Kristina Furey

Entry X of "The List"



Jenny walks in and throws the Tattler magazine down.  Her pictures on it with a headline that reads, “Jenny Matisse Writes Tell All Book.  (Page 3), See her handwritten notes.  Jenny slumps down and cries.  Jenny opens to page three and glances at it. 

JENNY:   Who?  How?  Uh, Brandon!  (She runs over and checks the answering machine.)

ANSWERING MACHINE:  There are no new messages.

Jenny takes a deep breath and slowly exhales.

She picks up the phone and dials.

JENNY:    Please, please pick up.  Brandon?

BRANDON:  (A quiet voiceover, coming from Jenny’s phone.)  I have nothing to say to you.

JENNY:  No please, please let me explain.

BRANDON:  (A quiet voiceover, coming from Jenny’s phone.)   You don’t have to explain.  I saw you with Juliette last night.

JENNY:  But no, it’s not what you…  (She slowly lowers the phone from her ear.)  think.  (She looks at it and cries.  She puts the phone down on the counter and starts to walk away but returns and picks it up again.  She dials.)

BRANDON’S ANSWERING MACHINE:   (A quiet voiceover can be heard through Jenny’s phone.)  Please leave a message.

JENNY:  Brandon, please pick up!  I love you!  I would never do anything to hurt you.  Please believe me.  I was going to leave before, because of the Tattler, remember.  They twisted everything!  Yes, I wrote it, but it was personal.  I never meant for…  Uh, that’s it!  Sophie must have grabbed it out of my pocket last night.  (She pulls the phone away from her ear and there is the light sound of a dial tone.  She hangs up.  She redials and then puts the phone down in defeat.)


*The following sequence is backed by MOBY’S SONG, “PORCELIAN.  It’s almost like a slide show that changes with each note that is played on the synthesizer.  Each progressive picture begins, inside of the blurred impression, left behind by the previous picture. 


Jenny is on the phone. 

One image of her on the phone fades into another.


Jenny is on a phone with a cord, sitting on the bed.  This scene fades into her sitting on the floor tangled up in the cord, phone to her ear.)


Jenny has her suitcases.  Scenes of her walking down the stairs fade into each other.

*Now scenes are compressed (time lapse) action that halts briefly on the last image of each scene.


A taxi is coming down Rebecca’s street.  The taxi is stopped in front of Rebecca’s house.

Jenny is in the same outfit she wore when she arrived, is walking from the front door to the taxi.  The taxi door is shut.)

The for-sale sign is pulled out and taken away.  This ends with a close up on the house.

Movers come.  The new owner admires the house from the front lawn.


Jenny is in the taxi crying.  She pays the driver.


Jenny checks her baggage.  She sits waiting to board.


Jenny is boarding the plane.  Jenny is sitting in her seat.

*This ends the time- compressed sequence.  The next scene is played normally.


The plane is taking off.

*This next sequence is a repeat of earlier scenes, only played backwards.


The scene of Brandon and Jenny on the bed where he takes her shirt off plays.  So now, the shirt is being buttoned.


The scene of Jenny in Brandon’s car, tracing raindrops on the window.  Only now it is played backwards, so that the raindrops are going up the window. 


The scene where she throws the last Tattler magazine on the kitchen counter.  So now, the magazine goes from the counter to her hand.

*We are leaving the backwards sequence in the following scene.


Brandon, in the car talking about his life since Vicky died.  This scene starts like it’s being rewound on a video machine, with quick lines running through it.  Then it’s stopped played forward and then backwards again and then forward.

*From this point on everything moves forward again.


The scene of Jenny’s last phone call with Brandon.


Jenny, blowing up at her Dad in the restaurant. 


Jenny on the sidewalk after blowing up at her dad, slumping down against the wall by the phone.


Jenny slumping down against Rebecca’s front door, after Sophie reads the Eulogy.


Jenny slumping down against the hotel bathroom, the first time she met Juliette.  This scene repeats two more times.


She walks into her dark apartment.


Flashback the first time she walked into Rebecca’s house.


Flashback, Jenny rolling the pill container.


New scene.  Jenny is wearing the same outfit, so that the earlier scene of Jenny rolling the pill container flows into this new scene.  This time she lets the pill container go and it rolls off of the table, in slow motion, and onto the floor. 

The lid pops off and the pills spill out onto the floor.

She dumps the pills down the sink.

She opens a journal and starts writing in the middle of the first page.  THE LIST, by Jenny Matisse.


Brandon pulls the screenplay, THE LIST, out of the envelope.


A movie theater marquee is being changed.

*The song should end with this.

The loud ring of a phone can be heard.

The camera zooms out from the marquee and it is now realized the marquee changing was being viewed from the window in Jenny’s new apartment.

Jenny has been staring out her apartment window.  The marquee is seen from her point of view.  The camera pans to show her point of view as she walks away from the window to answer the phone. 


A different camera angle shows Jenny answering the phone.

JENNY:  Hello?

BRANDON:  Hello Jenny.

Jenny drops onto the couch.

BRANDON:  It’s me, Brandon.

Jenny nods her head slightly.

BRANDON:  I got the screenplay you sent.  It’s good, it’s really…  I’m sorry, I’ve messed up terribly.  (pause)  Are you there?

JENNY:  (crying)  Um hmm.

BRANDON:  You were right.

JENNY:  Right?

BRANDON:  About hurting each other without the intention, it’s inevitable.  (pause)  It hurt when Vicky died.  I felt so angry with God and so focused on her absence that I forgot how beautiful and inviting her smile was.  I forgot what a free spirit she was and how her eyes sparkled when she laughed.  It wasn’t until Rebecca’s funeral when you spoke about being able to see the meaning of life in Rebecca’s life and how it was a gift and you were willing to accept the sadness that comes along with it, that I was able to remember.   Your words reminded me and when I, when I saw you save that turtle, you made me want to fall in love again.  You make me laugh and want to reach out and touch you and be touched by you.  You heal me.  The pain of love and life is inevitable but when you’re by my side it loses its power.  Are you still there?

JENNY:  Um hmm.

BRANDON:  I can understand if you don’t ever want to see me again.

JENNY:  No, I love you!

There’s a knock at the door.

JENNY:  Don’t… just stay, don’t hang up, there’s someone at the door.

Jenny opens the door.

There’s a turtle walking down the hall.

Jenny looks up and down the otherwise deserted hallway and laughs.

Brandon walks around the corner with a copy of the list in one hand and his cell phone in the other.

BRANDON:  I was hoping you’d accept my apology.

Jenny runs to Brandon, hugs him and kisses him.

BRANDON:  (breaking the embrace) Wait, wait, wa-it.  There will be plenty of time for that.  Oh, well, maybe just one more.

They kiss

BRANDON:  Now about your screenplay, I was thinking, it’s great that she writes the screenplay.

JENNY:  Um hmm.

BRANDON:  But your audience is going to want to see her get the guy in the end as well and he needs to grovel and tell her everything she means to him.  You know, maybe he should even bring the turtle.

JENNY:  Yeah, I like those ideas.


This scene shrinks down in the middle of the screen to accommodate the ending credits.  As many of the actors from the movie as time allows, are getting out of their cars and or walking down the red carpet while their names flash along side of them in the credits as Brandon and Jenny continue to plan the ending of, The List.  Brandon, Jenny and Dr. Wells are excluded.

BRANDON:  (voiceover)  And I’m thinking you should throw in some alleluias.  Start the credits rolling and occasionally even some bloopers can pop up on the screen.

JENNY:  (voice over)  No, no, I got it!  All the actors can be walking down the red carpet with their names being displayed during the credits and then…

The credits continue to run with actors walking down the red carpet and their names being displayed and then it’s broken by the next scene. 



The camera pans over to Juliette Carter who is ending an interview with one of the actors.

JULIETTE:  And here comes my good friend and one of America’s favorite leading men.

The name of the actors playing Jenny, Brandon and Juliette flash in the credits.

Jenny and Brandon walk up together.

Jenny is very pregnant.

JULIETTE:  Jenny, congratulations on your nomination for best screenwriter and Brandon you were very believable playing yourself in, “The List.”

JENNY:  Thank you.

JULIETTE:   It’s a fairytale story that could only come true in Hollywood.  (Juliette looks at Jenny’s pregnant belly and then back at Jenny and Brandon’s faces.)  And I see your coming attraction.

Jenny’s hand goes to her belly.

JULIETTE:  So when is that joint project scheduled to be released?

BRANDON:  (Putting his hand on Jenny’s belly.)  It could possibly upstage us all tonight.

JULIETTE:  Well, good luck!


More actors walk down the carpet with credits, and then another scene breaks in.


PRESENTER:  And the award for Best Screenplay goes to…

The name of the actor playing the presenter flashes in the credits. 

