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"Paint me the picture" The Judds

We had a wonderful time playing at the Chili Cook Off!  We got to play our song “So Far From Home”.

We also played our original song “Deeper”.

I’m so glad we had the opportunity to get out and play, it was very rewarding.  There’s nothing like when people tell you after a performance, that your performance moved them in some way or that they heard you playing and followed their ears to find you.  I learned some important things too.  Like, maybe tell the sound engineer that you are considering getting off the stage and heading out into the audience.  There’s this thing I learned about as I chose to impulsively do that on Saturday, called FEEDBACK.  Whoops.  MY BAD.  Sorry to the awesome sound engineers at Mojoe's who really covered my boo, boo and my ass with quick reflexes.

The Chili Cook Off itself was so much bigger than I expected!  I found myself wrestling my nerves since it’s been a while since we played for so many people.  After we played, I had the opportunity to walk around and meet some of the locals.  Had I done this ahead of time I think I would have felt much more comfortable on stage as we have so many kind and community focused people here.  They are so personable and interesting to me.  Having lived in the DC area all of my life prior to moving here, I can get so tightly wound over what is going on with our country and I’m learning that seeing locals coming together, working together in support of their neighbors and the community, is really helpful to me in keeping me from drowning in the concerns that seem at times insurmountable and helping me to focus on where and how I can effect positive changes and help others as they strive to lift each other with care, compassion and community pride.  I now have a real understanding of the Florida Cracker and the Cracker Cows that created them and I know a little more about where Parrish and Manatee County came from.  I kept thinking throughout the day about the Judd’s song, “Grandpa”.  It probably helped that I also got to talk to Kim Betts, who just recently opened for Wynonna Judd.  It’s easy to understand why everyone around loves Kim, she is as sweet as she is talented.  

I know this blog is getting loooooong but I really do want to tell you exactly how it was we ended up in Parrish because it almost didn’t happen and I think its a worth while story:   So originally we had intended on moving to Lakewood Ranch which is more like my beloved Reston.  We actually began to pursue a house in Lakewood Ranch that had many of the things we were looking for and the floor design we really thought we wanted, along with a low HOA and no CDDs.  However, it was also a Flip.  

Anyone remember 2008?  Well here in Florida, I think everyone does.  We were cushioned from it in the DC area but there were still many there that were affected by the crises.  Here, there was a lot more loss and as I understand it, there were also not enough rental properties for all those losing their homes and it was hard to find rental homes for those who could no longer afford to own.  Also, people were losing jobs during this time.  Meanwhile, there were some people from our country and other countries that profited by buying up homes at reduced prices for the purpose of income properties and vacation home use.  Some countries don’t allow anyone but citizens to own land in their countries.  I once heard it remarked that our country could be bought out from under us piece by piece.  On the other hand, I guess the foreign investors saved us in some ways, buying the homes and relieving the banks…  I don’t know if I have an opinion on this as I’m not sure I understand the pros or cons fully.  I don’t.  I just have a lot of questions and concerns, especially after seeing the movie, “The Long Short”  I miss the days when journalist and news reporters could be counted on to help educate us on things we might not otherwise understand.  They used to empower us.  I’m thankful we still have 60 Minutes out there.  I digress.  

I actually found myself freaking out over the house that had been flipped.  Was there mold?  I looked up the history and found, they bought it cheaply.  It had sat there for a few years and I doubt they had the air running while it sat unoccupied.  Did it have rodents?  They did not open any of the walls during the flipping and well who knows if rodents had gotten in the walls and nibbled on the electrical lines.  My concerns were alleviated when we chose instead to purchase a home a family lived in.  We were helping them get what they needed and in return buying a house that we knew had been loved and cared for and we also were, in a sense, buying American.  I never expected that decision to land me in such a great community with such a rich history and with so many members of the community willing to make choices that support the community members in so many ways.  Perhaps karma, or maybe just luck.  Whatever it is, I am very thankful to have the choices we’ve made, land us here amidst such a wonderful group of people.     
"Grandpa" by the Judds


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