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What's the purpose?

I keep going back to this quote I heard this past week, “When purpose is bigger than pain, purpose wins and when pain is bigger than purpose, pain wins.”  I am so mad at myself that I do not remember where I heard it or who made this remark!   But with the debates this past week, I found myself trying to decipher the purpose behind each candidates run.  I couldn’t help but notice there are a lot of them.  I found myself questioning those in charge of the debates, the moderators, those in the control booth, calling the shots and yeah the camera operators too.  I couldn’t help but notice the background, while very flattering behind some candidates, behind others it was completely distracting.  Was there a purpose behind that?  The camera angles?  Who is getting the most attention?   Was it by design?  Was someone’s purpose being put into action?  I did get the feeling, the Democratic party runners had enough purpose in alignment with each other, that if their purpose is to serve their country and not their own egos, they can pool their resources and as a result pull voters together on behalf of those changes the candidates seemed to agree on.  ¿Cómo se dice work together?

When I look at the problems that currently exist in our country, I see pain begets pain.  It changes the chemistry of a person, causes trauma, diminishes hope, can interfere with rational thinking, can spread like a virus and it can lead to death.  Once upon a time, I walked towards pain with purpose.  My purpose being, an attempt to understand it, in hopes of helping to alleviate it.  I have experienced those in pain, throwing it my direction.  I liken it to a wounded animal biting a vet that is trying to save it or a pack of hungry dogs on the attack.  I have found my own traumatic experiences, coupled with a history of being bit, a bit too many times, has me feeling much less trustful of people’s intentions, to the point, more often than not these days, I find myself shrinking back in an effort to save what is left of my energy and health.  Regretfully, pain has become bigger than purpose.  You know what I hate?  I hate THAT.  I don’t hate a person, a political party, a desperate immigrant or a foreign country.  I hate pain and more than that, I hate that I have allowed pain to become bigger than purpose!  

Anyway, I’m really mad at myself that I did not write down the name of the speaker of that quote because I owe them heaps of gratitude for showing up with that quote in the nick of time.  Thank you!!!  I will do my best to pass it on!  I hope those Democratic Presidential candidates will make purpose bigger than, not only pain, but bigger than their individual egos.  I hope their purpose is to serve all Americans in such a way that we can be healthy enough and educated enough to go about serving the purpose.  I hope the purpose we are serving is the life and health of our planet and the inhabitants here.  Along with that I hope we are serving the purpose of liberty, equality, justice and love.  

So what is my purpose for blogging?  Simply to share experiences, thoughts and questions, in hopes others may find them helpful.  I think we are so much better than the traumas and the wounds we allow to skew our purpose as a species. 


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