Kristina Furey

C'est La Vie

This week I am just receiving instead of transmitting.  My microphone appears to be on endless mute.  Perhaps it is broken...  Hope it can be fixed.  Now I have to use a hardwired mic.  (insert sad face emoticon here).  Don't know if this means I need a new microphone or just a new capsule.  (insert HUGE ? here).  C'est la vie....  Robbie Nevil  (insert dance moves here followed by happy face emoticon, followed by upside down happy face, followed by heart, followed by blushy smiley face, followed by girl on the floor wrapped in mic cord, who is just thankful to have hardwired mic hug at a time like this.)  

PS-can someone free me from this cord thingy ;-)  or I can just sing from here like Perry Como.  Yeah, that's an idea too...     


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