Kristina Furey

The Golden Rule

“THE GOLDEN RULE is not merely a summation of man's search for the divine, as an equation in balance with fellow-man. It is as a signpost on the pilgrimage of living; a means and an end together, in the process and purpose of life. It derives its sanction not so much from sacred citation as in human situation. It is a translation of the sacred word to the daily deed”.  ---these are the words of Rabbi Martin M. Weitz (Beth Israel congregation - Atlantic City, New Jersey)


I do my best to try to live in service to that rule.  


“The golden rule is the basic religious concept of all the great religions of the earth. Moses handed it down to the children of Israel. Christ proclaimed it to his followers throughout the world. Buddha, Confucius, and Aristotle have their basic teachings in this Golden Rule.”--- (These are the words that accompany, The Golden Rule Marble, that I inherited from my Father.  Along with these words.) “The Golden Rule marble, with the inscription of the golden rule on it, can be a symbol of the fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of Man.” The words go on to say, “The sphere, which like the deity, has no beginning and no end, typifies the universe in that the earth, sun, moon, stars and all the constellations, even to the smallest atom, are in a spherical form, and in a simple way represents the universality of God.

if the Golden Rule ideal were adopted by the nations of the world, it would bring into realization the one great hope of mankind of Peace on Earth and Good Will toward Men.”


What is this Golden Rule you may wonder…?  “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.  

1 Rule.  

So simple

to remember.


My heart and prayers go out to the members of the Tree of Life synagogue.  I am full of sorrow and disappointment, that hate should be stirred and encouraged here in our United States of America.  I grieve with you. These acts of hate are a desecration to the United States of America, everything it stands for and everything the fathers of our country believed in, established, and fought to protect. I pray that those with hate in their hearts be enlightened or at the very least be stopped from acting on it. I pray that you be surrounded by love and support at this time, so that your faith in humanity may be restored. --With love, Kristina


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