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"Reviewing the Situation"-Fagin in the Musical OLIVER

Always loved that song "Reviewing the Situation" Ron Moody's excellent performance of it, won me over the first time I ever saw and heard it performed.  Brilliant! BRAVO!!!  After reading this over I thought that it would also make for a good title :-)  Good news is, I didn't feel the need to name this, "I think I better think it out again" ;-)

I have a lot on my plate this week but did want to pop in and wish you well in all you do!

My finger is almost completely healed and I have been trying like heck to figure out one of my songs on the keys. 

Stripping down to just meat, veggies and fruit in my diet, has helped me feel more energetic and less a victim of my allergies and inflammation.  This past week, I have begun to reincorporate things into my diet.  Eat, wait, wait, wait, (48 hours) journal on my experiences and try again.  Then it's on to the next item of food.  I wonder if everyone shouldn't do this at least once to clean up the gut and it's effects on the body and mind, see if it makes a difference and maybe learn to be disciplined to eating in a way that supports you and brings the best of you out.  The effects are pleasantly surprising!  That doesn't mean I don't want to totally scarf on some pizza, drink some spicy red wine or indulge in the warm pleasures of a decadent cup of coffee, mmmmmmmmiiiissssss it so...  In time, they will each get their trial period and I will see if they like me as much as I do them or if they wreck me.  At the very least I have learned I can live without them.  BUT PLEASE don't let them be the problems!  Regardless, I have been feeling much more optimistic about my health and the extent to which I do actually have control over it (for now-fingers crossed that this lasts a very long time).  My brain is clearer and my vocals too (BIG PLUS).  If you are interested you can find the elimination diet online.

I continue to do my daily homework in the book by Rhonda Britten, "Change Your Life in 30 Days" and I'm so glad I got started with the elimination diet before starting in on this "Change Your Life" thing.  This book, I also recommend to anyone needing to face fear, in need of change, lost, bored or apathetic.  This is my third time reading.  "Third times the charm!"  Seriously though, it's so easy to learn something and work it into your life, actions and practices, only to find later down the road, you have experienced enough change that it is time to re-work things.  I want to share these words from the book with you because I think this is something we should each know, remember and repeat, often.  "The voice of fear is run by doubt, suspicion, desperation"  "A feeling of scarcity"  "Shame, guilt, blame".

Well, I have stayed longer than I meant to and my "To Do List" calls.  So this is good bye for now.  Next week, I hope to have that song figured out, so I can get on to the many, many more that await my attention.  Also, I want to share it with you<3  Take care and best wishes for a wonderful rest of the week!


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