PRESENTER:  (opens the envelope)  Jenny Deveraux, for, “The List.”


The remainders of the actors walk down the red carpet with the exclusion of Dr. Wells.



JENNY:  Wow, whoever said life doesn’t come with an instruction book?  (pause)  And thank you Rebecca for leaving me yours.  I wouldn’t be here without it.  Excuse me a moment, Hey Hon., can you check off number three on that list I have in my purse.  Thanks!  That’s ten for ten.  Pretty much covers it.  I want to thank my husband for being such a nice guy and putting up with all my craziness.  Okay,  (She speeds up.)  and I want to thank  (She lists the Director, Producer, the Screenwriter, etc.  She holds up the award.)  Believe in your dreams!  Write them down and follow where they lead you.  Thank you!

Jenny is escorted off stage.


Dr. Wells is in the audience sitting next to some celebrity like *Winona Ryder or *Robert Downey Jr. (*Note this was written in 2003, so substitute some current celebrity, in need of help managing their  ¼ life or midlife crises.) 

DR. WELLS:  Are you?  I’m Jenny’s therapist.  (She hands them her card.)  Call me.

The song, “WISH” by NAKED BLUE begins. (SERIOUSLY,  IF YOU HAVEN’T YET HEARD THIS SONG, DO IT!!!  IT WAS A HUGE PART OF MY INSPIRATION TO WRITE THIS.  The whole song plays while the rest of the credits roll and the turtle slowly makes its way down the red carpet.  (YES, the turtle!  You didn’t think we would forget the turtle do you???)  Turtle’s name pops up at some point and a disclaimer about how no turtles came to harm during the filming of The List.


                       THE END


Entry IX of "The List"



Camera pulls back from Jenny’s eyes to reveal scenery change to Restaurant/Bar.

Jenny opens her eyes.  She is in a bar/restaurant, looking at Brandon.

There is a stage with a band on it.

An announcer is talking into a microphone.

BRANDON:  You ready?

JENNY:  I can do this.

ANNOUNCER:  Jenny Matisse!

JENNY:  Here goes!  (Jenny walks up to the microphone.)  I feel so honored to be here tonight and to be able to contribute to something so powerfully positive.  This song is dedicated to my father.  I wish he could be here tonight and my mother too.

She sings.  “We Can’t Deny,” by KRISTINA FUREY

JENNY:  We can’t deny what’s happening here.  You’re getting older and I’m getting older.  I see the lines etched on your face, a map to the past, reminder of yesterday.  A time when you couldn’t love me, the way that I needed, I thought you only loved me when I pleased you and now we push that pain aside, what good is pain, once we’ve learned the lessons it teaches.  And I can’t deny when I look in your face the love that I feel, the love that you’ve given me.  Please, won’t you give me your hand, I’ll help you stand.  I can be strong now that you’re not and you, you can be strong for me, give your hand to me and it will give us the courage we both seek.  We can’t deny, what’s happening here.  What’s happening here.  What’s happening.

The song ends

The crowd applauds.

Jenny walks off stage and people surround her.

Jenny looks over at Brandon and he smiles at her.

Elsa makes her way through the group with a drink in each hand.

ELSA:  That was just lovely dear!  (She hands Jenny one of the drinks.)  You save turtles; you sing like a turtledove and you simply must write us a turtle theme song.

Juliette approaches them.

Juliette:  (hugging Jenny)  You did great!

Brandon is staring at Jenny with a troubled expression.

JENNY:  (to Juliette)  Thank you!  (to Elsa)  Hmm?  I guess I could.  (To both Juliette and Elsa) Excuse me.

Jenny walks over to Brandon, who still looks disturbed.

BRANDON:  You know Juliette Carter.

JENNY:   (On a natural high)  Um, hmm.  So what do you think?  (She wraps her arms around his neck and kisses him.)

BRANDON:  Well, I’ve got to go.  I uh, I’ve got something I need to do.

JENNY:  (She whispers in his ear.) I love you. 

Brandon breaks the embrace and leaves.

JENNY:  (Calls after him with a confused look on her face.)  See you tomorrow!  (She tilts her head, puts her drink down and then starts after him.)

The announcer cuts her off.

ANNOUNCER:  Hey, I just wanted to introduce you to some of our benefactors.  You got a minute?

JENNY:  (Glances again at the door.  She looks worried.  Then she looks back at the announcer and smiles.)  Sure.



JENNY:  (Shaking a ladies hand.)  Yes, it was good to meet you too.

ANNOUNCER:   Well, I guess I’ll see you next week in the studio.

JENNY:  Next week then.

Juliette comes over to Jenny.

JULIETTE:  You never mentioned that you sing!  Here.  (She hands Jenny a drink.)  Cheers to the luckiest girl in the world!  (She holds up her drink and taps it to Jenny’s.)

JENNY:  So what are you doing here?

JULIETTE:  I came to hear you sing.

JENNY:  How did you?

JULIETTE:  I’m a reporter.  It’s my job to know what goes on around this town.

JENNY:  Are you the one that’s been coming up with those stories in the Tattler?

JULIETTE:  Oh, honey, no!  I thought maybe you had an agent drumming up all that for publicity.

JENNY:  So you haven’t…

JULIETTE:  No, no!  So where’s Brandon?

JENNY:  Oh, he had something to do.

JULIETTE:  Well my friends and I are hanging out in the corner over there.  You want to join us?

JENNY:  Thanks, I’ll head over in a few minutes.

Jenny heads over to Elsa.

Elsa appears to be having a good time flirting with the bartender.



Jenny is hanging out with Juliette and her group.

They are laughing.

JENNY:  Yeah, Juliette has this way of always being there when I need her.

Jenny looks up and sees Sophie heading her way.

Sophie waves at Jenny.

JULIETTE:   Well, when your music takes off and you’re famous, don’t forget me.  I expect first dibs on your interviews.

JENNY:  Excuse me I need to hit the bathroom.  Juliette, care to come along?  (Jenny’s raincoat is on her chair.  She picks it up.)

JULIETTE:  No babe, you’re on your own.  I think I’ll sit this one out.

SOPHIE:  I’ll go with you.

JENNY:  Oh,  (She rolls her eyes.) Okay.



Jenny and Sophie each walk into a stall.

SOPHIE:  (Walks back out.)  It looks like someone’s been sick in there!

JENNY:  (from inside stall.)  You know, I realize they’ve done away with the coat hooks to cut down on crime but what do we do with our coats now?

SOPHIE:  Here, I’ll hold it for you.

JENNY:  Thanks.  (Jenny passes the coat over the stall.)

SOPHIE:  (She notices a piece of folded paper slipping out of Jenny’s coat pocket.  She grabs it along with the coat.  She opens the paper to reveal the list.  She stares at it a moment.  She gets a sardonic grin on her face and puts it in her own pocket.)  So where’s Brandon?  You still seeing him?

JENNY:  Uh huh, he had something to do.

SOPHIE:  So he’s not going to get to see you sing?

JENNY:  No, I already sang and he was here.

SOPHIE:  So where’d he go?

JENNY:  I don’t know.  (She opens the door.)  He didn’t say.

SOPHIE:  That doesn’t bother you?  He is quite a ladies man.

JENNY:  I trust him.

Sophie heads into the stall.

Jenny holds the door for Sophie.

SOPHIE:  I guess you trust Juliette too.  Just don’t be surprised when you end up in the Tattler tomorrow and I’d be cautious if she offers you a drink.  Did you ever find out who’s been leaking things to the press?

JENNY:  No, but Juliette said it wasn’t her and I believe her.

SOPHIE:  You don’t.  (pause)  No…  (She opens the door.)

Jenny washes her hands.

SOPHIE:  You know Brandon’s popularity plummeted a bit after Vicky’s death.  (She washes her hands.)  I mean at first it sky rocketed but prior to your involvement with him…  Well, it’s been like a Cinderella story and women everywhere are vicariously living through you.  What’s the chances he and his publicity agent are behind it?

JENNY:  (looking from side to side)  That’s crazy!

SOPHIE:  Is it?  They could be meeting right now, discussing their strategy.

JENNY:  Sophie, I’ve had about enough of you!  You’re just, you’re just, a mean person!  I honestly can’t believe Rebecca ever had anything to do with you!

SOPHIE:  What do you know about Rebecca?

Juliette opens the bathroom door and looks from Sophie to Jenny.

JENNY:  (Sees Juilette) I’m not gonna go there.

Jenny walks out.

Juliette looks at Sophie and shuts the door.

Sophie looks around the empty bathroom, pulls out the list and smiles.



JULIETTE:  (to Jenny)  Are you okay?  What happened in there?

JENNY:  You know, I need to go.

JULIETTE:  Are you sure?

