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My Heritage


It must have happened on more than one occasion because the memory is so sealed in my mind.  She took a drag off of her cigarette, hesitated, and then slowly let the smoke pour out through her 90ish lips.  She said, “I’ve been smoking these all my life.  They told me these things would kill me one day.”  Took a thoughtful look at her cigarette and said “When?  When?”  She smiled that devilish smile she sometimes had and laughed, what was no doubt, a full husky smoker’s kind of laugh and then brought the cigarette back up to her lips.  She said to me, “You’re thirteen?  Don’t run off and get married now like I did.  That’s too young.”  She would know.  Her life hadn’t been easy, a single mom, in her time.  Single moms today think they got it tough.  Women like her had it tough.  They paved the way for all us women here in the US.   A single mom trying to make a living while raising two young daughters in her time but she managed. 

We would say, “Play us a song!”  She would sit down at her piano and start playing some good old church hymns.   I would make a request for something more upbeat and jazzy or I’d say “Play Daisy.”  “Let me see, how does that one go?”  I’d start singing it and she’d come right in with the chords, often joining me in the singing.  A part of me wanted to be like her.  Her job in music and in history had a sense of romance about it.  She would play in the movie theaters.  The first day a new film would come in, she’d have her eyes watching the screen like a hulk and she’d be doing her best to accompany each scene with the proper soundtrack, having to change tunes on a dime.   It wasn’t easy and she liked to get it just right.  She never used sheet music for it.  She could read it but there was no time to be looking it up.  She relied completely on her memory and quick thinking skills as she married the music to what was happening on the screen.  It would make all the difference to the viewers that the music fit.  They may not have realized, just how particular she was at creating those moments or what went into it.  They more likely where just taking in the big picture and liked it or didn’t, without any real reference or regard for why.  It was an art to her.  A love/r.  To the average movie watcher it wasn’t highly regarded or greatly appreciated.  It was just a job.  But it’s never just a job when you love what you do.   So after a few runs with the movie, she would have a good idea of which pieces of music to use and just how much and what part of the music, best fit the scene.   

I understood as she told me about this part of her life.  I understood it with my heart, not through my head by reasoning through my own life experiences.   She was a lady who made up her own rules as she went along and made her own way.  She meant it when she asked the cigarette, “When?”  I think my great grandmother was kind of bored just sitting and watching her stories, waiting for visitors to stop by and pass some time with her and waiting for those cigarettes to kick in. 

My brother, Kevin/Trip, he had her gift.  He was exceptionally talented!  I envied how easy it came to him and I wished so much more for him and for his music, while he was alive.   Like my Great Grandmother too, he took up cigarettes at a young age.  I believe he told me he was 13 when he started smoking.   I miss him.  I have nothing of his musically to remember him by.  I wish I had something.   I have a copy of a song my Great Grandmother wrote and when my Great Grandmother died, I got her makeup case.  We great grandkids got to pick something of hers to remember her by after she passed.  I thought it was a cigarette case when I grabbed it.  I don’t smoke.  I never did.  I also waited till I was 22 to marry.  I do remember her and that’s really something because how many people get to remember their great grandparents?  I look at the makeup case every now and then and I open it up with its dried out, broken makeup inside and cracked mirror and I hope to see a little bit of her in me.   I know it’s those conversations and moments that I shared with both my Great Grandmother and my brother,  it’s those things I learned from them and keep with me, that allow me to realize they are still here with me in some capacity.  Even if I never get to hear my brother or Great Grandmother play the piano again.  Even if my Great Grandmother never winks at me when I open the compact and see the cracked mirror. 

I have posted a picture of my Grandmother’s compact on a page of the song she wrote.   I always have that one day thought, “One day, I should learn to play the song and sing it.”  Maybe a hidden track for our next CD…  (To see the compact and sheet music picture I posted go to my FB page:


November Newsletter


Hello beautiful people!

I just wanted to give you a quick heads up on where Dan and I can be found playing this month:

On 11/16 (This Saturday) from 8:30-11:30 you can find us at THE BEAUTIFUL SOUTH RESTAURANT located at 17416 Hamilton Station Rd, Hamilton, VA 20158.  This is a new venue for us.  It's a restaurant, lounge, and coffee bar, serving the finest Continental cuisine and a great place to meet friends for drinks in a casual environment!

On  11/23 (next Saturday) from 7-10pm we’ll be at THE CAJUN EXPERIENCE, where authentic Louisiana food and Cajun mixed drinks will make you feel like you’re back on the bayou!

