Kristina Furey

Lead us not

They call him president…  

I don't!

I see his mouth moving but all I hear is,


your science

your health

your worth

your safety

your contributions

your needs

your compassion

your grace

your life

your children

their offspring


your god


all that exists or would but for my ambition. 

This is MY KINGDOM, MY POWER, bask in MY GLORY! The rest is just alternative news. These are MY WORDS, MY LAWS, MY AMBITIONS, MY KINGDOM COME, MY WILL, TO BE DONE!!!"

and so it is, with dark humor, that I laugh at the last week’s White House dinner for Evangelical supporters.  It is a sad, heartbroken, on the verge of hysterical laugh that slips out of me as I ponder the possibility of having crossed into the twilight zone or maybe this is Wonderland on steroids. I was invited to the Tea Party, I did not drink the tea and certainly would not purposefully inhale the mercury vapors coming from the Mad Hatter's hat!


Seriously, how could they have been so blind of his self generated pride and adversarial disposition. Look at his track record and see a person who seeks to deceive and throw suspicion on facts. He downplays the worth of others by stereotyping and maligning them. He seems to have an endless supply of remarks and tweets to discredit and devalue the citizens of our country. Then there's the jabs taken at other leaders and countries without concern for our American’s safety, here and abroad and those in service to our country.   My heart filled with grief, that we would dismantle families and incarcerate them, when they come to us from neighboring countries in search of help… There has also been dismantling of our government and things like the repeal on clean power (I urge you to go research this now, if you are a parent of a child that has allergies, immune disorders or asthma).  He dismantles with no real consideration for our patriots abroad. No concern when his unchecked ego puts them in harm's way, as they attempt to represent or negotiate on behalf our country.  His behavior, time and time again, has been completely disrespectful. Shameful, that he believes our daughter's are his for the grabbing, by the… well whatever, so long as they're not bleeding from the, well wherever. His disrespect goes beyond those individuals, singled out. It touches each of their loved ones and pollutes our society as a whole. He acts as if people are merely items to be used, silenced, discarded... and now God… I hope my fellow Americans are paying attention, especially those that identify themselves as Christians. WWJD? I don't suppose he would show up at that supper and praise Trump. If you find your own religious leader doing such a thing, you may want to ask yourself, “Who is their God?”  "Have they taken a false god?" Take some time to educate yourself as best you can. Then take a moment and pray on it but please, don't put your faith in false prophets.

Forgive me, if my words seem harsh or controlling. I only mean to caution you.  We were given free will for a reason and I believe in respecting free will. We all need to experiment with ours and hopefully, we learn from our mistakes. Through my own experiences, I have come to the conclusion, that my free will best suits me when I respect what I was taught was God's will, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." Truly, this is what repulses me on the man people are calling, Mr. President. I think I just threw up a little in my mouth picturing that. I just can't digest what is going on. My apologies, that I have been stuck here on this subject. I know now, I need to be done with it. It's stupid to beat a dead horse, a dead fish, whale, my brother, my father or my mother... What's done is done. I can choose to live in the past and be angry over what's been done.  Ambitious greed will get us the same results time and time again, lives dismantled. I can choose to live in the present continuing down the paths that have been so well worn for me to walk down myself or I can look for higher ground and hope that when the waters rise I will be safe, able and willing to do the best I can for myself, my loved ones and others.  I can pray that God will spare us from all the natural disasters that we humans bring upon ourselves and this world. I will pray for forgiveness for myself, you and even those who claim, that none of what happens is their fault. I will pray for the enlightenment of all and that we may all learn, that we have the power to move forward, past this, past grudges and the memories of suffering at the ambition of others and I will pray for the ability to put my own actions behind my prayers, as I do my best to move forward, come what may.


Here is a riddle I wrote when I was a teenager, meant to be in the style of the riddle song, "I Gave My Love A Cherry". My riddle was, "What is left when all is gone? (Answer: memories, memories) What with us will travel on? memories, memories)" Seemed important I write that one down, less I forget, as it seemed to me at the time, that too many grown ups seem to have a terrible condition of amnesia. That said, I will leave you with this, "Touto poieite eis ton emen anamnesin"--Jesus' words (unless I have received alternative news instead of the good news.)


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