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"I always turn the car around"--O.A.R.

I was awakened by a phone call in the middle of the night.  I was 22 years old, still living in my parent’s home but they were away for labor day weekend.  So there I was around 1:30am that Sunday morning, awakened with my heart beating out of my chest, when I picked up the phone and it was my brother Kevin on the other end.  He asked for my parents and I told him where they were and then he said he needed my help.  He lived about an hour and a half away with his girlfriend and her mother and he wanted me to come and get him, now!  I had never been to their house and I think that’s what I said but he told me, “No, don’t come to the house!”  Meet me at the 7 Eleven at such and such place and then he quickly gave me directions.  I assured him I would be out the door in 5 minutes and that I wasn’t good at directions so it might take me some time to find it, especially if I got lost but he assured me if I followed his directions I would make it.  

Understanding from my brother’s quick assessment of what was going on, that I was likely heading into a dangerous situation, I prayed as I used the bathroom and got dressed.  On my way out the door, I hesitated, turned around and grabbed a piece of paper and wrote something like this, “Should you find I’m not home but find this letter, you should know, Kevin called to say something explosive went down at his girlfriends house, which resulted in her hitting him in the head with a beer bottle and him, as he put it, getting the hell out before he killed someone, she or himself. “ I also left the directions of where I was heading to pick him up, along with  the time and the date.  

As I headed down the road, it completely occurred to me that I might get lost, I might get there and he may never show up.  The scenarios of what might happen seemed vast but there was this calm knowing inside me too, this feeling it was going to be okay and that if I was risking my life, he was worth it!  He had gone down a path and this could be a pivotal moment that would deliver him back safely because he seemed to understand  it wasn’t working for him.  I thought about something else too, a time he really showed up for me.  There are very few people in my life I’ve ever admitted this too.  When I was 13 and things were unmanageable in my life I chose to skip school.  It didn’t help that I was being bullied at the time, that was like the nail in the coffin and on any give day it was questionable whether that coffin would be mine or someone elses.  Then, I was told the person responsible for the bullying efforts was coming to my house to fight me after school one day.  My brother found me with my Father’s gun.  As I said, things from my perspective had become very unmanageable and…   long story short my brother stopped me.  He told me should she shows up, I was going to fight her and he was going to stand behind me to make sure it was a fair fight (that her enlisted cronies would not participate.)  He followed that up with advice about how there is no such thing as a fair fight and I should use whatever I was able to, during a fight.  There you have it!  I wasn’t showing up to school with a gun but I had experienced what might set someone off and have them go there and that’s a really scary thing to know about yourself…  Oddly that knowing, gave me comfort as I went to get him and bring him home, safe.  

I did arrive at the location, without getting lost.  Mind you I had only the scribbled directions on me, no map of the area and certainly no GPS to recalculate for any mistakes I may have made.  I waited in that parking lot for about 20 minutes before he showed.  I did go in to ask the clerk to confirm it was indeed the only 7 Eleven in the area.  Still, it was a long wait…

This is a continuation from previous blogs from 2 weeks and 3 weeks ago and is to be continued…

O.A.R. "Shattered"


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