Kristina Furey

To: Rickie Lee Jones

I love you very much.  I missed your show last night and I feel awful about it.  You are my favorite.  Your vulnerability, honesty and how you seem so comfortable not only expressing yourself but in communicating to the musicians and sound people around you, so that the pure intent of how you want the listener to feel can be realized by me and the rest of your fans, sets you apart and makes you my favorite.  Your lyrics, the notes you use to support them, the way you use your voice, your instruments and your accompanying musicians and their voices to fully engage the senses, with such subtle nuances that hijack the senses and make us one with you and each other in the moment, that, is such a gift!   A gift I’m sure you have worked very hard at and as it’s recipient, I whole heartedly thank you.  I think you are either so courageous to be the artist you are or so driven that fear never even enters the arena with you.   I watch and listen to you with the eager mind of a student hoping to learn from one of the great masters of my time.  It was I who yelled out “Keep coming back!  Keep coming back!” at your Birchmere concert a couple of years ago.  I think you were looking at me and hearing me.  I felt like we had a moment, if not, I certainly did in my own heart.  I’m heartbroken to have missed you last night.  I’ve been sick, fatigued and on antibiotics and my husband threw out his knee.  We’ve had a lot on our plates the past two months, some good and some not so good stuff going on.  I feel so unfortunate to have missed your performance last night.  I hope you will keep coming back and do so soon!

Your fan,

Kristina Furey :-)


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