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"Want to play a game?"--WOPR

As my cold is finally showing signs of going away, I have found myself playing catch up this week.  So I did not get as much reading in as I had hoped.  I did make time to do some writing.  I had a very vivid dream this week of watching the news and seeing dead refugee children in our White House, on the floor.  It was similar to footage I once saw of Jonestown, the floor was just littered with bodies.  I heard a news reporter saying, “Final clues are in and it was President Trump, in the White House, with the weapon, Executive Privileges.”  I woke up thinking about something I started writing some weeks back, an attempt to purge myself of anger I felt over Trump bully tactics.  I’ve just been adding to it over the past weeks.  It’s mostly one liners.  A reminder of why I don’t like to write a song but instead prefer to translate it, from where ever it comes from, when it just shows up in my head.  If I ever finish it, it will be called “War Games”.  I had this idea of WOPR from the movie “War Games” asking “Want to play a game?”  I added the bit from my dream’s, news reporter to it.  So far, this is all I have

"Want to play a game?- I chose my battles carefully and I gave you floor time-Let you play the games you wanted till I was going out of my mind-With your winners and your losers, your victims, your abusers-till we all fall down-You played "hide and seek" with the truth till it couldn't be found-You played "Finder's Keepers, Losers Weepers"-And then you slapped Jack all over town.  It's "Olley, Olley, Income Free"-Fast and loose with "Monopoly"-I call "Bullshit" they don't get it-so you don't quit-I see more shoots than there's ladders-our flag being captured-The clues are adding up to this-Trump in the White House with Executive Privileges-We played "Truth or Dare" till I realized all the truths were lies.-It's a no win and I choose not to play-give me my piece back and please just go away-cause I don't want to play your war games."

I wrote letters this week, to my state and District Representatives, Senator, members of the Judiciary Committee and members of the house leadership, as I mulled over the latest, Trump racial comments and my dream, that left me questioning if I was somehow an accomplice to Trump's bullying if I did not take some sort of stand.  So this is what I wrote:
“Dear Representative (name added)
It is my understanding that those who framed our countries government, left room for impeachment, as a tool to rid ourselves of a president who is a danger to our constitutional order.  Representative (name added), President Trump, continues to be a danger to our constitutional order and I am writing you, to ask you, “Please, begin the impeachment process!”
In respect and on behalf of our country, what it stands for and it’s people,
(signed my name and printed it)

I am posting this here so if you feel the same, you will have the words to say what you feel or if you wanted to use this as an example, to help you write your own, this can serve you.  

Here are notes I took this week while reading the Mueller Report.

Pg 168 1st paragraph explains how Trump and his Transition Team in December of 2016 (post briefing and with an understanding of President Obama’s position) began to work on their own position (in contrast to Obama’s) using Russian connections, as well as, Egyptian.

pg 172  In regards to a summarized call with Kislyak (Russian Ambassador) that Flynn (Trump’s incoming National Security Advisor) corresponded with: “Shortly there after Flynn sent a text message to McFarland summarizing his call with Kislyak from the day before, which she emailed to Kushner, Bannon, Priebus and other Transition Team members.  The text message and email did not include sanctions as one of the subjects discussed with Kislyak.  Flynn told the Office that he did not document his discussions of sanctions because it could be perceived as getting in the way of the Obama’s Administration on foreign policy.”  <—Worth Reading, along with the paragraphs leading up to this and those that follow.

pg 173 The last paragraph says there were multiple links between the Trump Campaign officials and individuals tied to the Russian government and then supports that statement with others.  Then it goes on to say “Ultimately, the investigation did not establish that the campaign coordinated or conspired with the Russian government in its election-interference activities.”

BUT WAIT, that’s not it, there’s 448 pages in the report and I intend to read them all, learn what I can and hopefully be of service to those of you who maybe don’t have the time but may benefit from the time I spend and what I share. 


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