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Early Christmas gift Dan made for me

Today I just want to share an early Christmas gift I got.  There is a preface to this gift...  I was listening to 1A on NPR and they were discussing plastic and how it's everywhere now and it's really becoming a problem.  Here's a link:  

I've been kind of paranoid about my health having lost my brother, my father, and my mother to cancer.  I kind of bounce back between that and feeling extremely rebellious.  I'm sure there's anger and dis-satisfaction in these feelings.  So, I realize I've got this plastic cutting board.  I look at it and I run my hand over it and I feel all the scratches from my knives over the top of it and realize it's missing a lot of really tiny pieces, of plastic where the cuts and scratches are...  So I decide I'm going to buy a wood one. I discussed the whole thing with Dan and he tells me he will make me one.  Which instantly calms my mind over the whole cutting board thing because it's so real in my head now that we are hurting our health and lives are shortened for the unnatural direction we as people keep going in.  

And this is what he made for me...   


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