Kristina Furey

Our final performance of the year!


I hope your holiday season is off to a good start. I wish you health, a
relaxed state of mind and that you feel an abundance of love and joy this
season and well into the new year!

I'm at the tail end of a cold that I got from snuggling a little too close
to Dan but as of rehearsal tonight, I finally have the confidence that my
voice is going to be okay for our gig this Saturday 12/7 from 6:30-9:30 at
the Mad Horse BrewPub. So, if you're
looking for something to do, come on out for some social time in the real
world. Sure, you can bring your smart phones, ipads, techie gizmos and
gadgets too if you like. ;-) Just so you know, we have no current plans
of gigging again until March, so if you've been meaning to come out THIS
would be the night to do it!
After Saturday, we will be disappearing into obscurity...

We'd love to see you!
Kristina and Dan


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