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To be thankful is to be kind

So, here we are… tis the season…  and it all starts with this day of thanks.  When did you last say thank you?  Who was it to? What were you thanking them for? Was it sarcasm? Or the real deal?

My mom taught me to be appreciative as a child.  She came into my room to rouse me each morning, singing “Good morning Merry Sunshine.”  She was such a bright energy and she shared it,  I think most of the time with everybody she came into contact with. She was loved by anyone who really knew her and most people wanted to know her and be in her inner circle.  God, I miss her so much!!!  But I am so thankful, so very appreciative that I had her in my life for as long as I did.  She wasn't perfect but she had such an appreciation for people and life and for any good thing that came her way.  It was out of that appreciation for what she had, that she gave to others.  I share this with you because I concern over our growing feelings of entitlement as a country, our lack of appreciation for what we have and our lack of appreciation for those around us, which shows up in our consideration or lack there of for others. If there's one thing we should have, its appreciation for life, ours and that of others.

I've been asked by others why I am no longer on social media.  It's the way it makes me feel, sad.  Perhaps one day I'll give it another go...  But it was like it all escalated last year through the elections and kept up.  So many posts seemed so disgruntled and I was feeling disgruntled.  Why would I knowingly choose to feel that way?  I don't want to be swallowed up by angst.  It distorts my view of the world, my experiences, my interactions with people and it makes me lose appreciation for all of it.  It makes me distrustful.  It's really pretty jading.  And perhaps at the end of the day, it's all in my head and nobody else's but I know better than to chose to participate in a situation that makes me feel bad or sad.  Feeling that way, living that way, is not for me!  My mom's dying was such a huge loss for me.  It has shaken me to my core and made me realize, I need to realign myself with appreciation for what I have and stop thinking about what I don't have or who has what I wish I had or how I can use what I have to make someone else feel that what they have is not enough so I can then feel as if what I have is enough or find a way to leverage their not feeling they have enough into getting whatever it is that I feel so impoverished to try to manipulate the situation into giving me.  (
As I believe I do each Thanksgiving I want to post the link to this song, by Geggy Tah "Whoever You Are" and I want to remind you to be kind and courteous so we can all get safely to our loved ones this holiday season and beyond.
Also, I want to post this link to explain further what I have tried to say in this blog.  I give you The Pretenders, "Don't Get Me Wrong"-"I might be great tomorrow but hopeless yesterday" (<--yep!)

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