JENNY:  Uh huh.

JULIETTE:  Well hold on a minute.  (She pulls her card out of her purse.)  Call me later and let me know how you are.

Jenny takes the card, looks at Juliette, says nothing and leaves.



Jenny comes in and checks the answering machine.  There is no blinking light and yet she presses the button anyway.

ANSWERING MACHINE:  You have no new messages.

Jenny picks up the phone and dials.

JENNY:  Pick up.  Pick up.  (pause)  Hi Brandon, it’s Jenny.  Give me a call when you get in.  (She hangs up.)  Oh Brandon.  Please, not you.



Jenny is asleep on the couch.  Her hand is resting on her stomach.  She has the phone in that hand.  Her eyes open.  She looks around and then sits up with the phone in her hand.  She dials the phone and then hangs up.

JENNY:  Where is he?  (She looks at her watch it is nine in the morning.  She takes a deep breath, sighs and gets up off the couch.)  Everything’s okay.  I just need to get out and get my mind off of last night.  Coffee!




Jenny is driving and singing along with the radio. 

The song ends.

D.J. JACK:  (voiceover)  And now it’s time for celebrity dirt, dirt, dirt.  (The dirt has an echo effect on it.) Okay Kelly, give us the dirt.

D.J. KELLY:  (voiceover)  Well Jack, it seems Jenny Matisse, Brandon Deveraux’s new squeeze…

Jenny slams on the breaks.

D.J. KELLY:  (voiceover)  is putting a squeeze of her own on Hollywood with a tell all book.

JENNY:  What?

Cars are swerving around Jenny, honking their horns, rolling down their windows and screaming obscenities at Jenny.

D.J. JACK:  (voiceover)  You see, I told you she was a social climber but what would she have to say that anyone would want to hear?

Jenny glances around, slumps down and peers over the steering wheel.

D.J. KELLY:  (voiceover)  Well, let me read you what I’ve got here in front of me.  This is straight from the Tattler.

JENNY:  (Looking around like a ton of bricks could fall on her at any moment.)  Oh my gosh!  What now?  (Jenny pulls into a parking lot.)

D.J. KELLY:  (voiceover) “The Tattler has brought you every chapter of the Jenny Matisse, Cinderella story, all the while not realizing that the story run by the Tattler was only a chapter in the tell all book Jenny herself is writing.”

JENNY:  What book are they talking…

D.J. KELLY:  (voiceover)  “A story that could only be written in Hollywood, about an all American girl, who masked as a grieving friend, came to Hollywood with her own agenda.  According to her note, once in Hollywood, Jenny would support a cause that would land her on Hollywood’s, A LIST, where she would start her own singing career?”  Hey Jack, look at this picture of her singing.

D.J. JACK:  (voiceover)  Oh great!  She thinks she’s a Diva now.

D.J. KELLY:  (voiceover)  Wait, okay, “Write a screenplay and win over a top celebrity.”

JENNY:  Why do they make up these lies?

D. J. KELLY:  (voiceover)  “All while using a celebrity magazine to skyrocket her to star status.  Our faces here at the Tattler are red.”

D.J. JACK:  (voiceover)  As it should be.

D. J. KELLY:  (voiceover)  “And many top celebrities, who have been taken in by her act, will be seeing red when her tell all book is released.”

JENNY:  Why do they think there’s a book?

D. J. KELLY:  (voiceover)  “We have tried to reach many of her celebrity contacts including Brandon Deveraux.

JENNY:  Oh my gosh!

D. J. KELLY:  (voiceover)  “But no one seems to want to comment.”

JENNY:  Oh please don’t believe this Brandon.

D. J. KELLY:  (voiceover)  “We are guessing once they see her list of notes, a Tattler exclusive that even the celebrities haven’t seen yet, they just might have something to say.  So here it is folks, untouched, in Jenny’s own handwriting.  Continued on page 5”

D.J. JACK:  (voiceover)  Come on, turn the page.

D. J. KELLY:  (voiceover)  Look, it’s labeled.  “By the time I’m forty, I will.”  See Jack, they’ve copied the list.  I guess this is her handwriting.

D.J. JACK:  (voiceover)  And look how inconsistent that is.  Well, hopefully, no one will buy her book and she’ll just go away.

D. J. KELLY:  (voiceover)  I think she’s hanging herself with this one Jack.  Call in and tell us what you think?  Would you buy this book?




Entry VIII of "The List"



Brandon starts the car and backs out.  Jenny is fidgeting.

JENNY:  How did you know I was here?

BRANDON:  Bridget told me you were taking flying lessons.  So I called some of the airports and the secretary here told me, not only do you take lessons here but that you were here now.  I drove right over.  I thought you were taking sailing lessons?

JENNY:  I’ve been doing that too.

BRANDON:  So what’s going on?  I feel like you’re avoiding me and if that’s the case, I’ll turn around right now and drop you off at the airport and never bother you again.

JENNY:  No!  It’s not that.

BRANDON:  Well, what is it Jenny?

JENNY:  Have you read what they’ve been saying about me in the press?

BRANDON:  I thought you were past that!

JENNY:  It’s not right for me to come into your life and turn it upside down!

BRANDON:  My life (He pulls the car over and looks at Jenny.)  My life has been so sterile and monotonous and lonely since Vicky died.  I want someone to shake things up and turn my life upside down.  I don’t want to feel like I’m not allowed to go on living.  Many times I wondered if I could.  Then you show up with all this passion for life, saving turtles, singing in the shower and getting excited over something like the way clothes smell. 

JENNY:  (quietly)  I don’t want to hurt you.

BRANDON:  What!  And walking away is gonna, not hurt me?  You make me feel alive.  Good, bad, it’s better than numb.  Life is pain and suffering as much as it is falling in love and being loved.  You reminded me it’s about taking chances, being passionate and living in the moment.  If you feel about me the way I feel about you, then you’ll be hurting both of us if you walk away. 

JENNY:  I don’t want to hurt anymore!

BRANDON:  What do you want?

JENNY:  I want to feel alive.  I want you to feel alive.

BRANDON:  Then let’s take a chance, see what happens.

JENNY:  Well what do you want?

BRANDON:  What do all guys want?  (He stares intently at her.)

JENNY:  (Looks around)  You mean?

BRANDON:  Well, I know the Tattler has me having all sorts of relations with all sorts of types but the only one I’ve really been seeing on an intimate level lately is the cold shower.

JENNY:  Here?

BRANDON:  Now that would make an interesting cover story.  (He starts the car and pulls back onto the road.)

JENNY:  You know, those magazines are definitely lying when they paint you as the smooth player type.  You need some new seduction lines.

BRANDON:  What can I say, without my writers, I sound like every desperate guy that just wants to get laid.  Does this mean I’ve blown it?

JENNY:  Um, (She starts laughing)  Your choice of words? 

BRANDON:  You know what?  I’m gonna shut my mouth now and just drive you to my house.  That way, maybe you’ll be so impressed you’ve just got to have me, or you’ll pity me and throw me a bone.

Jenny smiles.



They pull up to a gateway.

BRANDON:  We’re here!



The foyer is huge and luxurious.  Brandon and Jenny come through the front door laughing.  Jenny stops in the door and just gawks.

BRANDON:  This, is my home.

JENNY:  Oh my gosh!  (She looks around and takes it all in.)

BRANDON:  So, are you so impressed you just have to have me?

Jenny just shakes her head yes and looks at him.  He kisses her and they start to make out.

BRANDON:  Let me show you my bedroom.  (He pulls her by the hand to his bedroom, quickly)

JENNY:  (Awestruck)  Nice place you got here.

They enter Brandon’s room.  He shuts the door and kisses Jenny, pressing her back against the door.  He gently smoothes her hair down as he kisses her.

Jenny’s hands start to travel up his neck and into his hair messing it up.

Brandon spins Jenny around, picks her up and lays her on the bed.  He gently unbuttons and removes her top and pauses to fold it and put it neatly down.

Jenny rips at the buttons on Brandon’s shirt, removes it and throws it.

Brandon pulls the comforter out from underneath Jenny and then gets under the comforter with Jenny.  They disappear under the comforter.  Brandon gently drops Jenny’s bra and panties to the floor.  Brandon’s pants, underwear and socks go flying across the room in different directions.

NAKED BLUE “WISH” song just the beginning plays.

The camera pans around the room.  When it gets back to the bed the room is dark.  Time has passed.  It is night. Jenny’s clothes are neatly stacked near the bed.  Brandon’s are all over the place.  His underwear hangs from a ceiling fan.

Brandon and Jenny are cuddled in the bed together, laughing.

JENNY:  Well, it’s just that I think you’d enjoy yourself a little more if you weren’t so concerned with the neat thing.

