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Busy, busy time as some of the holidays approach and others are in full swing. I saw Sissy Spacek and her husband Jack Fisk at the airport this past week. I smiled in their direction as I thought about "Bloodline" and how awesome it was to discover that show just after moving here to Florida. I had toyed with the idea of a B&B on the water. I had visited The Key Lime Sailing Club prior to moving here and thought what a blast it would be to have some land on the water and the ability to host weddings, parties and musician type things. Ah fantasy verses reality... "If horses were wishes..." ANYWAY... We made our first flight with our puppy, Aja. She did really well! Got to my Best Friend's Christmas party and also spent a little time with my kids. I came away with the spirit of the season, which I was struggling to find prior to. Now while I was up north, I had to go into an extremely crowded Post Office and to my happy surprise, I met an up and coming Director and an Actor from "Deceit at First Sight" (You can stream it on Amazon) at the post office of all places. I look forward to finding some time to check it out. I just recently watched "Drive, Play, Sleep" that shows what it's like to be on the road with artist duo, Pocket Vinyl. Viva the Indies and may they find the destinations they seek, whether it be in the hearts of people like you and me and equally supported or to be signed. Sooooo, the lesson of the season for me is It's so easy to be distracted this time of year but the beauty of the season really is being open to it and all its commotion, even things that might at first appear to be agonizing as getting through the crowds and waiting in long lines and traffic. You never know who you may see or meet... Try to stay in the moment and go with it.


I did get some time to write the plot of the TV show I wrote about in my last real blog. So, here is some more on that....

Imagine if you took Sue Heck from "The Middle" and threw her into "Freaks and Geeks", added a sprinkling of Glee and some old fashioned DC politics... That's what I have been imagining since I started to write the plot for my TV show idea entitled "Logical" or "Growing up Female" not sure which title best fits but people are telling me times would dictate "Growing Up Female". Feel free to weigh in if you like...


It's loosely based on my childhood and what it was like to be an over thinker, girl, coming of age during the 80's with a non-available mother, in a household of males. Here's my ...




Life is full of contradictions.   (Growing up female or Logical-whatever the title may be) challenges the viewer by pointing out these contradictions and helping the viewer realize, the choices we make aren't always in support of what we believe and the flaws we see in others are more often than not, a result of our conflicted society.  


It's a Narrated, coming-of-age show that begins in the summer of 79, just as our 11 year old female protagonist's mother, decides she is leaving her family to "find herself". Set just outside of Washington DC, in Montgomery County, Maryland.  One of the wealthiest counties in the country during this time. Its diversity in culture, races and religions, makes a perfect setting for our overthinking, ever curious protagonist.


Each week sets the tone with a song of the time period and each week our protagonist writes in her journal. As the show progresses, she begins to bud as a songwriter, journaling through song, her own experiences, observations and writing songs for other people she cares about, in an attempt to deal with the inconsistencies between life and logic.


Its goal is to provide families, a TV show, diverse and interesting enough to keep them all viewing week after week by exploiting some of their own contradictions and provoking discussions within families, to encourage viewers to come away with an understanding that the problems we face in our families and society are perhaps more complex then we may have realized and with a little more attention paid to these complexities, we can gain a clearer understanding of why it's better to be curious then to settle for simple assumptions when it comes to people. Bottom line (Logical/Growing up Female) is an attempt to get people to pause on the selfies and instead get more curious about the people in their own lives by helping to bring conversations and connection back to its viewers. Hoping that relativity will win out, affect viewers, and in turn have them affecting non-viewers in a second hand way, that will encourage non-viewers to tune into their own curiosity and hopefully also, the show. The aim is to hit viewers the way "The Simpsons" do, at their own level of comprehension, while pitching higher brow subject matter discretely to those inclined to pick it up and perhaps have a show that not only pulls its viewers in each week but one that can grow with its viewers, for years to come.


(Logical, when it comes to people, is anyting logical?)

(Raised to play a supporting role in a man's world, this is what it's like, Growing Up Female).


Next, I will write up character descriptions.

A BIG THANK YOU to William Rabkin for his informative book, "Writing The Pilot Creating The Series".  I love that you wrote this and that you made it so simple for people like me to share our inner worlds and stories with others. 


I would love to have Roger Hodgson's song "Logical" as the theme song.


Link to my screenplay, "The List"



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