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If I had any talent drawling, I would have drawn a political comic of Mueller in a puffy gown, wearing a crown, holding a wand and approaching Nancy Pelosi like Glinda the Good Witch in "The Wizard of Oz" approaching Dorothy.   The dialog would have gone something like this.  Nancy:  Oh will you help us?  Can you help us?  Mueller:  You've always had the power to start impeachment. 

If you did not watch the testimony last week, it was towards the end of the day when Adam Schiff was able to get Mueller to say what I thought was the most important thing:

I don't know what more we need to hear than that to begin the impeachment process and have Trump state the truth and nothing but the truth and then have that truth cross examined. 

I'm not sure what country I am in anymore sometimes.  I see what passes for news and I just shake my head.  I am concerned that our TV stations and radio stations are all owned by the same people.  Between that, a lack of net neutrality and local newspaper closures, I just think our media is in a similar position to that of the social media accounts created by one person or group to look like many people or groups putting out the same message.  Everything is being dominated by big business.  sigh....

I encourage you to take your place in our democracy.  I encourage you to seek out the facts as best you can.  Educate yourself.  Question the system.  Don't rely on news bites or allow other people to interpret the world around you, for you.  Get some points of views that challenge your own so you can see what sticks and what may not really be a reflection of your belief system.  If you are a religious person, read your books that teach you and don't become reliant upon another person to interpret these things for you.  Question your leaders.  If it seems wrong or feels wrong, stop following or going down paths that don't suit you.  Don't be afraid of change, instigate change where it can help improve things.  Teach your children to do the same.  Check out all the candidates as best you can, watch the debates and VOTE! 



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