BRANDON:  I’m a happy man.  I could not have enjoyed myself more.  (He circles his finger gently over her lips.)  And you?

JENNY:  Fully satisfied.  (She gently bites his finger.) I still can’t believe I’m here with you.  Did you really mean what you said in the car?

BRANDON:  What, do you think I was just trying to get you into bed?  I was trying but I meant every word I said.

JENNY:  You’re just.  You’re so nice.  I don’t think anybody has ever said such nice things to me in my whole life.

They kiss.

BRANDON:   I ah, drove by the house the other day and I noticed the, for sale sign is up.

JENNY:  Yeah, the realtor’s been bringing people by.

BRANDON:  Well, I was thinking  (pause)  Well, what if you moved in here?

JENNY:  (She looks around.) Um, I, ah.

BRANDON:  Well just consider it a minute.  What are your plans after the house sells?

JENNY:  Well, it’s just, I need to take baby steps.  My head is already spinning from everything that’s gone on the past few weeks.  Can we just not talk about this right now?

BRANDON:  Okay, you want to see the rest of the house?



Jenny and Brandon enter through the back door.

BRANDON:  You know you could still pack a bag and come stay with me tonight, just a trial?

JENNY:  No, I told you, if I rush into this, I’ll panic, second guess myself and ruin what we have.

BRANDON:  Jenny?

JENNY:  Look, I don’t want to get hurt and I don’t want to hurt you.  I know myself and relationships.  I’ve had eight failed relationships in ten years. You know, you can still run now.

BRANDON:  Jenny?

JENNY:  I’ll close my eyes.  You make a run for it.

Jenny closes her eyes and Brandon kisses her.  Jenny opens one eye to peek.

BRANDON:  Jenny, I’m not going anywhere.  I don’t want to hurt you and you don’t want to hurt me.  You told me yourself, “This feels right.”  (He kisses her forehead.) Trust yourself, trust me, I love you.

JENNY:  You don’t understand.  (She pulls back.)  It’s not the intention.  It’s just this awful, terrible inevitable, it just happens, okay.  (She turns away.)

Brandon stares at her.

JENNY:  There’s a message.  (She heads over to the answering machine and presses a button.)

ANSWERING MACHINE:  You have one message.

OLIVIA:  Jenny, it’s Mom.  Dad’s had a heart attack.  We’re at Holy Cross.  I can’t have my cell phone on in the hospital.  I’ll call you when I can.


JENNY:  I’ve gotta go!

BRANDON:  I’ll go with you.

KATE BUSH’S song, “THIS WOMAN’S WORK,” starts from the second verse.

Brandon is still hugging Jenny.

Jenny tears up and buries her face in Brandon’s chest.


Jenny and Brandon are sitting together in first class.                                    


Jenny’s around five.  Joe is running alongside her while she rides her bike.  She is riding very wobbly.


There is evidence of a bike crash.  Jenny’s crying and the bike is down on the ground.  Joe is kissing her forehead.

 Joe helps her up. 


Jenny sits with Brandon holding her hand on the plane. 


Jenny is hugging Brandon in the hall of the hospital and then enters Joe’s room alone. 


He is asleep.

She kisses his forehead.

She walks out of the room crying.


She walks into Brandon’s arms.  He hugs her and she sobs.

The song ends.



Jenny and Brandon are sitting, talking quietly.  Olivia walks in.

OLIVIA:  He’s awake now.

JENNY:  How does he seem?

OLIVIA:  Quiet.  Tired.  He’s awake.

BRANDON:  Go ahead.  I’ll keep your mom company.

Jenny walks out.



Jenny walks in slowly.  Joe is awake and watches her come in.

JENNY:  Hi Dad.  (pause)  I left as soon as I heard and got here as soon as I could.  (She walks over to him.  Stands by him and touches his hand.)

The nurse walks in.

NURSE:  How’s he doing?

JENNY:  Hard to tell.

NURSE:  Mr. Matisse, would you like me to get you something you can write with?

Joe slightly nods his head yes.

NURSE:  I’ll be right back.

JENNY:  You know Dad, if you missed me, you could of just called.  All this just to get me to come home.  I’m honored but…

Joe smiles

The nurse returns with a clipboard, paper and pen.

JENNY:  (Reaching for the clipboard and pen.)  Thanks.

The nurse exits.

JENNY:  I’m gonna hold onto this a minute.  (She walks back over to Joe and kisses him on the head.)  I love you Dad.  I’ve learned a lot in the past month.  I used to think that we don’t get along because you’re angry and bitter and controlling. 

He starts to tear up and she wipes his eyes.

JENNY:  No, no Dad!  You see, (pause) I realized I’ve been angry and bitter and controlling.  (She rushes this sentence.)  You’ve had this vision of a perfect daughter, and we both realize, I don’t fit it.  (She pauses and slows down a bit.)  I failed to fit it because it meant not doing what feels natural to me.  Failing was my attempt at control.  I’ve gotten good at failing.  So good that I started to believe I was a failure and somehow, I believed that you were responsible for it.  (pause)  Is your head spinning yet?  Mine is.  (Jenny is on a roll now and goes to her speed talking.)  So to make a long story short, I started believing I was incapable of making anything work and the last thing I wanted to do was attempt what I wanted and fail.  (She slows her pace down a bit.)  But I know better now.  Now I have the courage to face my fear of failure.  Funniest part is I’m no longer afraid.  (She speeds up again.)  There is no failure in doing what you enjoy doing, even when you’re doing it badly.  And you know, when we do things over and over again. We get good at it whether it’s a good thing or a bad thing.  (She pauses and slowly closes.)  I don’t want to be good at being angry.  I want to be good at being myself, and accepting people I care about just the way they are.  Okay, I’ve rattled on enough and I know it must be killing you,   (whispered)  Bad choice of words.  (She hands him the writing stuff.)  Your turn. 

He writes, “I love you.”

JENNY:  I love you too. (She sits down next to him and holds his hand.)



Brandon and Olivia are quietly talking.  Jenny enters.

BRANDON:   (looking up)  How did it go?

JENNY:  Good, the nurse brought him something to write on.  He can’t talk with the tube in.  Mom, I’m going back tomorrow. 

Brandon and Olivia both look surprised.

OLIVIA:  But you just got here.

JENNY:  I know but I didn’t get the chance to tell you about all the things I’ve been doing.  I told Dad about them, one in particular and he wants me to go do it.

OLIVIA:  Well, What is it?

JENNY:  It was a song contest I entered.  I won.

BRANDON:  A song contest?

JENNY:  “Songs with a positive note.”  Their mission is to promote positive change through music and every other year they create a CD, consisting of only songs with a positive message and then they go into inner city schools and some other places to distribute the free CDs.  I was one of sixteen winners.  There’s a party the night after tomorrow to honor the sponsors and volunteers who put it all together and next week, I go into a recording studio to record my song for the CD.  (pause)  I don’t get any money or anything.  I just get the satisfaction of knowing my song is out there and it could, maybe, change somebody’s life.  I wasn’t going to say anything until I found out how Dad was.

OLIVIA:  Jenny,  (She hugs her)  I wish we could be there for you.

JENNY:  I just hate leaving Dad in this condition.  (Jenny tears up and closes her eyes.)

The camera tightens in on her eyes.



Camera pulls back from Jenny’s eyes to reveal scenery change to Restaurant/Bar.



Entry VII of "The List"


The List (part VII)


Rebecca’s car pulls up.


Jenny enters and approaches a man, JIM, a pilot

JENNY:  Hi, I’m Jenny Matisse and I have a lesson with Jim.

JIM:  That would be me.  You’re late.

JENNY:  I’m sorry.  It’s just…

JIM:  The answer is, “it won’t happen again.”

JENNY:  (She pauses, smiles and confirms) It won’t.

JIM:  Good, then let’s jump right in.  We’ll fill out your paperwork and head out.

JENNY:  Okay.



They walk over to a Cessna 152.

JIM:  What we’re going to be flying here today is a Cessna 152.  Let’s get the checklist out.  (He opens the pilot’s door and gets out a list.)  Now what we need to do (pause) is make sure our plane is good to go.  You know, check the wings, prop, ruder, make sure there’s no water contamination in our fuel.  (He hands it to Jenny.)  Let’s get to work. 



Jenny is in the pilots seat.  Jim is in the co-pilot’s seat.

JIM:  Well little lady, we got dual ignition, you’ve told everyone you’re taking off, so let’s go.

JENNY:  So, I keep driving with my feet?

JIM:  Yep, full throttle!

JENNY:  Oh, my gosh!  I can’t believe I’m doing this!

JIM:  Now accelerate and pull back (pause) slowly.

JENNY:  Oh, my gosh!  I‘m doing it!  I’m doing it!  We’re flying!  We’re flying!

