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"Undone" Weezer

I'm late blogging this week. Not because I have nothing to blog about, actually my mind is anxiously racing through concerns over our country's health care costs, the identities and numerous amount of people in power that have been using it inappropriately, and how perplexing I found last night's homeowner's association meeting to be.. So I have chosen to blog about the common thread here that maybe we should take a good look at.  

We are still learning.  We're not bad people.  We are humans, each of us with different perspectives. But we have this tendency to think that because WE think it, it must be right.  That would be true if we were living by ourselves. We would have only one perception, one reality. However, our life spans would be pretty short, if they were incongruent with the scientific facts of the natural world around us. Oh, but we would be right! Absolutely right... till the day we died. I am learning, life can be confusing.  That life and truth are ever-evolving things.  Often depending upon who at the moment has the power to decide what that truth is or how the part of our life that they have control over will go. That's why I'm trying to pay attention, listen more than I speak, be careful who I give power to, recognize my part of the responsibility in extending power and be considerate of the difficulties anyone in power (including myself) may face.  

Having grown up Southern Baptist, which is probably a story for another day, I welcomed the idea that I was righteous.  It made me feel powerful as I sat in judgement over others.  I was just this powerless kid but I could call out others on their sins and that somehow substituted for power at the time.  Then, as a teenager, I began to learn how that wasn't working for me as a member of society.  I have traveled along the road from there to here and I still have a long way to go…  but I keep learning this one thing over and over again.  When we look for wrong, bad or evil, we find it.  Our perceptions will help us find it. Even if our perceptions have to warp themselves to serve us in this way. It's more productive to spend our time chasing answers then chasing down someone to blame.  We really don't need enemies. When something's wrong, the quicker we repair it and move on, the better.  Forgiveness is part of moving on but again that's probably a subject for another day.  Maybe it's because Halloween just passed but the story of Frankenstein comes to mind.  We don't need monsters in our life.  We just need to understand that people can be ignorant until they learn, they make mistakes, it is each of our jobs as a society to help correct these mistakes, educate each other as to what the boundaries are, set them for yourselves to clear what may otherwise appear to be blurred lines for others.  If we don't speak up and do that, then lines become more blurred and eventually will go away and we'll find ourselves starting at the beginning, all over again in educating people what is acceptable and what is unacceptable for our society as a whole functioning unit.  I admit, it’s hard for me to take responsibility for my own failures. I would guess the same is true for you.  I learned as a teenager, people become downright belligerent and refuse to take responsibility for their failures when they feel judged.  Being courteous, curious and willing to listen, go a long way.  It often helps you find the heart of the matter.  I say heart because we are very emotional beings.   So, if you can connect the emotions to the heart, most people's minds will open.  It requires patience but could save you years of misunderstanding, suffering, and wasted time.  

The problem with labeling someone evil is you can't reason with evil.  The word bad entices the reaction of disposal.  Wrong is often perception.  It's probably best we use the word human when dealing with people because we can deal with humans.

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