Dan and I have been trying to find some extra time in our schedule to re-work some of our music and so far we’ve made some changes to  our originals “Back to the Beginning,” and “So Far From Home,” as well as our covers of U2’s “One,” and John Lennon’s “Imagine.”   They WILL be in our set lists for our coming performances. .  I would love to hear your thoughts on the changes we’ve made!   Also, if you have thoughts or suggestions on/for our impending tour, I would be so happy to have your input and support!  If you missed the announcement of our plans to tour, check out last week’s blog at:

Enjoy the day!


A look into the future…  December 7th at 6:30-9:30pm, Mad Horse Brewpub.


Sucess is teamwork


A friend brought this post to my attention yesterday about how this guy, Seth Adam Smith, realized marriage is not for him quoting his father, “You don’t marry to make yourself happy, you marry to make someone else happy.  More than that, your marriage isn’t for yourself, you’re marrying for a family.  Not just for the in-laws and all of that nonsense, but for your future children.   Who do you want to help you raise them?  Who do you want to influence them?  Marriage isn’t for you.  It’s not about you.  Marriage is about the person you married.”   You can see the post here:

Before I got married, I worked with a man that had a t-shirt with a donkey cartoon on it and it looked something like this:   There is an awesome story there too!  If you have time read it.  For those of you with little time, I will sum up the picture of the donkeys with what my co-worker explained to me in his own words.   He said that you need to work together for the good of your relationships, whether they be with a mate, a co-worker or really anyone.  I extended that thinking to my family.  We all have needs.  How do we get them all met.  It’s not easy but when you take time to figure out what those needs are you can get the most important ones met.   

Dan and I have been boatless for a few years now but recently we purchased a new boat.  Dan has been so kind to work alongside me with the music and I feel so fortunate for that!  I try to support him with his interests in sailing.  I realize we have this little piece of time, our life, often riddled with so much responsibility.  It’s hard to manage it all and sleep at night when things seem unmanageable.   I think to myself how grateful I am for each opportunity to do what I love, be with people I love, and find a new way to get my needs met, help Dan get his met, our children’s, friend’s and family’s.  I stay hopeful that John Lennon was right when he said, “There’s no problems, only solutions.”  It’s that thinking that has me planning a way to mix our music with the sailing.  Currently, I’m looking at the intracoastal water way with ideas of a tour.  Planning is all in the very early stages.  There is a lot of brainstorming going on.  I appreciate any and all help in this matter.  I’m hoping it will happen in 2015 and in the meantime I’m hoping to finally get that next CD out!  There’s a picture of our boat on my FB page:


Just sharing...


I've been feeling a bit under the weather so rather than blog, I will just share another artists site with you.  If you're looking for something smooth and soulful for your coming holiday party, Mark Deffenbaugh has got some really beautiful music! Check it out...


To: Rickie Lee Jones


I love you very much.  I missed your show last night and I feel awful about it.  You are my favorite.  Your vulnerability, honesty and how you seem so comfortable not only expressing yourself but in communicating to the musicians and sound people around you, so that the pure intent of how you want the listener to feel can be realized by me and the rest of your fans, sets you apart and makes you my favorite.  Your lyrics, the notes you use to support them, the way you use your voice, your instruments and your accompanying musicians and their voices to fully engage the senses, with such subtle nuances that hijack the senses and make us one with you and each other in the moment, that, is such a gift!   A gift I’m sure you have worked very hard at and as it’s recipient, I whole heartedly thank you.  I think you are either so courageous to be the artist you are or so driven that fear never even enters the arena with you.   I watch and listen to you with the eager mind of a student hoping to learn from one of the great masters of my time.  It was I who yelled out “Keep coming back!  Keep coming back!” at your Birchmere concert a couple of years ago.  I think you were looking at me and hearing me.  I felt like we had a moment, if not, I certainly did in my own heart.  I’m heartbroken to have missed you last night.  I’ve been sick, fatigued and on antibiotics and my husband threw out his knee.  We’ve had a lot on our plates the past two months, some good and some not so good stuff going on.  I feel so unfortunate to have missed your performance last night.  I hope you will keep coming back and do so soon!

Your fan,

Kristina Furey :-)


Is there love?


This coming Sunday marks Dan’s and my 23rd Anniversary. To me, it’s mind blowing! I don’t think I ever imagined 23 years into the future or the challenges we would face together. I just realized that I had this desirable, smart, adventurous, yielding man, that I found so attractive and loved to be around. I also realized that when I was with him, I was more optimistic about the places life would take me. Then there was Dan’s beautiful little boy that I somehow wanted to save. I can’t really say what I thought I was saving him from but I wanted to be there for him and Dan and with them, through whatever life had in mind. The way Dan was nurturing towards me, made me believe that I would be able to work on and get through my own personal issues I had up to that point in my life. I believed that Dan and I together, had the ability to give ourselves and our son, anything and everything that life had fallen short of giving to us, up to that point in time. I had found my “Prince Charming” and I could see us having a happy life together.