JIM:  Now, level it out a little.

JENNY:  This is so cool!  I can’t believe I’m flying.  I did this.  I took off.  I just, I mean, I knew, but I didn’t really know it would be so real!

JIM:  You did it.  Not bad for a first time.

JENNY:  I did it!  I did it.



Jenny enters through the back door and sees that the answering machine is blinking.  She plays the message.

MACHINE:  You have one message.

BRANDON:  Hi, it’s me, Brandon (pause) hope you’re feeling better.  (pause) I guess you’re off sailing.  Give me a call when you get back, 555-8792.


Jenny hits the delete button.

MACHINE:  Message deleted.

JENNY:  It’s for the best.  (She searches through the freezer, the refrigerator and the cabinets.)  I’m going grocery shopping!



Jenny enters with grocery bags.  She puts them down and checks the machine.

MACHINE:  You have two messages.

OLIVIA:  Jenny?  It’s Mom.  I saw you on T.V., well not you but your picture was on Hollywood Lives with Juliette Carter.  What’s going on with you?  Call me.



BRANDON:  Hey, Jenny (pause) Are you there?  It’s me Brandon.  Call me.

JENNY:  (She picks up the phone and dials.)  Hi Mom.  (pause)  Yeah, it’s pretty crazy here.  (pause)  Oh no, no, nothing like that.  Try not to believe anything you hear, see, or read.  I’m in the land of smoke and mirrors.  (pause)  I’m fine.  (pause)  Well actually, I’m gonna stay a little while.  (pause)  No.  It has nothing to do with Brandon Deraux.  (pause)  No, he’s great!  (pause)  Yes, I know he was voted sexiest man.  Hey, look Mom;  can we not talk about this?  (The doorbell rings.)  Uh Mom, there’s someone at the door.  I gotta go.  (She hangs up.  She crawls across the floor to the window.)


Brandon is knocking on the door.


Jenny is peeking out the window and then she ducks down and hides.


Brandon is gone but his car is still parked out front.

The phone rings…

Brandon walks back to the front door he’s on his cell phone.


The phone rings…

Jenny ducks down.

The doorbell rings…

The phone rings…

ANSWERING MACHINE:  Please leave a message.

BRANDON:  Hey, Jenny.  It’s me Brandon, at the front door.  Are you there?  Are you all right?  It’s just, well , the car is here?  Well, give me a call.



Brandon gets in his car and drives away. 


Jenny is sitting on the floor watching him drive away through the window and crying.  The phone rings three times.

ANSWERING MACHINE:  Please leave a message.

OLIVIA:  Jenny, it’s Mom!  Are you there?

Jenny grabs a pillow and hides under it.

OLIVIA:  Give me a call.


The phone rings again, three times.

JENNY:  Noooooo!  Go away!  (She throws a pillow towards the ktchen.)

ANSWERING MACHINE:  Please leave a message.

BRIDGET:  Hi, this is Bridget Thompson, from the Save the Turtles Foundation.

Jenny runs into the kitchen.


BRIDGET:  Just a reminder, the beach sweep is tomorrow. 

Jenny comes running in and diving for the phone.

BRIDGET:  For more information call 555-7125

Jenny picks up the phone too late.

JENNY:  (Calls back)  555-7125, Hi, it’s Jenny.  You just called.  I couldn’t get to the phone in time.  Okay, and how do I get there?



There is a crowd of people around Bridget Thompson and Jenny.  Bridget has a megaphone and is rallying the group.

BRIDGET THOMPSON:  If you don’t have a bag or gloves see Jack.  Jack, raise your hand.  (Jack is an Adonis in a bathing suit.)  Jack is going to be driving this vehicle to my left, with Susan.  Susan, raise your hand.  (Susan looks like she’s from the Swedish bikini team.)  When your bag is full of trash, place it in the vehicle and Susan will give you a ticket.  When you reach the end of our, “Beach Walk for Turtles” the lovely Elsa Vanderhoof will be waiting in a tent to sign autographs.  Anyone holding a ticket may redeem it for this lovely autographed and beautifully framed picture of Elsa with a personal message commemorating this, “Beach Walk for Turtles”.  Now, let’s put on our gloves, grab our bags and let’s walk for turtles!

CROWD:  Let’s walk for turtles!

The crowd disperses and people clean up trash as they walk down the beach.

Jenny heads off to look for trash and is approached by another woman, SUZANNE.

SUZANNE:  I love this, not cleaning up the trash but the possibility of running into some celebrities.  You know, you just never know who you’ll meet.  Are you in the business?

JENNY:  The business?

SUZANNE:  You know, do you act, produce, or write?

JENNY:  No, I’m just a secretary.

SUZANNE:  Oh, you look familiar.  I thought maybe we might have met at an audition or something?

JENNY:  Oh yeah, you know, small world huh, we’ve probably met before.  My name is  (pause)  Shelly  (pause)Shelly Stone.

SUZANNE:  Great name!  Is that your real name?

JENNY:  Um, ah, (She looks confused and mouths gibberish but nothing comes out of her mouth.)

SUZANNE:  Oh, of course it is, I’m sorry.  My real name is Maggie Stevens but I had it changed to Suzanne Hart.

JENNY:   You know, you look more like a Suzanne.

SUZANNE:  Yeah, well, before I had my teeth done and various (She shoves her chest out) other parts of my body done, I looked more like a Maggie Stevens.  It’s possible we met before I received the star treatment.  Oou!  Speaking of stars…  (She pushes her sunglasses down and stares over them.)  Isn’t that Brandon Deveraux?  Oh, he is such a honey.  Excuse me.  (She leaves running towards Brandon.)

JENNY:  Oh, by all means.

Jenny looks over and sees Brandon walking up the beach.

Suzanne approaches him.

Jenny joins a bunch of people trying to blend in.  She keeps peeking to see if Brandon has spotted her.

Brandon sees Jenny.

Jenny quickly looks away and then back.

Brandon starts heading in her direction.

JENNY:  (To the crowd of people.)  Hey, isn’t that Brandon Deveraux?


ANOTHER CROWD MEMBER:  It is!  Over there!



Jenny enters from outside.

The light is blinking on the answering machine.

 Jenny retrieves the message.

MACHINE:  You have one message.

BRANDON:  Jenny, Hi.  I saw you at the turtle walk today and I could have sworn you saw me?  Is there something going on?  Regardless, give me a call.





She’s running down the stairs.

She’s running down the stairs in a different outfit.


She opens the front door to the sun rising from the horizon to the sky.

She’s in a different outfit as she opens the front door to the sun rising from the horizon to the sky.


She opens a bar door.  There’s a sign that says, “Open mic night.”


She and the sailing instructor are preparing to sail.

The sun is rising.  She is on the dock staring out at the water.


She’s on the runway with Jim preparing for takeoff.


The spinnaker on the sailboat goes up.


The plane takes off.


She’s sailing.


She’s doing touch and goes in a plane.


She’s in a bar. 

Her fingers are tapping on the table in nervousness.

Open mic host calls her up. 

She approaches the microphone.

She leans in and puts her hand to her ear to hear better.

The host plays the guitar.

She grabs the microphone off of the stand and sings.

Audience claps.


She’s flying.

She wears a buttoned up blouse.


She’s landing

Jim is talking to her in the plane.

Jim steps out of the plane.

She sees Brandon leaning against the building watching her.

Jim is now outside the plane and Jenny is still inside.  He takes off his hat and bows waving her on.

She takes off, solo.

She’s in the air.

She lands and is greeted by Jim and the staff.  They cheer and cut out a hole in the back of Jenny’s shirt.

Brandon stays in the background.

Jenny sees him but is surrounded by the celebration.

The song ends.

JIM:  You did well.  (He has the piece of her shirt.)  We keep the sweaty part of the shirts to add to our wall of solos.

JENNY:  Thank you Jim.  (She shakes his hand and smiles.  Then she looks over at Brandon.)  I gotta go.

JIM:  Take care.

JENNY:  See yah!  (She walks over to Brandon.) Hi.


JENNY:  I guess you saw my big moment.

BRANDON:  You’ve been busy.  Is this why you haven’t returned my calls?

JENNY:  No.   (She looks down at her feet.)

BRANDON:  Then what Jenny, what’s changed?

JENNY:  Can we go somewhere?  Look, I , I, I, get paranoid when we’re together in public.

BRANDON:  Sure, where do you want to go?

JENNY:  I don’t know.  Anywhere, that we can be alone.

BRANDON:  Okay.  Let’s go.  (He motions to his car.)

They get in Brandon’s car.



Entry VI of The List



Jenny cautiously enters the ballroom and looks around.

There are tables set for lunch. 

There is a podium in the room with a banner behind it that reads, “Save The Turtles.”

