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Can't put my finger on it but...

About blogging, I'm just not feeling it this week.  It's nothing really, except I have nothing to say.  Which is curious to me.  I've had a about 5 songs show up in my head this week and I only documented two.  I let the other ones go which is something I do often if I'm busy and can't get to it or if I'm tired.  You know, when I think about it the best way to describe it is like when you have a dream, wake up and it quickly starts to blur.  If you wrote it down immediately you might just get it all but forget about it if you don't. 

So the first, I think came about because recently I observed a conversation where a Swiss man asked a group of Americans I happened to be hanging with at the time, "Why did you elect Trump?"  Then a woman, who spoke up first and seemed to be speaking for everyone said, "He's not what you think and then started telling us what he was about and I realized, he was just a blank canvas for this woman to paint her own picture of what she thought he was.  Intrigued I just, sat back and watched and listened, a little in horror and a little in realization that I have done the same as she.  When someone's actions annoy or offend me, I tend to ask myself, "Do I do this?"  If the answer is "Yes" I try to make a note not to do it anymore, since I find it annoying.  She's a likable woman, though different from me, for sure.  So the basis of the song lies in the lyrics, "We don't talk anymore.  We only make insinuations.  And I don't trust anymore, in the words that you are not saying".   As i think about it, I realize the other one pretty much comes from the same place.  With it's opening of "Perception is nine tenths of the truth because people only see what they want to see".    It ends with, "Things they are a lot like that but there is a lot more too it. You know, there's a me and a you and we blew it.  We didn't open up our minds to try to see the other side.  We're getting taken for a ride". 

I find myself nostalgic for something that's missing.


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