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What's in your SPF?

I have a couple things to share this week.  

First-I am somehow managing life on the elimination diet, thanks in part to Detwiler’s, our area’s, family owned farmer’s market.  I am able to find things there, the other stores just don’t carry and the other day, I discovered another patron there with Hashimoto’s.  Actually, I overheard her talking to another lady about cow’s milk substitutes.  “I don’t know which one I should get,” she said and then I heard her mention her thyroid.  “What can’t you eat and why?”   I got all nosy and in her business but I wanted her to get what she needed, you know… and I blurted out, “I have Hashimoto’s.” In case they wondered why I was being all nosy.  So did she and I told her about  the elimination diet I was on and the book “Hashimoto’s Protocol” by Izabella Wentz.  She was the second person I stumbled across that day, who was dealing with Hashimoto’s, whom with, I was able to share my new found information.  Why do I share this with you?  Well two people in one day, plus me, a third person, I’m starting to think more people have this than I realized.  So maybe someone you know is struggling with this.

Second-Interesting enough, while researching my SPF, as suggested in “Hashimoto’s Protocol,”  I learned that not only is it possible, SPF could be what triggered my latest issues (more on that in just a moment) it also could be killing marine life, coral specifically but who knows what else.  Okay (here’s the more)  when I got Aja (my puppy) I changed my SPF after learning Zinc Oxide is toxic to dogs.  However, the SPF I switched to, unbeknownst to me, has hormone-like activity known to disrupt the reproductive system and thyroid and has behavioral alterations in animal studies.  Not to forget, it is the coral killing kind!   Adding to the complication is that another SPF, I happen to have and use occasionally is known to disrupt estrogen, androgen and progesterone.  Hmm, I was told in my 20’s, progesterone fluctuations were most likely what was triggering my migraines.  A reason I choose to go off birth control pills in my 20’s.  Yes, it helped my health tremendously, including seriously reduced the number of migraines I got.  (This was my own experience and I am open to the idea it may have been nothing more than the power of suggestion.  Regardless, I was thankful for far fewer migraines.  But please, if you have migraines and chose to experiment by going off of birth control pills, be sure to discuss the pros and cons of using another form of birth control with your doctor!  Better yet, keep your doctor in the loop and help them, help you, to make wise and informed decisions in regards to your health, ALWAYS!!!)  Back to SPF.  At least one SPF has estrogen in it.  (<—Ladies we may need to bring back the phone tree for this one.  Somehow we gotta get the message through to Levitra Lady (<-not the commercial I was looking for but it will do.)  For a while there, every time my husband would watch golf, She was on and I was giggling because it seemed silly, like perfect for SNL to do a skit on.  But it's not silly if her man is taking pills unnecessarily because his SPF is filling him with estrogen.  Seriously, have you ever listened to the list of side effects some of the pills out there have?  I say some but seems to me, all.  So research carefully, prepare, and bravely start those conversations with your doctors to make sure that you are utilizing knowledge, you doctors abilities, medical interventions and lifestyle choices to your best benefit.  I know how complicated it can be!  How tiring but do it for yourself and those that love and/or depend on you.   If you want to know more about what is in your environment that shouldn't be, here is the link to  where you can find their SPF List.  You can search their website for more concerning protecting your health and this article may also be helpful.

Knowledge is power.  Knowledge may save your life one day or help you save someone else’s life.  Life is in need of protecting and we can help, if we share the information that counts.   I welcome you to check my facts and let me know if I have them wrong because getting the facts wrong can ruin everything, our health, our lives, our environment, our futures.  I only ask that you choose kindness in your corrections.  

One last thing, I have added a few things to my share page including a video on on how we picked our breeder, Lynwinn Poodles and things to consider if you or someone you know is thinking about getting a dog. 


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