A woman is making a beeline for Jenny.  It is BRIDGET THOMPSON.

BRIDGET:  Jenny! (She hugs Jenny and plants a kiss on her cheek.  Jenny stands motionless and speechless.)  I’m so glad you could make it.  Bridget Thompson, Elsa Vanderhoof’s,  secretary.  We spoke on the phone.  (She looks Jenny up and down.)  I see Tara did well by you.

JENNY:  Thank you.

BRIDGET:  (She looks Jenny over again, as if she’s perplexed.) So…


BRIDGET:  You saved a turtle.

JENNY:  I did.

BRIDGET:  Well Elsa wants to commend you and give you a Reptilitarian award.

Jenny mouths reptilitarian.

BRIDGET:  If you make an acceptance speech you’ll have to keep it down to a minute and a half. 

JENNY:  Speech?  I didn’t know I would need to make a speech.

BRIDGET:  Oh no, it’s not necessary that you make one but you could, if you wanted.  Just keep it down to a minute and a half.

JENNY:  How did you know I saved a turtle?

BRIDGET:  It was in the tattler.

JENNY:  The what, how did they find (pause) Oh, my!  Well so, you just believed what they said?

BRIDGET:  Um hmmm.

JENNY:  Everything?

BRIDGET:  Those Tattler reporters are better at spying and validating their information then our F.B.I. or C.I.A., put together.

ELSA:  Now what’s this about the C.I.A., is someone charging me with being a commie supporter again?  (She’s drinking a glass of wine.)

BRIDGET:  Oh, no ma’am.  We were just discussing the Tattler magazine.

ELSA:  Oh yes, juicy, aren’t you a naughty one.  Seducing Brandon Deveraux.  Rowl!  (She makes a cat snarl noise.) Come now, (to Bridget) How come her hand is empty?  (She snaps her fingers at a server.)  She needs a drink.

JENNY:  Uh, ah, no, that’s not, (A server comes over with a tray of drinks.  Jenny takes one.)  Thank you.  (She smiles politely.)

ELSA:  Cheers!  (She clinks her glass to Jenny’s.)  Well, drink, drink!

Jenny looks at Bridget Thompson.

Bridget Thompson stares back blankly at Jenny.

Jenny takes a drink.

ELSA:   (Clanking a huge diamond ring against her glass to get everyone’s attention.)  Everybody!  Shhh  (She holds her pointer finger to her lips and drops her voice.)  I want you all to meet my new friend and fellow Reptilitarian.  (She puts her arm around Jenny and whispers.)  What’s your name?

JENNY:  Jenny, Jenny Mattise.

ELSA:  Jenny Mattise!  Garcon, another round for my friends.



Elsa is standing at the podium.

ELSA:  And this month’s Reptilitarian award goes to, Jenny Matisse!

People applaud

Jenny steps up to the podium and microphone.

JENNY:  (tipsy)  Thank you, I’m so honored.  I mean, I feel , so honored to be here.  I’d like to thank you all.  Oh, wait, I already said that.  And I want to think, ah thank, thank, that cute little turtle.  I’d just like to kiss his cute little turtle nose.



Jenny’s speech is continuing

JENNY:  (Slumped over the podium.)  Turtles have feelings, just because they hide in those hard shells and (Jenny pauses a second and just stares.)

Bridget is waving, trying to get Jenny’s attention.

JENNY:  Aren’t we all like… Yes, hi, hi,  (She waves to Bridget.)  Oh, gosh!  How many minutes has it been?

Bridget puts up five fingers. 

JENNY:  (She puts up one finger, in a wait a minute gesture.)  I’ll get to your question in a minute but first;  Can anybody tell me where the bathroom is?



Jenny walks in and sees Juliette Carter washing up at the sink.

JENNY:  (Pointing to Juliette) You?  Do you live here?

JULIETTE:  Excuse me!  (Juliette turns around and recognizes Jenny.)  Oh, wait a minute, you’re Jenny.  You wash up good.  I didn’t recognize you.  So how are things going with Brandon?

JENNY:  Oh, Brandon!  (Jenny begins to cry.)  He is so great and the best kisser.  You know he told me he wants me to stay.  I mean he wants me to stay.  (She smiles)  I think I could love him.  He makes me feel like, like,   (She gets a sick look on her face.)  I’m gonna puke!  (She runs into a stall and throws up.)

Juliette walks in behind her and holds up her hair.

JULIETTE:  I think somebody had a little too much to drink.  How yah feel honey?

JENNY:  Better, I think I’m done now.  (She throws up again.)

JULIETTE:  I’ll get you a cold compress for your head.  (She grabs a paper towel and runs it under the faucet.)

Jenny comes out of the stall.

Juliette hands Jenny the cold compress, then dials a number on her phone.

JULIETTE:  Hi, yes, I need a cab.



Juliette gets Jenny into a cab and pays the driver.

JENNY:   Thank you again.  You’re like my guardian angel.

Juliette hands Jenny a plastic bag.

JENNY:  And the light bounces off of your shiny perfect hair like a halo.  (To the driver)  Hi, I need to get to this address.  (She fishes through her purse and pulls out a little piece of paper.)  This address.  (She hands it to the driver.  She sniffs and wrinkles her face up like something stinks.  She moves her nose around like she’s trying to figure out where the odor is coming from.  She mouths, “Smells like puke.”)



Jenny walks down the dock towards a sailboat with a SAILING INSTRUCTOR.

INSTRUCTOR:  Have you ever sailed before?

JENNY:  Yes, in a two-person boat at summer camp, when I was thirteen.

INSTRUCTOR:  Well, here we are.  We’ll be boarding on the port side.

They board

INSTRUCTOR:  That over there is the starboard side.

JENNY:  Okay, left side is port and right…

INSTRUCTOR:  No, it doesn’t work that way.  There is no left.

JENNY:  Excuse me, maybe we shouldn’t go out today.


JENNY:  I’m feeling kinda pukish.

INSTRUCTOR:  Oh, you’ll get over that.  That’s a typical feeling but we’re not even moving so you won’t get…

Jenny vomits over the starboard side of the boat.

INSTRUCTOR:  Well now, feel better?

JENNY:  Can I take a rain check?

INSTRUCTOR:  All right, but first tell me, what side of the boat did you upchuck on?

Jenny runs to get off the boat and ends up vomiting off of the port side as well.

JENNY:  Uh, that would be both sides?

INSTRUCTOR:  Good enough.



Jenny is asleep on the couch.

The phone rings.

Jenny looks around.

It rings again.

She runs to the kitchen to answer it.


JENNY:  (Picks up the phone.)  Hello?  Oh, hi Brandon.  (pause) I’m not sure.  I’m embarrassed to say it but I got drunk.  (pause)  Every time I turned around Elsa was making another toast or saying, “Garcon, Garcon, another drink for my friend.  With the way I feel, I’d hate to see how she’d treat her enemies.  (pause)  Yes,  (pause)  No, trust me;  I don’t plan on having another drink for a long time.  (pause)  Okay, bye.  (Jenny opens the refrigerator, and then grabs her stomach.)  Uh, maybe not.  (She goes and lies back down on the couch.) 



Jenny is sleeping on the couch.  Someone is knocking on the front door.  The doorbell rings. Jenny wakes up and looks around.  It rings again.  She gets up and heads towards the door.

JENNY:  Alright, alright, I’m coming!

There’s another knock.

Jenny answers it.

It is Sophie.

SOPHIE:  have you seen this?

Jenny’s picture is on the cover next to a picture of Brandon.

JENNY:  Oh my gosh!  (She looks past Sophie to see if anyone else is around or watching.)  Come in.

SOPHIE:  (Reading the caption under Jenny’s picture) “ Who is this party girl, Jenny Matisse?”  (She reads the caption under Brandon’s picture)  “And will she be the next Mrs.  Deveraux?”  (She hands the paper to Jenny.)  You got any coffee?  (She doesn’t wait for an answer;  she just heads back to the kitchen.)

JENNY:  Um, no, but, I don’t know, but, maybe I can find some and…

SOPHIE:  No, you read, I’ll take care of the coffee.

Jenny follows Sophie to the kitchen.  Sophie gets the coffee and starts making it.

JENNY:  Oh, so that’s where the coffee is.

SOPHIE:  Read!

JENNY:  “Well if she has her way, she will and a close source has told us Brandon has already asked her to stay close to his side.”  How do they know?  How do they?  (pause)  It’s like they read our minds or something?  (She peeks out the window, and then looks suspiciously at Sophie.)

SOPHIE:  Don’t look at me.  I warned you.

JENNY:  You what?

SOPHIE:  Why do you think I was so careful about the rules I gave you when you first got here?  I could size you up in two seconds and realize you can’t handle fame.  Anyone can see through your thin skin.  Even Rebecca told me you were too weak (pause)  only, she felt sorry for you.

