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I learned something

The Rally was a great success!  Especially since this was its first run.  There are already plans to build on it for next year and more people that want to help out.  We were honored to be part of it!

I learned something!  I learned that registering for organ donation when getting your driver’s license may not be enough to ensure that your body parts will be used sufficiently to your wishes.  There’s different choices you can make and in my case, I was covered for organs but excluded was the use for therapy, medical research and education.  These things are important to me as I want our medical field to get what they need completely to save lives and bring ease to those lives in need.  Basically I want them to get what they need to help those in need.  I understand this is not for everyone but say you just want to make a certain organ or only particular organs available, you can also make sure they will only take what you authorize.  So if you haven’t considered donation for fear they would take more than you wish, that is not a concern.  They will only take what you wish.  So go sign up now if that’s been holding you back!  Here’s the national website address  and here’s the pre-written letter I got to send from  after specifying my own donation wishes.

Please e-mail my decision to Donate Life to my family and friends. This e-mail will read as follows:

"I, KRISTINA FUREY, have signed up on Florida’s organ and tissue donor registry and I encourage you to do the same. It’s quick, easy and FREE. Help save lives by becoming an organ and tissue donor. Sign up and tell others your decision.

To sign up, or to obtain more information, please visit:"

Oh and here’s video footage from the Rally. 

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