Kristina Furey

"Imagine"--John Lennon

Have you ever wondered...  What if when you died you were reincarnated?  Maybe you would become a plant, an insect, coral or another human, of another sex, in another country, or maybe an animal, like a cow, chicken, goat etc…   Would you change anything about the way you live your life now, if you somehow learned for sure this would happen?   Yet you would have no idea what you may come back as, only that it was certain, that it would happen to you.  Would it change the way you treat other living creatures, plants, the ocean?  Would it change anything?  Would you be more concerned about human rights across the globe or more actively involved in that area?  Would you choose to make a difference in this life for the possible life that you and your loved ones would come back to live in, in the future?  You know, perhaps you would be born in some war-torn country or some area where gangs have taken over to rule.  Maybe your current life could be what makes a better situation for whatever life you or your current loved ones would be reincarnated into living.  Would you, with a belief in reincarnation, live your life exactly as you do now?  What changes do you think you would make, if any?  Do you think people might be more forward-thinking if this were the belief we held?  Do you think you might be more appreciative of the life you live or would it make the life you live less important?  

I’ve often considered I won the jackpot, just by being born in the US, you know, due to my being a female.  Still, there have been moments where it hasn’t seemed like such a prize but all the same I am very aware of how fortunate I have been.  I wonder what if a man knew for certain he would be reincarnated into a female in one of the countries where women have no voice and/or are treated like property, “How that might change him.”

These are thoughts I consider occasionally and more recently did a few weeks ago when I listened to the “Hidden Brain” podcast on “Where Does Religion Come From?  One Researcher points to ‘Cultural’ Evolution.”

I “Imagine” many beautiful worlds in my head and occasionally, I think I catch sight of them, right here in what so many people refer to as “The real world.”  I find it strangely humorous, how when they use that term, “Real World” there is no pleasure in their voice.  I’m humored and melancholy all at the same time.  You see, I believe we are all responsible for this thing called “Real World” and I believe with a refinement of our own movements we can create a better scenario for all the living and lives to come.


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