Kristina Furey

So I'm watching Classic Albums yesterday...

When he moves my heart screams out this song…  

I stood outside the door and stared at the poster on the wall.  I was not allowed in my brother's room without his permission but his door was open.  I just stared at that poster… I couldn't tell you then, why. About four or five years later Michael Jackson would fill me in on that.  “it’s human nature”.

Yesterday, as I was folding my laundry, I turned on the television and watched a little bit of “Classic Albums” the album was “The Doors”.  My prepubescent life flashed before my eyes and I saw myself once again, standing there and staring. Again, it would be a few years later, when I would find myself singing out his song with my girlfriends, “Hello!  Hello! Hello! Hello! He moved me like a "Wild Thing" As I watched Classic Albums, I think it was Robby Krieger, who started discussing how they wanted to create a musical line in one of the songs, that sounded either like a horn section or maybe they said like Little Richard.  Today, I don't know exactly what was said, all I know is, right then, right there, the chase was on as I ran, I grabbed my phone and recorded what was in my head. Sweet, sweet inspiration! I wish you could feel like I feel, when it hits. It's my drug of choice and I swear I hear it whisper into the back of my neck “Do what you love and F what they say or maybe it was Jim spirit.  “Go chase your butterflies before they are extinct.”

Yes I answered, yes, I want to walk like beauty in the night. I want to be the one that expands her own self and world, like the universe, to one day find herself far beyond this one and it's dark clouds.  Catch me if you can and off I ran in an effort to punch a hole through myself and climb through to the other side. Life is full of so many doors, each one hiding potential behind it and inspiration for my next song.

“She walks like Beauty in the night.  She runs away like child and fright.. She's very rare and hard to hold. She's just the power in your soul.  Her name is never spoke aloud but you can spot her in a crowd. Recognition's at first sight. Her name is yours.  She's yours to hold. Haste not or fate will fold. For destiny, a silver horse, her armor black, her sword gold and only snow will stop her cold. Look in her eyes but don't look deep.  All is yours but not to keep. She spits lies like they were fire. Be careful of your heart's desires. Only behold with holy dread. Be quick to move or beauty's dead. This love is not a common thing.  The girl is yours but do take heed, if your eyes should meet another, you will have killed your one true lover”. -me-

For me, she is music.  “Hello! Hello! Hello!  Hello!”


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