Being a wife and mother, who did her best to play anything but the “Evil Stepmom” role, was challenging and becoming that better person I wanted to be was a constant choice and not one I often got right at the start. I wrote this song about it as I struggled…

“Is There Love?” by Kristina Furey ©

V1: On our wedding day, I looked to see, the people supporting you, and me. And we all wanted to believe.And when I said those words “I do,” I did, because, I believe in you and that love will see us through.

Bridge1: Inevitably, the honeymoon fades and the fantasy leaves us feeling betrayed. And we ask ourselves…

Chorus: Is there love? Is there love? Is there love enough to help us heal the pain. Is there love? Is there love? Is there love enough, enough, enough, To help us find our way.

V2: So 1+1+1 is 3 and now we have a family. Is the past worth us repeating. How I was raised, how they raised you,Is that really what we want to do? Is that what we’re fighting for?

Bridge2: In fighting, we’ll find no answers here, in words of anger, hurt and despair. And I ask myself…

(Chorus repeats)

Bridge3: The hurt & anger we find in ourselves, is the answer to how we see everything else. All wars start in our own hearts.

Chorus reprise: Tell me there’s love! That, there is love. Yes, there is love enough to help us heal our pain. And there is love. There is love.   And there is love enough, enough, enough, to help us find our way!


October Music News (Part 2)



I hope your month is off to a good start!  Last month and this month have been very busy for me, a combination of family members in and out of hospitals, my Hashimoto’s acting up, our trip to Nashville, some family milestones and celebrations and the list goes on…  It’s not typical for me to send two Newsletters in one month but my head has been spinning, trying to keep everything straight and well I somehow left these two performances out of the October newsletter.

October 19th, we will be playing at the gorgeous, yet cozy casual, Wolfe Tone’s Pub, which is part of The Blackthorne Inn and Restaurant from 8-11pm.  For more information and pictures, check out their website:

October 26th, you can find us playing from 7-10pm at The Cajun Experience.  With over 8 generations of family recipes, the authentic Southern Louisiana cuisine will make you feel like you’re back on the bayous.  For a peek at the menu and information on their adult after hours Cajun Experience check out their website:

If you’re celebrating either night, at either venue, be sure to contact me and let me know if there’s anything we can do to help make your night of celebrating extra special for you and your party.   

God bless you and yours!

Kristina :-)


Tom Jackson Bootcamp


You may remember that I auditioned for season 2 of THE VOICE.  There were a couple personal reasons I did it.  The biggest reason was I wanted that insider knowledge they indicated “The Coaches” were giving out.   Later when people started asking me if what I wanted was to be famous, I felt a little shy and embarrassed at the thought of that being the idea people had of my ambition.   I love singing, performing, connecting with people and being part of the special things that happen in people’s lives.  I love when people tell me how happening upon Dan and me was such an unexpected pleasurable part of their day/evening.  I also love to vocalize, and practice music.  It’s become a normal part of my life and I miss it when I don’t get to it.  Getting better at this thing I love, this thing that has such a strong hold on my heart and using it to make my life and other people’s lives better or just adding a little pleasure to their lives is my ambition.

So where do you go to get better.  Well I did twist Dan’s arm into auditioning for The Strathmore in hopes of getting help at getting better and having a mentor.   You may remember, I choked at the audition. I also started to work on my voice with the help of Ken Tamplin and I feel I’ve made great strides there.   When I discovered Tom Jackson, I devoured DVD after DVD of his and then moved onto his book and when the planets aligned and we had the money in our band account to afford it, I signed us up for his Bootcamp.   It was money well spent!  It was amazing to watch him and his team, take the great performance of a brother and sister duo and bring it to the level of performing that takes great artists years to master.  He and his team imparted more wisdom on how to have a professional level performance, in two days than I could have gotten through trial and error in a lifetime.  I couldn’t help but think of NBC’s, THE VOICE, how they pitched it in commercials and how I expected it to be more like EXTREME MAKEOVER and how it failed me there, with the emphasis mostly on competition.  I kept thinking, “NBC, this is the show you should have produced.  It would rival any makeover show or music show ever broadcasted.”  Tom Jackson and his team are stars at what they do and could probably make a star out of just about anyone that can carry a tune, be willing to experiment with their performing and devote the time necessary.  As I understand it, five hours is about normal for working out one song.   

So now I’m home, with my head spinning from all the information and not a lot of time to devote to my notes and reviewing.  October is probably the busiest month we’ve had (in all aspects) this whole year but as we find the time, we will be revamping our originals.  My mantra at the moment is “patience.”

