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"Someday we'll all understand”--Dan Fogelberg

I am Kristina Furey, this is my blog and I approve of it.  There is no political agenda here. I know we have all been thoroughly inundated with the season of the politicians. ;-) Early voting has started in some places and I'm sure if you've already gone to the polls you feel very strongly about whom you should be voting for and what you should be voting for.  I applaud each and everyone of you that is taking a proactive stance in regards to your beliefs on what our country or your states needs are. BRAVO!!! If you have yet to go to the polls, I wish you ease in this process. Click here for just a sample of what hurdles some face in their attempts.  if you need to get to the polls and you don't know how that's going to happen I encourage you to contact your local political party affiliates, family members, religious brethren, neighbors, grandchild or other relative that is currently in driver's ed behind the wheel (as it could be equally beneficial to them) or whoever else you may come up with but I certainly hope you will let your voice be represented at the polls.  

I know it can be hard to see past our differences sometimes.  I am a very passionate and opinionated person, so I get this. If I may, I would like to share advice with you that I have collected from various sources, as I am a constant student in the pursuit of peace. “Look for what you have in common”. If that doesn't work, “look at their hand or focus in on another thing like their eyes and notice these things we have in common. As we consider these things we have in common it helps to breathe gently, smile, and be thankful for all that we have in our lives.  We may even begin to consider how we are interdependent within our country and communities. We can see how the person we have felt at odds with is a part of that connection and how their works or acts have benefited us or a loved one. As we begin to relax, we might feel our smiles loosen and no longer feel forced. As our faces soften and that soft feeling travels through the rest our body, allowing us to relax, in the other person's presence, we can try once again to focus on what we have in common with the other person. Maybe even quietly, remind ourselves we are each human and we each have needs for food, shelter, love and our desire to be peaceful, at ease, and not in a state of dis-ease. If this experiment does not bring you ease with the other person, “pretend they are mentally handicapped* and allow them the patience that you would allow in that instance.  

How about for the next two weeks we pretend it's the Christmas season and allow ourselves to feel good will towards all mankind.  Perhaps, if we all bent over backwards, counted to ten and consciously did our best not to react to what we find to be negative stimulus, it wouldn't just play into the favor of those we were being patient with but it would actually help us feel calmer and at ease, content, happy, even joyful, sure, why not, let's go for the gusto!!!


Here's a song I started writing sometime in the 90’s and finally finished, within the past week.  For me, I'm hoping it will serve as a reminder to stay focused on who I am, what I believe in and what that belief encourages me to want, not just for myself but for others.  I have had one challenge after another in my life and sometimes it feels like too much weight, too much pressure, just too much! It leads me to feelings of dis-ease and angst, which leads me to feeling oppositional towards others, angry and reactive.  It makes me not feel like myself and even act in a way, that is not congruent with who I am and what I believe. I think it's maddening to have your actions, not represent who you are and for me it's cringe-worthy! Being aware of this, I have a better understanding, empathy and sympathy for other people experiencing hardships, than I otherwise would.  I'm also aware of ways that I have lucked out and I can see how someone from the outside looking at me would say she is entitled or the systems in place have benefited her. I am without argument here but I will say to look at me and not know what I have endured, to assume my life is, at all perfect, would be completely incorrect.  Don't tell this lie to yourself, about me or about anyone, as it will only lead you to feeling like you have less than, which gets in the way of being able to see where you are blessed, fortunate, or otherwise entitled. I've heard comments thrown my way before, that would indicate that some people think this. I keep this in mind when I am looking at others, especially when my mind begins to go down that well worn path of judgements... and so, this is the song I wrote.

I Travel Lightly

I travel lightly. I don't carry around all of that pain anymore, like I used to before, before I realized, oh I realized, life is just too short to be compromised. So I'll travel lightly, try not to get caught in those spider webs. It's only madness in the head. Most never belonged to me.  I'm tired of carrying all these things that hold me back, hold me down, keep me from who I came to be.

See, I know, I know, yeah, I figured it out.  What it's all about, this real estate here in my head, they bought it up, I allowed it but when I was a kid I really had no chance.

So now, I'll travel lightly. I don't want to carry these grudges anymore or beliefs I find perverse. No, I'll drop them at my feet and leave quietly. I'll leave the past behind and every peace they took of me. And travel lightly, lightly, oh I do, try to and when the end has truly come I'll be one of the ones to say, “I came here in the name of love, I'm leaving the same way.”  Cuz I know, I know, I wish the same for you, that you be lightened to. That's why when these things weigh on me, I walk away to set you free. I would not ask you to carry all this crap for me.

Just travel lightly, lightly, so you, find your peace too.  I never was the one who came in effort to take that from you. Cuz I need to travel lightly, lightly, lightly, lightly, I do, I do, and I want that, if you want that, for you.

(So I'll slip away, while I can, so you can have the time and space you need, to consider these things but I'm leaving a piece of my heart there, carry it or leave it but have no fear my love was true and I wish that you may travel lightly too.)

"Someday We'll All Understand" by Dan Fogelberg



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