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"Riding along in my automobile"-Chuck Berry

"You sing in the car!  I'm sure you do!  Whether you admit it or not." I say to you, while giving you the Larry David stare down, should you not admit what I believe to be true.     When I first got my driver's license, I would change the lyrics to Chuck Berry's "No Particular Place To Go,"  to ones that suited my particular destination, mood, or driving partner/co-lyric contributor.  It was fun to take turns and then see if I could riff along with whatever they had put out as their line.  It was always a rule they had to join me in mouth guitar as well.  The more ridiculous it felt the more we seemed to enjoy ourselves.  Side thought:  You ever notice how very similar that song is to "School Days"?  Maybe that's why I chose that particular song to sing out with versatile verses, suiting my drive, mood or shot gun, lyric contributor.

When it was just me, alone in my car, I often created my own tunes or created twisted tunes, a la Wierd Al Yankovic style.   Fun times!  As well as many original tunes/songs, lost along the way.  The lack of ability to record what I came up with normally the reason for a song DOA.  Until the trusty cell phone!  I did have a miniature recorder I used for some time and I would keep it on me, just in case, except those times I didn't or the tape got full and I couldn't find anymore tapes that fit it, or when the batteries died or when it stopped working completely..  There were times I would show up at my destination and make a run for the phone, payphone or private, call my home number and leave the song in message to myself, so I would have it when I got home. 

With my kids I created songs about the "Little old man in the little old van, driving as slow as a little tin can".  "Big Butt Bicyclist" an ode, to the bicycle rider that seemed intent on not letting me pass them on that swervy, curvy, one lane road...  My co-conspirators/lyricists, at that point, were my children and occasionally Dan.  We did twisted tunes too, like "Nasty Town" to the tune of the Spiderman cartoon.  "Nasty town, nasty town, nobody wants to hang around.  Eat the food, gives you gas.  Everybody drives by real fast.  Look out!  You're in the nasty town."  This, after one too many stops for food left us disgusted and out of options on where we may want to try eating next.  Hmm, me thinks another town.  But oh the camaraderie as we sang our way to the next town, in hopes of better fare.

This past week as I was driving up and down the coast, I found myself playing around with new ways to sing old songs I've written, and I started playing around with an older song I never quite settled.  I was AH mazing!  I was coming up with all sorts of great stuff and then I decided do a video blog, showcasing how impressively witty and inventive I am at this!  Yay ME!  So I pulled off onto an exit, which had me pulling off onto another exit.  Which had me confused about how I would get back onto the road I was originally on and then very thankful that I could depend upon the GPS on my phone.  Yeah, I did not think this through at all but finally I came to a stop at a very sketchy gas station, in the middle of nowhere and I readied my video and hit record!  ...This is one of those moments when the imagination was much better in it's interpretation of how it would play out than the reality.  It somehow looked better in my head.  I was killing it with the lyrics, prior to hitting that record button or I might have a distorted view of reality.  That is a possibility, I shall not rule out.   I thought about deleting it but there seemed to be something redeeming in it, that led me to this blog.  



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