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Tom Jackson Bootcamp


You may remember that I auditioned for season 2 of THE VOICE.  There were a couple personal reasons I did it.  The biggest reason was I wanted that insider knowledge they indicated “The Coaches” were giving out.   Later when people started asking me if what I wanted was to be famous, I felt a little shy and embarrassed at the thought of that being the idea people had of my ambition.   I love singing, performing, connecting with people and being part of the special things that happen in people’s lives.  I love when people tell me how happening upon Dan and me was such an unexpected pleasurable part of their day/evening.  I also love to vocalize, and practice music.  It’s become a normal part of my life and I miss it when I don’t get to it.  Getting better at this thing I love, this thing that has such a strong hold on my heart and using it to make my life and other people’s lives better or just adding a little pleasure to their lives is my ambition.

So where do you go to get better.  Well I did twist Dan’s arm into auditioning for The Strathmore in hopes of getting help at getting better and having a mentor.   You may remember, I choked at the audition. I also started to work on my voice with the help of Ken Tamplin and I feel I’ve made great strides there.   When I discovered Tom Jackson, I devoured DVD after DVD of his and then moved onto his book and when the planets aligned and we had the money in our band account to afford it, I signed us up for his Bootcamp.   It was money well spent!  It was amazing to watch him and his team, take the great performance of a brother and sister duo and bring it to the level of performing that takes great artists years to master.  He and his team imparted more wisdom on how to have a professional level performance, in two days than I could have gotten through trial and error in a lifetime.  I couldn’t help but think of NBC’s, THE VOICE, how they pitched it in commercials and how I expected it to be more like EXTREME MAKEOVER and how it failed me there, with the emphasis mostly on competition.  I kept thinking, “NBC, this is the show you should have produced.  It would rival any makeover show or music show ever broadcasted.”  Tom Jackson and his team are stars at what they do and could probably make a star out of just about anyone that can carry a tune, be willing to experiment with their performing and devote the time necessary.  As I understand it, five hours is about normal for working out one song.   

So now I’m home, with my head spinning from all the information and not a lot of time to devote to my notes and reviewing.  October is probably the busiest month we’ve had (in all aspects) this whole year but as we find the time, we will be revamping our originals.  My mantra at the moment is “patience.”

For more on Tom Jackson, his team and what they do:



October Music News

Let's all fall into Autumn, like it's one huge pile of multi-colored, soft leaves. Let's get playful and laugh, bring the kids and let our own inner child out to celebrate, and our senses indulge in the smell and taste of roasted s'mores and hot apple cider... ummmm... Then let's go for a hayride, race down the hill side slide, get lost in a willow maze with the ones we love and then check out Virginia's longest swinging bridge and let's, let's, let's leave our electronics at home and just be with each other! Well, let's not forget the camera because childhood goes by so quickly and if we don't grab these moments we have together, they may soon be forever lost. TICONDEROGA FALL FESTIVAL is the place to be for this awesome celebration of nature and family! Dan and I will be there this Sunday (10/6) from 11am-3pm, providing the soundtrack to your unforgettable day! Fear not, if you can't make it out on Sunday, while Dan and I would love to see you enjoying your families and all this wonderful farm has to offer, we mostly want to make sure you don't miss out on any of this! The Festival is going on RIGHT NOW and through the first weekend of November.
Okay parents, we are aware of how hard you work and since you're doing something fun with the family on Sunday, (10/6) how bout you treat yourself, get a babysitter for Saturday (10/5) and head out for some hand crafted beers at the MAD HORSE BREWPUB bring your friends and start celebrating Oktoberfest. Dan and I will be there playing from 6:30-9:30pm, playing some of your favorite covers from yesteryear up until today and some hand crafted originals to match!
So, we're playing Mad Horse Brewpub on Saturday (10/5) from 6:30-9:30pm
Ticonderoga Fall Festival on Sunday (10/6) from 11am-3pm.
For more activities and pricing be sure to check out the link above.
Hope to see you!
Kristina Furey
Just a reminder I'm posting my blogs at every Tuesday. Tomorrow's, is on this past weekend's experiences at the TOM JACKSON BOOT CAMP in Nashville.

Sleeping With The Enemy (My personal story)


I know that people like to use the endearing term, “Cave Cricket” but it’s not a cute little cricket and my house is not a cave.  It’s Devils Spawn and I prefer the term Evil Hoppy Thing.  Especially when I find it on my pillow when I’m going to bed at night and the last thing I see is it hop away as I’m striking out at it right before I go to bed.   I try to implement the idea of Bug Karma but I do have a harder time with this idea when they are in my home.  I have used drinking glasses and pieces of paper to move many a bug back into its natural habitat including the Evil Hoppies.  I open windows and doors to let trapped flies out.  I like to think of myself as a kind and compassionate person, who though I may not like, I still love all God’s creatures great and small, including Devils Spawn but occasionally I come across another side of me and Cave Cricket beware!  So, I did actually talk myself into believing the critter died and fell off the bed when I hit it but it actually dove for safety.  I know there’s a rule in horror films, if you don’t find the dead body, they will be back….

