Kristina Furey

"The Unreliable Narrator"--Abby

Life, a sweet voice that whispers as if out of nowhere attempting to let its presence be known.  Silly mortals that we are believe we are the focus of life, till, if we are fortunate enough, we realize, Life, was the main character of “OUR STORY” all along.  Its attempts at awakening us to this can be a very abrupt awakening or a gentle pull at our heart strings but once you are awakened, you would be wise to not discount the very pure truths of life.  The truths of life can not be bent to one’s will but one can be bent to the will of life.  Life is the one character here, whose truth will prevail above all other characters.

I am a big believer of the idea that our lives are greatly impacted by the choices we make.  That this+that+that other thing=where we are, at just about any given point in time.  This adds up for me most of the time but there’s been enough times too, that it hasn’t and that’s when I realized other people’s choices play a part and so does “Life Itself”.   

I have found life can be very difficult towards people, in the role that it plays.  Does it have a conscience?  I’m undecided.  I do.  I try my best not to create difficult situations for others.  I try to keep in mind many people are juggling difficulties, whether due to their own choices, those of others, “Life Itself” or a combination of all.  I try to offer a smile, a solution, at the very least some compassion and love.  Where life is unreliable I try to offer balance.  

Life creates its own problems and its own solutions to those problems.  Which makes me wonder if perhaps it is a thinking being that is trying to figure something out.  Perhaps a Scientist at work…  I can’t tell you how many times I have looked at where I was in my life and realized life+challenges brought on by others+challenges brought on by life=me facing a problem+finding myself to be the solution+needing to learn and evolve into something I wasn’t before=a stronger advocate for life.  I find Life mind boggling, when I’m not feeling let down by it, at odds with it, drawn into its bidding or just fascinated in wonder.


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