Kristina Furey

Closed Because of Government Shutdown

In solidarity to my fellow American's who have been put on Furlough, I am placing myself on furlough.   Before I do, I need to say this.  To have people working and not receiving wages seems to be a form of slavery to me.  To be a person entrusted with the title President and the power that accompanies it, to then hold the welfare of fellow Americans captive utilizing that power, seems in the least to me, to be a misuse of power.   At the worst, I am concerned, it could be an act of treason.  "Safe", are we safe if we build a wall between us and Mexico?  Are we safe to make enemies of our neighbors?  Are we safe if our government is being dismantled from within?  Pay close attention because I don't understand how we are safe when our government either can't see or agree on what is best for The "United" States as a whole.  I would think it would be taking care of Americans, especially those who work for our Country.

I leave you with Emily Dickinson's poem, "I'm Nobody, Who Are You?"

And John Lithgow reading Dr. Suess's "Yertle The Turtle".  

No real reason except they seem to make me feel better.



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