JENNY:  What do you?  What are you talking about?  No, you’re lying!  You told me Rebecca never spoke of me, so which is it?

SOPHIE:  Some, most people, do not know how to handle fame.  You must know whom you are and what you want to accomplish and be committed to it, or you must be willing to give up who you are and become whatever the public wills.  You’ve opened Pandora’s box.  Read and you’ll see.  There is no putting the lid back on.  They’ve got a whole dossier on you.

JENNY:  “Jenny was spotted on Rodeo Drive, looking at wedding dresses.”  Oh my gosh if Brandon reads this… This is not true!

SOPHIE:  You know it’s just a matter of time.  Nice high school picture, by the way,  (whispered) page three. 

JENNY:  Oh my, it was artistic expression at the time.  (She reads)  Paul Barber, a high school what?  High maintenance diva?”  Ouu, as if.  I never dated him.  (pause)  And this one.  I don’t even know who she is, “Sarah Humphrey.  Stalker?”  (She starts to cry.)  How can I face anybody let alone Brandon?

SOPHIE:  There’s no making it go away.  Even worse, it won’t be long before they start comparing you to Vicky.

Jenny stares blankly at Sophie.

SOPHIE:  Victoria

Jenny tilts her head to the side and quizzically stares. 

SOPHIE:  Walton!

JENNY:  Well, wah, well why would they compare me to Brandon’s wife? 

SOPHIE:  It’s the nature of the beast.  They were such a power couple and well loved by the public. 

JENNY:  Maybe I, I shouldn’t see him anymore.  I, I don’t, He shouldn’t have to be judged in the media.  I’m not worth that! 

SOPHIE:  (She reaches in her purse and pulls out a ticket.)  I bought you a ticket.  (She waves the ticket.)  In case you want to go home.  (She walks towards Jenny with the ticket.)  I figured if you did you wouldn’t want to be spotted and harassed.  (She holds the ticket out to Jenny.)

JENNY:  Thank you.  (She takes the ticket and looks down at it.)

SOPHIE:  Coffee?  (She holds out a mug to Jenny.)

Jenny sniffs, looks up and nods her head yes.

Sophie hands her the coffee.

Jenny places the ticket and coffee down on the counter.  Grabs a napkin and dabs at her eyes and nose.  She closes the magazine and tries to hand it back to Sophie.

Sophie stares at jenny and makes no moves towards taking the magazine back.

JENNY:  (Looking down at the magazine.)  Did you want this back?

SOPHIE:  Are you done reading it?

JENNY:  (Jenny’s eyes dart up and make eye contact with Sophie and then go back to the magazine.)  I don’t need to read anymore.

SOPHIE:  You can keep it.

JENNY:  (With her eyes still on the magazine, she nods her head and closes her eyes.  She sniffs.  Her arm moves up and down twice with the magazine and she nods her head again.)  Well then, let me put it where it belongs.  (She drops it in the trash, and then picks up the ticket, which she laid next to the phone book.  She stares at the phone book a moment and then back at the ticket.)

Sophie is cleaning up the coffee stuff.

JENNY:  (Looks at the clock.)  I need to go.

SOPHIE:  You’ve got time.

JENNY:  No, there is no time!  (She grabs a sticky note stuck in the phone book.)

SOPHIE:  Okay, calm down, just a second.  Do you want to pack your stuff or should I…

JENNY:  Here!  (She hands back the ticket.)

SOPHIE:  What?

JENNY:  I don’t need it, I’m not going home!  (She walks towards the back door off the kitchen.)

SOPHIE:  That’s brave of you to stay but is it worth it?

JENNY:  (She stops at the door and pauses.)  I don’t know, I don’t know!  Is anything certain?

SOPHIE:  (monotone)  Taxes and death  (with more expression)  but how does…

JENNY:  (opens the door and stops in the doorway.)  Wait, something’s wrong.

SOPHIE:  What?

JENNY:  Where’s the car?  Ouu!  Elsa!  (She looks back at Sophie)  Look, could you give me a ride?  I think, I left the car at the hotel.

Sophie studies Jenny.

JENNY:  It’s a long story and one I’m sure you’d disapprove of, that is, if I could remember all of it to tell you.  But I do need a ride.





Entry V of The List



Jenny is laughing.

BRANDON:  So let me see that face again.  How did it go exactly?

JENNY:  What?  (Still laughing) We’ve already established that they don’t care what the truth is, so why not have some fun with it?

BRANDON:  Oh, I don’t care about that.  I just wanted to see that face again.


The chorus to HEATHER NOVA’S, “IF I SAW YOU IN A MOVIE,” is playing in the background.

Brandon’s car pulls up next to Rebecca’s car.  The doors open and Brandon and Jenny get out.

JENNY:  (Walks around the car to Brandon.)  Well, thank you.  (She looks up into his eyes.)  You’ve been my hero, thank you so much!

He opens his arms.

Jenny walks into Brandon’s arms and hugs him.

There’s a long pause.

Jenny pulls away, walks to the car unlocks the door and looks back at Brandon.

Jenny:  It’s good to know that nice guys still exist and not just in the movies.

Jenny gets in the car and starts it.

Brandon gets back in his car.

Jenny waves as she drives by.  She gets to the end of the dirt road and stops.  She rolls her window down.

Brandon drives up.  He stops and rolls down his window.

JENNY:  I’m lost.  You know, it just occurred to me that I followed everyone from the church and the directions I have were only to the church and…

BRANDON:  (in stitches)  Let me see your directions.  (He reaches over and she drops the directions in his car.)  Follow me.




Jenny waves goodbye to Brandon, shuts the door and then peeks through the window, to watch him drive away.  She sighs and walks into the kitchen.


She looks for a glass and fills it with water.  She notices a light blinking on the answering machine.  She pushes the button.

ANSWERING MACHINE:  You have four messages.

MS. NORTON:  Jenny, Hi, it’s me, Ms. Norton.  We were wondering, where you are and if you’re planning to show up?


ELSA VANDERHOOF:  Hello, Jenny darling, are you there?  Well she’s not picking up.  Jenny, It’s me, Elsa Vanderhoof.  I almost ran over you with my car yesterday.  I wanted to call you personally, on behalf of the “Save The Turtles Foundation,” to invite you to our luncheon.  She’s still not picking up.


BRIDGET THOMPSON:  (Elsa’s personal assistant)  This call is for Jenny Mattise, Jenny, please call the “Save The Turtles Foundation” at 555-7125.  Thank you.

There is a pen and notepad by the phone and Jenny takes the number down.


MS. NORTON:  Jenny, it’s me, Ms. Norton.  I’m heading home this morning.  Sophie will be contacting a real estate agent to put the house on the market.  Honey, you stay there as long as you need.  You can stay until it’s sold if you’d like.  Thank you so much for being there for me yesterday and all the sweet things you said about Rebecca.  You’ve always been like a member of our family.  I love you Jenny.  Take care and give me a call sometime.

ANSWERING MACHING:  Your messages have been deleted. 

JENNY:  (Picks up the phone and dials.)  Hi, this is Jenny Mattise.  I’m returning your call?  Thank you.  Sure.  (pause)  Yes.  (pause)  Uh, huh, and where is that?  (She writes down information.) Well thank you.  I’m honored.  Oh, hey, what do people wear to things like this?  (pause)  Where?  (pause)  And whom do I ask for?  (pause)  Okay… No, thank you!  Bye.  (She hangs up the phone.)  Oh my gosh!




As Jenny enters the SALESCLERK eyes her over.

SALESCLERK:  (Snotty)  May I help you?

JENNY:  Yes, is Tara here?

SALESCLERK:  (Softening a little)  She’s currently with a client.  You can wait, or perhaps, I could help you?

JENNY:  Oh, no, that’s okay, I’ll just wait.  (Her eyes dart around) Maybe I’ll just browse, while I wait.  (She notices all the clothes have triple digit price tags and up.)  You know, maybe I’ll, maybe I’ll just come back later.



Rebecca’s car pulls up.


Jenny is browsing outfits.

Two women are obviously staring at her and one points her finger at Jenny and whispers in the other woman’s ear. 

Jenny notices but looks away and continues browsing.

The women are following Jenny, from about one aisle away.

Occasionally, Jenny looks up and the women smile at her.

As Jenny’s going through the underwear rack the women come around the corner and almost collide with her.  Jenny tries to hide the underwear she’s holding.

OLDER WOMAN SHOPPER:  Is this you?  (She holds up the “Tattler” magazine.  In her other hand she has a pen.)

JENNY:  Well, um.

YOUNGER WOMAN SHOPPER:  See Mother, I told you it’s not her.

OLDER WOMAN SHOPPER:  She looks a lot like her.

