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When The Binding Breaks

This past week I found this song coming through me and I almost posted this but lost my nerve instead.   I woke up at 3am today with a nudge to just do it.  


”When The Binding Breaks"

"When the binding breaks all the pages fall out-When the binding breaks, pages scatter about-Start to fly away-and the story, will never be the same-All the time it took to get it in place-Now it's not your book cause you've been erased-When the binding breaks-nothing will be the same...

But I read you-keeping safe inside our hopes and dreams-I read you-cause we somehow knew all the same things-and I treasured you for all you tried to do.

But when the binding breaks out of anger and hate-when the binding breaks, do they see their mistakes-Propaganda thick-is it too thick, to thick to see through-When the binding breaks stories are rearranged-When the binding breaks different stories come through-Truth is all replaced by a fascist kind of power...

But I read you-and committed you to my memory-I read you-I will sing of you until they hear me-Because before we could read, we would sing.


So when the binding breaks-When they break our backs-when propaganda takes it won't destroy our path-The words of hope you gave, to me-words of hope that I, now sing-will save us from our suffering and help us find our path."

He spoke quietly, paused between thoughts, allowing consideration to fill in the empty spaces.  He inspired hope.  He believed in change.  He understood people need to come together, see their likenesses to quiet their fears so they can peacefully cooperate in building a world that accommodates all.  Soft spoken.  Self disciplined.  Non-reactive.  Thoughtful.  In contrast to rogue.  I had lived long enough to know that rogue  was not to be trusted, just reactionary and more often the equivalent of monkeys throwing poo at one another, while proactive was a finely tuned instrument, designed to deliver quality results and so, I never voted with more confidence in my actions as I did in that 2008 election.   This past week I prayed, “Please don't let them degrade, dismantle or erase what a good leader looks like, sounds like or the actions he would take in support of us.  "One nation.  Under God.  Indivisible.  With liberty and justice for all."  I prayed, “Please God, if you exist, Don't let the salesman break us down and sell us out, piece by piece.  Don't let him fire our forefathers and what they set up in trust to us.”     


David Bowie’s “Man Who Sold The World”

Binding:  binding definition 



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