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Is there love?

This coming Sunday marks Dan’s and my 23rd Anniversary. To me, it’s mind blowing! I don’t think I ever imagined 23 years into the future or the challenges we would face together. I just realized that I had this desirable, smart, adventurous, yielding man, that I found so attractive and loved to be around. I also realized that when I was with him, I was more optimistic about the places life would take me. Then there was Dan’s beautiful little boy that I somehow wanted to save. I can’t really say what I thought I was saving him from but I wanted to be there for him and Dan and with them, through whatever life had in mind. The way Dan was nurturing towards me, made me believe that I would be able to work on and get through my own personal issues I had up to that point in my life. I believed that Dan and I together, had the ability to give ourselves and our son, anything and everything that life had fallen short of giving to us, up to that point in time. I had found my “Prince Charming” and I could see us having a happy life together.

Being a wife and mother, who did her best to play anything but the “Evil Stepmom” role, was challenging and becoming that better person I wanted to be was a constant choice and not one I often got right at the start. I wrote this song about it as I struggled…

“Is There Love?” by Kristina Furey ©

V1: On our wedding day, I looked to see, the people supporting you, and me. And we all wanted to believe.And when I said those words “I do,” I did, because, I believe in you and that love will see us through.

Bridge1: Inevitably, the honeymoon fades and the fantasy leaves us feeling betrayed. And we ask ourselves…

Chorus: Is there love? Is there love? Is there love enough to help us heal the pain. Is there love? Is there love? Is there love enough, enough, enough, To help us find our way.

V2: So 1+1+1 is 3 and now we have a family. Is the past worth us repeating. How I was raised, how they raised you,Is that really what we want to do? Is that what we’re fighting for?

Bridge2: In fighting, we’ll find no answers here, in words of anger, hurt and despair. And I ask myself…

(Chorus repeats)

Bridge3: The hurt & anger we find in ourselves, is the answer to how we see everything else. All wars start in our own hearts.

Chorus reprise: Tell me there’s love! That, there is love. Yes, there is love enough to help us heal our pain. And there is love. There is love.   And there is love enough, enough, enough, to help us find our way!


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