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How a hoarder is made w/bonus vlog

I have been going through things I brought back from my parents.  Some things that, as I packed them, I had ideas for and some I had no idea why I needed them but I had some compulsion I couldn't shake and so I brought them home with me.  Now there's a room in my home that looks like a pack rat lives in there.  I guess today we would call them a hoarder.  Dan and I gave away 1/3rd of our stuff before our move to Florida and it's like it showed up again in a different form.  I'm going through some real emotional stuff as I go through it and don't get me started on the baggage in my head that I thought I let of, the beast that has been stirred ;-)  It's a slow, tiring process and one I thought was taking a bigger toll on me as I thought it was physically exhausting me but it turns out my thyroid medication just needed to be adjusted.  Fingers crossed that I will have new found energy, so I can hopefully work my way through, with less resistance.  It's a learning process.  I keep having these epiphanies!  I thought I would try to share some of what I am going through and though I do prattle on, I think I have uncovered a few gems and know I have uncovered some beautiful artwork. 

Link to my video blog "Before Thelma and Louise

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