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"Let hatred die of hunger"-iLe

"Let hatred die of hunger because nobody feeds it.  We are going together to break walls, barriers and wires.  Let hatred die of hunger because nobody feeds it.  We are going together to break walls, barriers and wires. Even if your guts ring, even after you repent, hate is not fed or given anything to drink."--"Odio" by iLe

I was witness this past week to one person telling another, some very concerning propaganda.  I immediately looked up the information they were spreading and informed the receiver that if it were true information, I would see it on my smart phone along side a reputable source but the receiver explained, "They have connections".   I was lost, not knowing how I should reply.  Time would reveal to them that what they were told was not true.  I didn't come to argue and didn't want to breath life into an argument with my words.  I bit my tongue.  Then they started down that slippery slope, with the question "Are you a Democrat or a Republican?"  I said, "Oh trust me you don't want to start this conversation.  You're not going to like my answer as I believe we should be taking care of all our people, our education and our health.  This comes from my experience of growing up with foster siblings and my own realization, people don't get to choose circumstances they are born into.  Life is life and it can be unfair but it is my belief people should be more fair to one another.  I am probably more of a socialist than anything."  Not that I believe my ideas should be pushed on my fellow Americans.  I believe in our need for a government that is by and for the people.  Majority rules.  Better we all feel represented by our government.  I believe that is more important than my socialist nature.  We will never get anywhere fighting with one another all along the way.   They met my answer with the same thing most people say to me, "Oh no, that's not what you are."  They explained their fears and concerns and "knew" I agreed because we were friends, loving and giving with each other.  I asked that we don't let our political differences interfere with what we know to be true about the other.  After they decompressed by airing their concerns and I met them with support for their concerns, while doing my best to stand on my beliefs, we both decided to agree to disagree.    

A few days later I heard Joshua Johnson interviewing iLe (Ileana Mercedes Cabra Joglar) and thought this is DEFINITELY worth sharing!  She is a singer with a gorgeous voice, who also has a lot to say that is worth serious consideration!!   Have you wondered what Puerto Rico is like since hurricane Maria?  It's interesting to see it through iLe's eyes.  The interview:



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