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September News

The end of summer is upon us.  The air felt cool today and on my way home from visiting with my Grandmother in the hospital, I heard a broadcast on Oprah Radio with Goldie Hawn talking about the myth of seasons with the story of Persephone and Demeter.  I thought about summer coming to an end and felt an emptiness of longing in my stomach for those evenings when the sun took it’s time setting, sometimes burning bright till 9pm.  I’m not a fan of fall or more so, what it leads to, winter.  However, I am a big fan of Goldie’s.   She gets points in my book for growing up in Maryland, having dyslexia, while making it work to her advantage and her part in helping scientists to learn more about happiness.  She always lifts my spirit and makes smile.   Much like summer does.   THIS SATURDAY (9/21) is the last day of summer.  I invite you to come out to THE CAJUN EXPERIENCE and join Dan and me for one last summer performance.   (7-10pm)

Next week we are off to Nashville for Tom Jackson’s Boot Camp.  He has helped musicians like Taylor Swift and The Band Perry, plan their performances with an emphasis on engaging audiences and responding to the individual needs of each audience on any given night.  This is a life time goal for me!  Growing up with foster brothers and sisters, sharing my parents, my room, my everything, from the age of four, I have developed a natural inclination to take it upon myself to play the hostess in life, always checking in on people’s needs and Yes Goldie, trying to assist them in getting their needs met and in their pursuits of happiness, which I whole heartedly believe comes from a feeling of connection to those around us.  So I’m thrilled at the prospect of learning more about the art of engaging an audience with Dan and myself, our local venues and with each other.  

One last thing, please check out our new, revamped website@  I will be resuming my blog there, as well as posting my newsletters each Tuesday, starting November 1st.

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