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Hello 2019!

Raise your hand if you, like me, found yourself going to bed early, December 31st.  It occurred to me at some point, I’m pretty okay leaving 2018 behind and showing up as early as possible, in an attempt to make nice with 2019.  I’m not sure 2019 has even noticed this effort, yet here I am, wearing out the phrase, “Happy New Year!”  <—Yes, that is being thrown your way currently.  

Psst… I can’t yet decide if I am happy.  Don’t tell anyone.  I gave up coffee (well caffeine and yes we could argue the whole “Well what about decaf coffee?” and then go “Oh yeah it still has some caffeine…”  Do that thing where we roll our eyes from left to right, taking the northern route to get there, before crying out “WHY DOES THE DECAF COFFEE LIE!?!”  Seriously, why does it lie?  Why doesn’t it just honor it’s word “decaf” and have absolutely no caf to lie about?   By the way, no one answers that question when you yell it, even if you look up to the heavens while yelling.  No God like voice answers.  People do however, look in my direction and then away before sliding two steps in the away direction.  I also gave up wine.  Not to be confused with whining.  I have been getting extra participation points in that area.  I gave up Sugar.  No biggie.  Well, that’s what I thought...   I had done it before but somehow this time is harder.  I gave up dairy.  That was all fine and dandy until I made chili and had no cheese or sour cream to top it.  How can you make a chili sundae if you can’t plop a healthy dose of whip cream looking, sour cream on top, with shredded cheese sprinkles and put a cherry (tomato) on top?  Hmm?  How?  I rest my case!  No that’s not all I gave up and no soy.  Without soy can Thai food survive?  And sushi, what will it be like when my salmon sushi has no soy, only wasabi?  Oh, and I gave up gluten.  Gluten, that can’t be anything important it sounds yucky, right?  Well, actually that means a whole lotta stuff can’t be eaten.   

I am hoping to be able to eat these foods again some day.  Fingers crossed, that day will be in 3 months and my Hashimoto’s will magically go into remission.  In the beginning of last year I had to start taking thyroid medication (something I have been fortunate to have avoided having to do for many years.  I believe I owe this good fortune to educating myself and following through with lifestyle choices). When I started the medication last January, It worked for a while and then it didn’t and then it was upped and then it was lowered and then in August I started loosing my hair again (thankfully I had, HAD, a whole lot of baby fine hair. I have been losing hair on an off since then).  I have been experiencing other symptoms too, among them a hoarse voice, that comes and goes for no reason, I have been able to figure out.  I have been told many times that my allergy symptoms can’t be treated.  I have been told I will have to have my esophagus stretched, each time it starts closing up on me.   I have been advised since the late 90’s that I should try the elimination diet to see if food is a trigger.  Sometimes we just don’t want to believe that we have to dig down deeper and keep working for or giving up things for what we honestly need.  Sometimes we just want things to be easier and they are not.  Sometimes it feels like life isn’t fair but it’s certainly not a reason for us to lie to ourselves and cheat ourselves out of a future or better health or… well I’ll let you fill that last blank in and hopefully we will all create a Happy New Year!

Song currently making me smile:  "Beautiful World" by Colin Hay :-) 


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