Kristina Furey

Still Dreaming...

I hope you are content with the election results!

I for one, spent hours going over my sample ballot, while researching all the things I was able to vote on.  I carefully considered what I thought would be best for American children and then thought about things like gentrification, something I had never considered until TV shows like "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" started to introduce the concept to me. Prior to that I had no idea of the fears, irritations, concerns and complications some have over gentrification and how it creates real struggles for some even as it breathes new life into a place previously in decline or in need of restructuring for the sake of function. I think I have lots more to understand in regards to this. Especially after this short introduction into part of what it is and does. I wouldn't want to contribute to something that threatens another person's pursuit of the American Dream. Yes, I am still a dreamer. Though many have tried to shake me awake and at times my dreams take on the form of nightmares. Apparently, a dreamer, is who I am.

I thought about the red tide here in Florida as I studied my ballot.  Fish, mammals, coral, all that is life and that lead to thoughts about how the butterfly effect can take effect.  Because I am a dreamer, I have no rational choice to fall back on. Sure I can think, measure, carefully research, understand the facts but I am confined by my own beliefs on life. I do believe we are ONE and I live my life with the idea that all life is constantly being recycled and when my life force leaves this body, it may find itself as the make up of some other life form.  Perhaps another human, born into a life of less freedom or a creature of less fortunate circumstances. I encourage myself to believe that with a consciousness of my effect on the world around me, put into daily life actions, I may be benefiting, that which I might one day find myself to be.  At the very least, I do want my life to benefit life, regardless of where my own life force may or may not wind up in the end of this life I possess. I believe we really all should try to leave things better than they were when we arrived and if we can't, we should leave before we destroy the beauty of what already exists. That's my belief and I can't change it. I can't adapt it. I believe this has caused me to feel ill at ease with life. And that my friends, is a sad little secret from my soul to yours. I hope you sleep better than I. I hope you stay healthy when the environment is not conducive to health.

Okay that might have been a little too deep…  Let's go back to TV shows like Northern Exposure, where the uppity, intelligent doctor comes into town thinking he knows it all, only to realize that he is in for a real education on just how much he has yet to learn.  OU, OU, OU, I raise my hand here because that's one I can really relate to since just about every time I completely think I know something, something or someone comes along, challenges that belief and I begin to have my mind expanded. And lucky for me, I had already voted by the time I happened upon THIS.  Not that it would have changed my vote but I would not have gone as passionately in the direction of the polls. I did go, with great hope and enthusiasm, that the right amount of comfort, the people in my county and state longed for would be delivered or protected.  Actually that hope and enthusiasm goes out to all of us!



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