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My May Newsletter

I hope you are enjoying all that is Spring and that you have had time to embrace the warmer weather! So far this Spring, I feel like I'm trying to bite off more than I can chew! It's okay though because I seem to be finding the energy to keep putting forth and for a long time I was really struggling with that. I feel like sometimes I go through life losing and finding myself, I don't know, maybe it's just some form of growing pains. What I do know is, currently, I feel like myself and it's like embracing an old best friend I've not seen in a while! I'm even taking time to sit down at my keyboard again lately and toy with some songs, along with some thoughts on things I'd like to accomplish and ways I might do just that. As a result of this, I'm making some little changes along the way. The newsletter will be shorter and sent out once a week. I'll no longer be posting my newsletters to my blog. If you would like to receive my newsletters, you can sign up at my home page: by entering your email address where it says "join the email list." You can still find my blogs, each week, right here. :-) My social networks links and YouTube link can also be found on my home page. This is my attempt of not innundating anyone that has opted in, to my newsletters and follows me via Twitter or is a Facebook friend and may also enjoy reading a fresh blog and not something that has just shown up in their email. :-) If you feel innundated by me in anyway I hope you will contact me with suggestions on how I might be more respectful of your email, news or twitter feed and please keep it to helpful and kind, THANK YOU!

AND NOW, here's where you can find us in the flesh this month.... This Saturday 5/10 from 4-7pm we'll be back at Kalypso's Sports Tavern, in Reston VA.
Next Saturday 5/17 from 7-10pm we'll be at The Cajun Experience in Leesburg VA
The following Saturday 5/24 from 6-10pm we'll be at Big Mary's Dock Bar, located at Pirates Cove in Galesville, MD.
For more on those and other gigs:

Best wishes for a great week!
With love,
Kristina :-)
MY MESSAGE: "I want each of you to find your inner peace, so we can collectively put the "peaces" of the puzzle together and finally see the picture it creates, World Peace!"

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