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Hanging on the couch, reflecting

Currently curled up on my couch with my puppy.  Earlier today had to get a biopsy of my uterus. Pretty barbaric the way they do it.  I got a shot of something like Motrin, only it was supposed to be stronger. Waited for it to take effect, which I'm really not sure it ever did.  Then, they just went up there and cut while I did my best not to curse at the top of my lungs. After that, l headed to a restaurant by the water, sat in the sun and did some day drinking, which is something I hardly ever do.  Weddings, I might day drink at a wedding. Saint Patrick's Day, yeah I've been known to do that. Cinco de Mayo, yes, but really otherwise, no, because unless there's a real party going on, it just makes me feel like going to sleep.  I have been known to fall asleep at parties too, even with no alcohol. So… ANYWAY, I came home and landed on the couch, did some sleeping but mostly watched Joanna and Chip create people's dream homes on HGTV. I can totally see why people like this show.  Chip and Joanna remind me of Dan and I. They work well together. They support each other and you can feel the love just coming through the TV screen.

Yesterday, I went to an RV show in Tampa.  I did some daydreaming there and sized up some of those RVs to see if they would fit what I want.  Tuesday, I actually sat down at the keyboard and messed around, which is something I haven't done since we got our puppy.  Truth be told a lot of things have been on the back burner since we got her but she's worth it. I'm patient when I can see that patience is necessary for me to piece together the bigger pictures I'm out to accomplish.  “Slow is smooth and smooth is fast” or so someone once said.

I'm still trying to get my routines and those of my puppy aligned and in place in such a way that they match the original intent I had prior to moving to Florida.  The idea was to have a playful little spirit to wake up to in the morning and walk with, come home have breakfast and spend time working on music stuff for a couple hours or run errands on those days it's necessary to run errands.  I seem to be at my most motivated in the morning when I've had a little sunlight, exercise and food in my system. It's when my thinking is most clear, passion and enthusiasm often make an appearance and I tend to get the most done.  My morning plan was to end by making a lunch, that I could eat outside, as I love the effects nature has on my mood. Then, if I should happen to feel sluggish I would plunge into the pool before sitting or lying in the sun to dry or I'd run on my elliptical, maybe lift some weights.  I would grab a cup of tea (probably matcha) and get back to work for an hour or so, followed by vocalizing and then making dinner. Of course there would be breaks to take my pooch for a walk or a romp in the yard. Dan and I would have dinner and we'd go for a walk. Then we'd practice music or go out and play, watch a little TV, wind down and go to bed.  Of course, it wouldn't be as regimented as that always but for the most part that was.the plan. Definitely, I need to schedule trips to the dog park as I am trying my best to raise a well rounded pooch.

I have had health challenges all my life and I kind of ignored them last year because they always seem to be prevalent and I really wanted to be with my mom.  She died last June of periurethral cancer and she had symptoms, she discussed with her doctors in 2013 but they did not pick up on. It wasn't until the summer of 2016, they really figured things out.  Mostly because both Gynecologists and Urologists don't normally have all the information needed to diagnose it. It's a very rare cancer and it takes someone with knowledge of gynecology and urology to put things together and diagnose it.  She knew something did not feel right and her body was not functioning the way she considered it to be normal. Like most of us she wanted to hear she was fine and so at first being told she was fine was comforting. Later, she questioned their ability to listen, hear what she said and she became distrustful of their conclusions, then there was fear.  She waited in silence until there was another reason, symptom or/and until things got worse. I tell you this because we really need to advocate as best as we can for ourselves and our loved ones. For our own sake and the sake of the doctors. No one wants to feel responsible for a misdiagnosis or lack of ability to diagnose.

As for me, I have pressed on with my own puzzling health challenges.  We don't expect to find anything more than endometriosis and fibroids but I've had strange symptoms that called for another biopsy and since my brother, my father and my mother died of cancer, we had a good reason to get another biopsy.  I look forward to getting past this concern and once again feel free to look forward to getting my routines in order so I can move forward.


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