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With love, the girl next door

I was teased by the man behind me at the grocery store today for how many bottles of Perrier I had in my cart.  I told him I stock up when they're on sale. We got to talking about mineral water and I told him about a place in Missouri, I had been to once, while touring an old Spa frequented by Marilyn Monroe. I told him how it was there, that I discovered there is a such thing as a bar that serves nothing but mineral water. He had never heard of such a thing and he was from Missouri. By this point, in the conversation, my cart was packed and my receipt was in hand. So before I gave it any thought, I ended the conversation with, “If we all don't watch ourselves and take care of our water supply, we might find water bars are the only place we'll be able to get a healthy glass of water”.  Ou, ouch, I felt a little guilty as I walked away that I left such a dooming thought with him, the cashier and the person bagging. I hate leaving conversations on low notes but I find that's happening more with me recently. I need to work on this, if I am to leave a legacy of love, peace and hope.

I love Perrier, it is my favorite mineral water! I call it fizzy as opposed to flat.  I still remember the first time, in Columbia Mall, as I sat down to eat a pasta salad I had ordered from Vie de France. Along side it, that cute little green bottle. I stuck my straw into that little Perrier bottle and had my very first mineral water experience!  This was not soda but it gave the same burning, thirst-quinching sensation soda gives, only without that drying, itchy feeling, I get from soda. Instead, it was purely, satisfying and I was an immediate fan! These days, if I drink Perrier straight from the bottle, I drink it from a metal straw or with no straw at all.  Mostly, I get the big glass bottles and drink it in small doses, out of a glass. Mmmm and sometimes with a slice of fruit or some ginger syrup I make.

While I hated to leave the grocery store today with such a dark warning, I have seen with my own eyes what unhealthy water does.  In June, we thought it would be fun to take our dog to a dog beach. Only, when we got there, I had to pull her away from a dead fish and then another dead fish and another, which lead me to look around and notice there were many dead fish down the shoreline. I had been cautioned years ago when I came to visit Florida about a thing called red tide. I have an overactive immune system and someone mentioned, out of concern for me, to be careful because some people have allergic reactions to red tide.  If I understand correctly, in the more recent past the red tide would be here for a few months and then would be gone. Now it's here for longer and longer periods of time. It kills all sorts of aquatic life. It can bring on asthma attacks in some people. It seems there is a connection between the algae in Lake Okeechobee and our lingering red tide situation.  Something about how the algae breaks down into something (I think nitrogen) when it hits the salt water, that provides nourishment for the red tide. Anyway, I'm trying to educate myself on this, as well as other things that are unhealthy to our planet and I'd like to encourage you to do the same. We are in this together not to-get-her or him or them. So we just need to come together, with, or in search of solutions.

I know people think I'm a little woo woo out there sometimes because I'm a romantic and an imaginative one at that but I'm also very much a realist, a person who holds the facts in high regard. I believe in being proactive.  Which is why I find it deflating when I'm guilty of taking a moment and downgrading it, like the one in the grocery store today. Hope is a medicine I don't want to defeat. I realize, I have been confronted with things disturbingly real and at times, I feel I'm not fit for human consumption as I fear I'm contagious of things that would defeat hope and the energy it brings to create solutions and this, at a time when I know, I know, I know, we all need to come together. If I could perform Spock's Vulcan mind meld, on people I would, so they would understand what I understand. I don't want to judge. I don't want to preach. So, I guess the best I can do is ask "What kind of world do you want to live in? How long do you want your loved ones to live? Yourself? What quality of life do you want for them and yourself? How do you assure this will be so? Are you willing to make it so?"

I recently sunk a small fortune into something called Dynasteam.  I don't want to use something that may cost me, a loved one, anyone else or other creatures, their health, life or extinction. So in lieu of dubious weed killers, I am really hoping my weed steamer is up to the challenge of removing the weeds from my gardens. I used the Dynasteam on one garden last week and it worked, mostly. There are some weeds that look untouched, so I will be going back over them (perhaps it was user error), as well as expanding treatment to the rest of my gardens. Fingers crossed!! I'm hoping for a planet healthy tool that I can educate others about while lending mine (they are crazy expensive) to neighbors and friends, so we can all take a step in a healthier direction. (Did I ever mention the idea that I believe Libraries should lend out tools, toys and other material goods so we can help out our community members, cut down on discarding items to the dump and cut the energy and money it takes to create so many non organic items?)  I believe if each of us would just research one thing and work on finding a solution we can share with those around us, we have the ability to find healthy solutions to all of our problems. As for me, I won't stop searching! I have a legacy to leave, one of love, peace and hope.

Here's a song I have been working on for years. It has had many incarnations but I think I just might settle on this one. I call it "The Girl Next Door" and this last re-write took place two days ago.


"Life can steal a moment from you

before you know you've been hit

Strip you of sacred possessions

and all while you're still just a kid

They say the one without sin

should throw the first stone

I'm not trying to condemn

just trying to find my way home

Didn't mean to be the one

bound to let you down

Cast within a role

a scapegoat to be found

Then you ask me

who do I think I am

So I'll try to say it in a way

I think you'll understand

I’m just the girl next door

The one they ignore

The one they never pay attention to

Unless they're calling me weird or insincere

but I don't dare take my eyes off of you

cuz I know what life can do.

People say that I should take

this path laid out for me

I keep trying to explain

I'm not the girl they peg me to be

They think I'm entitled

my eyes are focused on you

They just see me dancing

magicians use distractions too


I'm just the girl next door

The one they ignore

The one they never pay attention to

Unless they're calling me weird or insincere

But I don't dare take my eyes off of you

cuz I know what life can do.

A lifeguard scans the horizon making sure that no one drowns

The girl next door gets put down for no ambition to leave town

I never chose where I chose to stay to be a failure at anything

I'm just a girl standing in front of you begging you to see me

love me, can't you see

why I chose to be

The Girl Next Door

The one they ignore

The one they never pay attention to

unless they're calling me weird or insincere

but my eyes, my eyes won't leave you

cuz I know, I know, I know what life can do.



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