Kristina Furey

Confessions of a liar


Are you sitting down? Okay, I told lie. Not on purpose but it just so
happens that right after I sent out my letter saying The Mad Horse Brewpub
would be our last performance of the year, we received an unexpected gig.
So, the bad news is I lied, the good news is, it's at The Lost Rhino
Brewery and what makes it extra special is that it will be on Wednesday
12/18 from 6-9pm. "WHAT???" you say, "A week night!?!" I know, not
something we normally do but Dan thought, "Okay, I will put in my days
work and still go out and play for the people that need just one more
chance to gather with friends or escape the traffic and holiday madness."
So stop by after work or after a little last minute shopping! Give your
honey the night off from cooking. Better yet, how great would it be to
invite your friends unbeknownst to your honey and then surprise them with
a holiday gathering? While you think about this, check out this menu:
OR AT THE VERY LEAST, this one!:

So this Saturday(12/7), we'll be at The Mad Horse BrewPub from 6:30-9:30pm
and Wednesday December 18th, we'll be at The Lost Rhino Brewing Company!

Hope to see you!
Kristina and Dan


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