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Odes to my puppy Aja

My puppy Aja loves to gently bite at me and for me, it’s only natural that I should make a song up about it.  You can find it here, at the bottom of my share page.  It is the first, of the last four videos currently on the page.  You'll see, the one where she is biting my hand.  I would be completely at home in an operetta, where people sing instead of talk.  So it’s no surprise that I have been making up songs when playing with Aja.  I did the same thing with my kids when they were young. 

When I was a child my mom came into my bedroom each morning, throwing open the shades on my window, singing “Lazy Mary,” will you get up?  She was the first person I remember, who ever sang to me.  She had a song for everything and if there wasn't one already, she’d make it up.  She had a beautiful voice but she didn't like attention drawn to her so she never really got into singing for other people, besides us kids.  Her grandmother used to play for the silent pictures (movies).  I do remember her singing too, when my great-grandmother would play the piano, back when I was a child.  

This method my mom had of waking me up, helped me learn about waking up on the good side of the bed, as opposed to the wrong side of the bed.  My mom was all about having a cheerful attitude as she went about her day and each day starts in the morning, so she would do her best to set a positive tone.  She was also, seriously into her religion, so she really subscribed to the song, “This Is The Day, that the Lord hath made, we should rejoice and be glad in it”.  I was raised in that mode of belief.  So singing songs of praise was perhaps her legacy to me and probably why so much of my time is spent humming or singing.  

Back to Aja and my silly songs in her honor.  She has a serious case of separation anxiety that we have been working on and when I put her in her pen, as we are house training her and I can’t watch her like a hawk all day and get anything done at the same time, she cries and works me like those ASPCA commercials with Sarah Mclachlan, which is what she was doing yesterday when I came up with this idea of making a mock ASPCA commercial and then before I had the chance Dan freed her.  Neither of us have the heart to put her back in the pen today because yesterday was so nerve-racking.  Today, I have been a hostage to her and Dan’s and my overindulgence of her.  Pray for me!  Here is my silly ASPCA mock song, sorry I have no terribly sad Aja video to accompany it, you'll just have to use your imagination...  Interesting thing, I was relieved to learn while looking up the commercial information, Sarah Mclachlan does not want to be forever linked to those commercials with abused animals in them.  Seems like it bothers her as much as me.  I don’t want it in my memory bank and I change the channel or leave the room to escape the mental anguish I feel.  For now, I think I will leave the house when we put Aja in her pen, for the same reason.  Years ago, when we got our first dog, we were both working outside of our home and I would come home on my lunch breaks to take my puppy out of her pen for walks and playtime.  She seemed to do okay with that arrangement but with Aja, if she knows I’m home she gets so distressed at the thought she can’t be with me or Dan every moment and we get distressed over her being distressed...  Our other dog was completely potty trained by her 13th week.  (…Exhale…)
I'm a little distressed this is not the case with Aja but all in all, she is a wonderful, loving companion and a reminder to me to wake up joyfully and embrace the day!  Now if she can only learn to embrace her alone time….


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