Kristina Furey

Game of Thrones :-)

It’s back but with only 5 episodes to go and the humans still focused on who gets to sit on the Iron Throne, I have concerns that the White Walkers will be the last ones standing and the humans will be wiped out.  At this point, it seems logical, that would be the case.  As Jon Snow said, “There is only one war, the great war and it is here.”  BUT what do you do when people would rather stab you than listen to truth and logic?  Would you “bend the knee” to save people?  To save mankind?  Or would you stand proudly, come what may and fight for your honor?  Would you be too focused on your enemies and too attached to that label, “enemy,” that you would continue to look for ways to take them down?  Were you wondering this too?  Is “Game of Thrones” holding you in as tight a grip as it has me?  If so, I think you will really enjoy the discussion they had on 1A this past week:  I certainly did!!!  They discuss so many characters past and present, like Hodor and Margaery.  Did I cry?  ...yeah, a little bit. <3  I expect there will be more loss before it is over.  Having watched many past scenes through my fingers and at times, with my quilt over my head, I know how brutal this game can get and I concern that humanity may not win out. 


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