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"I don't want to go home tonight" a songx2 by me :-)

Dan is on break from work and last Thursday he started making another cutting board, after waking our dinosaur of a computer up from a very long slumber, so I could do some recording.  He has always set me up to record vocals in the past and he’s always done the instruments, editing and mixing.  So far, all I've learned to do is hit record and stop, move to the next track and do the same.   So I have to play all the way through the song or hit delete and start over.  Same with vocals.  Makes for good practice, I guess. In the three hours he woodworked, I vocalized and recorded a song.  I came up with it years ago (A story for another day) but it’s theme of “I’m having so much fun, I don’t want this to end” which has been a running theme through my life and most recently that was the case when I was up north, just before Christmas, when I flew in for my bestie’s Christmas party.  Hence the intro in the video.  So here’s the link:  which will take you to a page I’m starting for the purpose of sharing.  I have more than one video and I'll get to that in a moment.  This particular song is in the video where you see me.  In the light blue shirt.  Yep, that is me.  Thursday was a no makeup, hair in ponytail kinda of day.  A get it done kinda day! :-)

Finding the chords to play and recording the song was Easier to do than I anticipated.  YES!!!  And it was just the win I needed to convince me to try again.  And I did.  Second time was not as cooperative.  It turns out I had the room speakers on and the mic was picking that up.  Which created a strange reverb on my voice, along with the occasional feedback.  With the reverb and extra noise I couldn’t get it to fit my expectation and I didn’t want to pull Dan out of his woodworking zone for help and so, since I’ve been practicing the art of allowing recently, I decided to go with it.   I played around vocally with it, dropped some lyrics repeated others, added a vocal intro, vocal outro and a miracle occurred!  It worked in a mysterious way as it changed the entire perception of the song.  It was in commemoration to my first love who lost his life to an electrical accident but in this twist that took place with the recording, it became more of a past presence, lingering in nostalgia.  Perhaps a ghost reflecting on someone still living.  Which instantly sparked a whole movie idea in my head, that I think would be really awesome and surreal like Jessica Jones.  Is that show ever coming back?  I digress.  So back to my blogging.  Where was I Thursday, and then Friday...  OH YES, SATURDAY!  So all charged up and ready to go Saturday, I found my luck had run out.  I couldn’t get the next song I chose to work on.  After hours of trying, I put it on hold and came back strong on Sunday.  Sadly, Sunday was not the charm either.  If I had nothing else, I did have determination to crack this nut.  I worked it and worked it.  I got nothing but I did at least get closer to negotiations on what I wanted and what I might get, if I continue with the art of allowing.  So tonight… wish me luck!  Dan did finish his cutting board yesterday and I have added two pictures of it to the page I created for the purpose of sharing my two songs and pictures of both of the cutting boards Dan has now created.  The original one he made for me as a Christmas gift.  You can see them here and hear the song of nostalgia I recorded  

FYI-Dan and I have gone a very long time without doing music.  Too many life interruptions and the need to lay low, process our family losses and heal, has had us on hiatus.  We did try to rehearse a handful of times but it was just train wrecks, which is very disheartening, like going to the dentist and learning you have a cavity.  Hurts.  Makes it hard to find the motivation to go back but you know, not going back only makes it worse…  So we have been trying over and over again in between life’s demands.  Not easy.  This last time we went a full two weeks and then Dan burned his finger.  Placement of the burn was not great for guitar playing but doesn’t get in the way of woodworking.  It’s healing.  We’ll try again tonight…

ONE LAST THING:  (It's just a little twisted tune, ou, ou, ou, NO WAIT, it's an alternative tune source ;-) that showed up in my head as a radio wave.  Take it. Play with it. Mold it like Playdoh into something better or share it if it resonates with you.) 

To the tune of PINK FLYOD’S, “Another Brick In The Wall”:  
“We all need emancipation.  We don't need no thought control.  Or dark sarcasm cross the Twitter.  Leave those dreamer kids alone.  Alone, alone, HEY, leave them kids alone!  All in all it's just a Another Brick in the Wall.

We all need consideration. We all need some self-control. No grabbing women by the who ha. Or Russians messing with the polls.  Cuz all in all it's just a Another Brick in the Wall.  Yeah all in all it's just another brick in the wall.  

We all need an education.  Please don't put our needs on hold.  Without Healthcare we will suffer, in our progress as a whole.   On and on it's just another brick in the wall.  On and on it's just another brick in the wall.

Alone.  Don't just leave this  alone.

If you don't read my tweets, you won't get your news right.  You'll end up with false news, if you don't read my tweets!"


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