopefully enough interest in your country and loved ones, to educate yourself on what made this election and those involved so questionable.  If for no other reason than to support your belief system and ideas of what is right and wrong, as you go to the polls in 2020.  Where I see connections to a law being broken, you may not.  Which is why you may want to read it for yourself.)

Pg 192 begins the coverage of Papadopoulos (Policy Advisor to the Trump campaign), how he lied to the FBI.  It also goes into detail on how he impeded the investigation and kept the FBI from effectively questioning Mifsud, while the had the opportunity.

Pg 194 begins the coverage of Flynn (National Security Advisor to President Trump), how he made 2 false statements.  How he asked Russian Ambassador Kislyak to refrain from escalating the situation in response to the United States imposition of sanctions (while Obama was President-December 2016), yet claimed during FBI investigations that he did not ask Kislyak to refrain.  Flynn also “falsely told” (isn’t that the same as a lie?) the FBI he didn’t remember follow up conversations with Kislyak.  AND he “made false statements about calls he had previously made to Russia and other countries regarding a resolution submitted by Egypt to the United Nations Security Council on December 21, 2016.”  Hmmm? looks like he also may have requested those countries take a particular action…  What do you think?  Check out page 195 1st paragraph.  Oh and these claims were made when he was National Security Advisor.  You will find this in the 2nd paragraph.  

Same page (195) begins the coverage of Michael Cohen and Trump Tower Moscow.  You can read this one to decide if you think it may tie Trump to the Russians.  This might be the reason candidates are supposed to submit financial information for review when running for President.  You know so “We the people” know before we elect someone, if they may possibly have allegiance to another, or bond or be in bond to any other person, institution or country. 

I am reading this thing all the way through and I will continue to blog on what I learn.

Love & Peace


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