For more on Tom Jackson, his team and what they do:



October Music News

Let's all fall into Autumn, like it's one huge pile of multi-colored, soft leaves. Let's get playful and laugh, bring the kids and let our own inner child out to celebrate, and our senses indulge in the smell and taste of roasted s'mores and hot apple cider... ummmm... Then let's go for a hayride, race down the hill side slide, get lost in a willow maze with the ones we love and then check out Virginia's longest swinging bridge and let's, let's, let's leave our electronics at home and just be with each other! Well, let's not forget the camera because childhood goes by so quickly and if we don't grab these moments we have together, they may soon be forever lost. TICONDEROGA FALL FESTIVAL is the place to be for this awesome celebration of nature and family! Dan and I will be there this Sunday (10/6) from 11am-3pm, providing the soundtrack to your unforgettable day! Fear not, if you can't make it out on Sunday, while Dan and I would love to see you enjoying your families and all this wonderful farm has to offer, we mostly want to make sure you don't miss out on any of this! The Festival is going on RIGHT NOW and through the first weekend of November.
Okay parents, we are aware of how hard you work and since you're doing something fun with the family on Sunday, (10/6) how bout you treat yourself, get a babysitter for Saturday (10/5) and head out for some hand crafted beers at the MAD HORSE BREWPUB bring your friends and start celebrating Oktoberfest. Dan and I will be there playing from 6:30-9:30pm, playing some of your favorite covers from yesteryear up until today and some hand crafted originals to match!
So, we're playing Mad Horse Brewpub on Saturday (10/5) from 6:30-9:30pm
Ticonderoga Fall Festival on Sunday (10/6) from 11am-3pm.
For more activities and pricing be sure to check out the link above.
Hope to see you!
Kristina Furey
Just a reminder I'm posting my blogs at every Tuesday. Tomorrow's, is on this past weekend's experiences at the TOM JACKSON BOOT CAMP in Nashville.

Sleeping With The Enemy (My personal story)


I know that people like to use the endearing term, “Cave Cricket” but it’s not a cute little cricket and my house is not a cave.  It’s Devils Spawn and I prefer the term Evil Hoppy Thing.  Especially when I find it on my pillow when I’m going to bed at night and the last thing I see is it hop away as I’m striking out at it right before I go to bed.   I try to implement the idea of Bug Karma but I do have a harder time with this idea when they are in my home.  I have used drinking glasses and pieces of paper to move many a bug back into its natural habitat including the Evil Hoppies.  I open windows and doors to let trapped flies out.  I like to think of myself as a kind and compassionate person, who though I may not like, I still love all God’s creatures great and small, including Devils Spawn but occasionally I come across another side of me and Cave Cricket beware!  So, I did actually talk myself into believing the critter died and fell off the bed when I hit it but it actually dove for safety.  I know there’s a rule in horror films, if you don’t find the dead body, they will be back….

So the next night I awoke to a tickling sensation on my arm, much like a light feather gently moving on my arm and to my horror, the missing Evil Hoppy came to mind as I threw my arm up in the air and at the same time tried not to wake Dan.  It took the hint and got lost.  However , I had some OCD moments where I kept fearing that perhaps I had just knocked the bug off onto Dan and poor Dan was helplessly sleeping.  I continued to think dark thoughts like, "What if he landed in Dan’s mouth and chocked him to death?"  Life with an active imagination is not all day dreaming, sometimes it’s more nightmare like.  So I tried to quiet the thumping of my startled heart, slow down my own breath and listen to make sure Dan was still breathing.  This took a while.  Dan is a quiet breather!   Finally, I heard what was breathing.  I woke the next day with dark circles under my eyes and scared myself when I happen to catch a glimpse of me in the bathroom mirror.  (Cue the Psycho Movie sound.  You know the sound Norman did his killings to.)

Yes, I had a feeling I’d have front row seats to EVIL HOPPY THING III D and last night, I jumped at the sight of what appeared to be a big spider.  The Evil Hoppy jumped at the sight of me and crawled up the wall.  I called for Dan.  Reinforcements, obviously I needed a hero of a man and one in the not scared of little bugs category.  Dan saw the bug and ran away!  Then he ran back in with bug repellent in hand, explaining it was quicker and more effective than retrieving a chair and hoping he could strike it before it escaped again.  (Yes, I bought the bug repellent.  We had ants in the spring!  I have no interest in bug karma for them!)   He made quick work of sending the Demon back to the depths from which it came, with one shot and then took the body away.  I slept peacefully! 

The End.

(Not a disclaimer:  I'm sorry but the bug in this story really was killed.  I might live to regret it in "Evil (Dead) Hoppy Thing IV" I too, suffered in the midst of this story.  I had a headache from not enough sleep.  Dan is fine and continues to hunt bugs for me, normally releasing them back into the wild.  You should go and get on with your own life now.  I will not be posting grotesque pictures of evil hoppies or dead evil hoppies for your pleasure.  Seriously, don't be a sicko, move on.)