So the next night I awoke to a tickling sensation on my arm, much like a light feather gently moving on my arm and to my horror, the missing Evil Hoppy came to mind as I threw my arm up in the air and at the same time tried not to wake Dan.  It took the hint and got lost.  However , I had some OCD moments where I kept fearing that perhaps I had just knocked the bug off onto Dan and poor Dan was helplessly sleeping.  I continued to think dark thoughts like, "What if he landed in Dan’s mouth and chocked him to death?"  Life with an active imagination is not all day dreaming, sometimes it’s more nightmare like.  So I tried to quiet the thumping of my startled heart, slow down my own breath and listen to make sure Dan was still breathing.  This took a while.  Dan is a quiet breather!   Finally, I heard what was breathing.  I woke the next day with dark circles under my eyes and scared myself when I happen to catch a glimpse of me in the bathroom mirror.  (Cue the Psycho Movie sound.  You know the sound Norman did his killings to.)

Yes, I had a feeling I’d have front row seats to EVIL HOPPY THING III D and last night, I jumped at the sight of what appeared to be a big spider.  The Evil Hoppy jumped at the sight of me and crawled up the wall.  I called for Dan.  Reinforcements, obviously I needed a hero of a man and one in the not scared of little bugs category.  Dan saw the bug and ran away!  Then he ran back in with bug repellent in hand, explaining it was quicker and more effective than retrieving a chair and hoping he could strike it before it escaped again.  (Yes, I bought the bug repellent.  We had ants in the spring!  I have no interest in bug karma for them!)   He made quick work of sending the Demon back to the depths from which it came, with one shot and then took the body away.  I slept peacefully! 

The End.

(Not a disclaimer:  I'm sorry but the bug in this story really was killed.  I might live to regret it in "Evil (Dead) Hoppy Thing IV" I too, suffered in the midst of this story.  I had a headache from not enough sleep.  Dan is fine and continues to hunt bugs for me, normally releasing them back into the wild.  You should go and get on with your own life now.  I will not be posting grotesque pictures of evil hoppies or dead evil hoppies for your pleasure.  Seriously, don't be a sicko, move on.)


September News


The end of summer is upon us.  The air felt cool today and on my way home from visiting with my Grandmother in the hospital, I heard a broadcast on Oprah Radio with Goldie Hawn talking about the myth of seasons with the story of Persephone and Demeter.  I thought about summer coming to an end and felt an emptiness of longing in my stomach for those evenings when the sun took it’s time setting, sometimes burning bright till 9pm.  I’m not a fan of fall or more so, what it leads to, winter.  However, I am a big fan of Goldie’s.   She gets points in my book for growing up in Maryland, having dyslexia, while making it work to her advantage and her part in helping scientists to learn more about happiness.  She always lifts my spirit and makes smile.   Much like summer does.   THIS SATURDAY (9/21) is the last day of summer.  I invite you to come out to THE CAJUN EXPERIENCE and join Dan and me for one last summer performance.   (7-10pm)

Next week we are off to Nashville for Tom Jackson’s Boot Camp.  He has helped musicians like Taylor Swift and The Band Perry, plan their performances with an emphasis on engaging audiences and responding to the individual needs of each audience on any given night.  This is a life time goal for me!  Growing up with foster brothers and sisters, sharing my parents, my room, my everything, from the age of four, I have developed a natural inclination to take it upon myself to play the hostess in life, always checking in on people’s needs and Yes Goldie, trying to assist them in getting their needs met and in their pursuits of happiness, which I whole heartedly believe comes from a feeling of connection to those around us.  So I’m thrilled at the prospect of learning more about the art of engaging an audience with Dan and myself, our local venues and with each other.  

One last thing, please check out our new, revamped website@  I will be resuming my blog there, as well as posting my newsletters each Tuesday, starting November 1st.

All the best!



August Newsletter



I hope your summer is going well and that you're creating some warm summer memories.Summer is a great time to break free from the norm and try things and go places you haven't before. If you haven't yet made it out to the Wolf Tone's Pub, it is the perfect stop during a day of antiquing, equestrian events or hot air ballooning and a sweet spot to wind down after a day of wineries. It is a part of The Blackthorne Inn &Restaurant, which is a beautiful place to go, a destination all on it's on, for an elegant dinner, a lovers retreat or a casual evening in a beautiful stone pub with friends and if you know someone who is beginning to plan a wedding, checking out The Blackthorne Inn is a must! I'm enclosing a video link so you can get an idea of what I mean:  I could go on and on but I'll keep this short and sweet and give you the heads up, that Dan and I will be there this Saturday (Aug 3rd) from 8-11pm giving you our best to make it a memorable evening.

Saturday August 24th from 7-10pm, we'll be back at The Cajun Experience in Leesburg. Dine on the patio under the stars and enjoy the food and ambiance that will make you feel like you're back on the bayou and Dan and I will be there to help make your experience all the sweeter.

Have a great August!


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