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Last week this video found me
While I have been meaning to read the Mueller Report myself, I had not yet made time to do it.  This video was the kick in the butt I needed!!  I realize celebrities words and endorsements can be bought.  I heard someone on the radio in the past few months say that Trump’s name had been mentioned in a bunch of songs, by a bunch of artists, prior to his political run and I wondered if it wasn’t just a product placement thing. (brand awareness, looking like the artists are endorsing him, when something else is actually going on...)  Are we aware when something is paid for. When it is product placement?  Once upon a time didn’t someone say, “Don’t trust anyone over 30”?  Today, I try to keep in mind, it is best I not trust anyone who may be getting paid or otherwise reimbursed for what they say or otherwise indicate.  I trust my intuition and in this case as I watched the video, it was stating very loudly, “What are you waiting for?  Read the report!  Educate yourself and others!!

I’m still fighting off my cold.  Thankfully, it has gotten much better.  That was not the case as I began to read the report.  I really struggled with motivation and clarity.  Maybe it was my stuffed up head, the cold medicine, or something to do with my ability to process in general or maybe, it was just not an easy read for anyone.  It began like an Ann Rice novel, its beginning full of names, information, and history.  A lot of information to decipher and keep straight.  I really have to hand it to Mueller for his thorough work and time.  Thank you!  As I continued reading it got easier, which again, is more proof of what a great job Mueller did.  I am only currently on page 144.  Between finding time, clearing my head and processing, it has gone slowly but I want as thorough an understanding of it as I can get.   Page 19 of the Mueller Report makes me wonder if the person/people holding signs were paid.  Page 29, paragraph 1, was certainly an eye opener to what “puppet masters” can achieve.  Something we should all read, so as to be more cautious to know, whom we are dealing with, exactly.  Page 44, second to last paragraph, Assange’s intent is explained and probably worth people taking note, as it again shows the “puppet master” thought process.  

An aside:  I found the whole election of 2016 distasteful.  Too many times, I have seen or heard someone tell the tale of how a person worked hard in their profession for years and just as they neared what seemed, should be their promotion, an outsider, without knowledge of the job or experience in the job was hired from outside and the person with years invested, wound up passed over.  I witnessed this over and over again in 2016, first in the Republican party as many more qualified candidates were passed over and again in the final election, when it was a qualified woman that was passed over.  I admit Hillary was not my first choice but she was the more qualified choice in the end.  Everything about the election seemed foul to me.  Including the way we Americans were turning on our own.  <—I hope this doesn’t come off so much as a rant as it does a question to each of us, “Does this scenario represent what we believe in?”

Okay, I’m going to wind this up here, though I do have more notes I’d like to share another day and a lot more reading to do.

I will leave you with this song I quickly penned in June of last year.  


We don’t have to fight do we?
Under our stars and stripes truly?
Are we still one?

One nation under God & do you see
the golden rule applies to you and me?
Indivisible with liberty and justice for all.

I don’t mean to bother you with details
but somewhere along the way
we were derailed.
Has one nation under God been failed?
Are we lost? Are we lost?

Have we lost our way?
Have we been misguided?
Should we find direction
somewhere in the night?
Has our Star Spangled Banner waved goodbye
with the American dream?
They are we, you and me
and US you see,
we should not be divided.


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