YOUNGER WOMAN SHOPPER:  Come on Mom.  Leave the woman alone.

Jenny breathes a sigh.



Jenny enters from the back door with bags of clothes.  The phone is ringing.  She drops the bags and keys and runs for the phone.

JENNY:  Hello?  (pause)  Who is this?  Oh!  (She squeaks and quickly brings her hand up to her throat.)  Scuse me, I guess I got a little too emotional or something, there…  What can I say; it’s my first time being called by a handsome celebrity.  (pause)  Yeah, yeah, okay, play it modest.  You know, I’m glad you called.  I need some advice.  How does one conduct themselve’s at a “Save The Turtles” luncheon?  (pause)  No, I’m not kidding, Elsa Vanderhoof, herself, called to invite me.  (pause)  Oh, would you do that? Brandon, nice guy, hero to the rescue!  (pause)  Yeah, I kinda like the sound of it too.  (pause)  Oh, (She looks around.)  no, I’ve been keeping good track of them.  I’ve got them right  (pause) here?  Somewhere?  (Jenny looks the room over.  The camera zooms in on the key set sitting on the floor next to the bags.)  No, I was just kidding.  I haven’t lost them again.  (pause)  Oh, tonight?  No, I have no plans.  Well okay, sure!  See you then.  (She hangs up the phone.)  AAAAAH, Oh my gosh!  (She looks at the clock on the kitchen wall.)  Oh my gosh!  (She runs out of the kitchen down the hall towards the foyer.  She runs back into the kitchen and grabs the bags.)  Oh my gosh!  What am I gonna wear?




Jenny is walking down the stairs.  She checks herself out in the mirror.  She has the list in her hand.

She walks into the living room.



She sits on the couch and studies the list.

JENNY:  Hmmm.  (She gets up and walks into the kitchen)


JENNY:  (She puts a line in front of number one.  She puts her index finger at number two and moves it to number three.)  Okay.  (She moves her finger to number four.)  Yes.  (She checks it off and writes, “Try to do more legit magazine.”  She moves her finger to number five.)  And I can check this one off, later tonight.  I can do this.  I’ll finish the list  (pause)  For Rebecca.  (She searches the kitchen cabinets around the phone and answering machine.)  Okay, where is it?  (She continues to look.)  Bingo!  (She pulls the yellow pages out of the cabinet.  She opens it to the B section and then searches for boating lessons.)  Okay.

The doorbell rings.

JENNY:  (She jumps and looks at the clock.)  Just a minute!  (She jots down a boating school name and number.)  Coming!   (She runs to the front door and opens it.)  Hi, come in, come in.  I need to, ah,   (She turns and walks towards the kitchen stops and looks back over her shoulder.)  Grab my keys.

BRANDON:  Yes.  That would be wise.

JENNY:  (Grabs her keys and yells)  So, where are we going?

BRANDON:  Well there this Italian place I really like.

Jenny jumps, she is startled to see Brandon is right behind her.  She turns towards him and then slides the list, which is sitting out on the counter, under the phone book.  She continues to stand in front of the phone book, with her hands behind her back.

BRANDON:  What’s that?

JENNY:  What’s what?

BRANDON:  (Smiling smugly, as he walks to the side of Jenny and peeks over her shoulder.)  That?  (He picks up the piece of paper with the boating school information.)  You going sailing?

JENNY:  Oh, that!

BRANDON:  Are you planning on sailing away?  And just when I was getting to know you.

JENNY:  I was just thinking it would be a neat thing to learn.  You know anyone that sails?

BRANDON:  Well, I’ve sailed before.

JENNY:   Really?

BRANDON:  No, really I’m just trying to impress you.  (pause)  Yes, I’ve sailed.  When I was young…er.  When I was younger, I went out with my friend’s family for a summer.  We sailed around the Virgin Islands. 

JENNY:  Well I want you to tell me all about it on our way to dinner.  (Jenny takes Brandon’s arm and walks him out of the kitchen.  She darts one last glance over her shoulder at the phone book.)



JENNY:  Well thanks for the luncheon advice.

BRANDON:  So, I guess if you’re going to the luncheon and looking into sailing lessons here, you must be planning on staying a little longer.

JENNY:  Oh, that’s what I wanted to tell you!  Rebecca’s mom is putting the house on the market but says I can stay until it sells.  So, I’ll be here a while.

BRANDON:  And here I was going to try to convince you to stay.

JENNY:  You’re such a tease!

BRANDON:  No, really , that was going to be the point of dinner.  It’s been a long time since I’ve sincerely laughed and enjoyed myself but in the past twenty four hours, I’ve well, I feel like I’m alive again.  I um, (His eyes look away.) I’ve really missed   (pause)  this…

Jenny stares at Brandon in shock.

BRANDON:  Well, say something, if nothing else, stop me before I make an ass out of myself.

JENNY:  Oh, no, no, I’m, I’m just, I’m,  I’m (She pinches herself.  She pinches herself again.)  Um could you.  (She offers him her arm.)

Brandon cautiously pinches her.

JENNY:  Harder.

Brandon pinches her again.

JENNY:  No, real hard!

BRANDON:  (seriously) So, you’re into that kinky, pain stuff?

JENNY:  No, ouch!  MMM, well, maybe.  Do it again.

He reaches over again to pinch her.

JENNY:  No, no, I’m just kidding.  (She blocks with the other hand grabbing his and just holds his hand.)

They stare at each other.

Jenny looks away, stares down at the table, and glances over at their hands still entangled and then looks up at Brandon.

JENNY:  I’m glad you’re glad I’m staying.



Jenny and Brandon hold hands as Brandon walks Jenny to the front door. 

JENNY:  Well, goodnight.

BRANDON:  (Brushes Jenny’s hair back and kisses her.)  Goodnight.

Jenny reaches into her purse and grabs her keys.  She turns to open the front door and drops the keys.

Brandon picks up the keys.

Jenny puts her hand out for the keys.

Brandon holds them up high in the air and when Jenny reaches for them again, Brandon kisses her.

Jenny responds by wrapping her arms around the back of his neck and kisses him back.

JENNY:  Umm, this feels right.

They hold the embrace longer and then break the embrace. 

Brandon gives Jenny the keys.

JENNY:  (She opens the door and looks back at Brandon and begins to shut the door.) Goodnight.

He lingers not breaking eye contact.

Jenny lingers not breaking eye contact.  Then, she slowly closes the door.





Entry IV of The List



JENNY:  This is beautiful!  (Jenny looks down at her clothes.) I’m not worthy.

BRANDON:  Well, I’m sure you’d like to get cleaned up.   I asked the Concierge to send for the valet.  So, if you want to shower you can just hand your clothes out to me and I’ll give them to the valet before I head out.  Um or if you prefer, there’s a robe in the bathroom, you could change into it and wait for the valet and I could head out now. 

JENNY:  Oh no, I’d rather not put the robe on until I’m clean.


JENNY:  I’ll go get showered.  (Jenny walks into the bathroom.)


Jenny shuts the door, pulls out her eulogy, and the list from her pocket, putting them on the counter. 



The bathroom door opens slowly, just a crack and Jenny drops her clothes on the floor.

Brandon searches through the inside of the clothes for the size and then puts the clothes by the front door and sits down. 


Jenny’s voice is heard coming from the bathroom.  She is singing, “LIFE IS A JOKE,” by Kristina Furey

JENNY:  Life is a joke and I’m waiting for the punch line.  It’s like a slap in the face or a kick to the groin every time.  I’m down on my luck, baby can’t you see, every time that I get up I get the carpet pulled from under me.

Brandon walks over and stands outside the bathroom door listening. 

JENNY:  Life is a joke and I’m waiting the punch line, the punch line, the Oh!  Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh,

Brandon jumps when there’s a knock at the door.  He runs over to the door, picks up the clothes and walks out.

JENNY:  I lost my job.  I wish I’d quit.  It wasn’t right for me.  Now my boyfriend wants his freedom so he’s breaking up with me.  In the bars these days, you pay to play but I’ve got no money.  And now that guy over there just said that I can’t sing!

Song ends.


Jenny walks out of the bathroom with a robe on.  She’s humming.


Jenny runs back into the bathroom and comes back out with the list.  She looks it over.

There’s a knock at the door.  She hides the list under her pillow.

She opens the door to room service and Brandon.  Brandon is holding shopping bags.

BRANDON:  I, um, well we… just happened to get to your door at the same time.

The room service guy is assembling as Brandon speaks.

JENNY:  Oh?  I?  I didn’t order room service.

BRANDON:  I did.  I just hoped to get back before…  Oh never mind, here. 

He hands her the bags.

JENNY:  (She starts to look inside cautiously.)  So what’s in here? 

BRANDON:  Well, I wasn’t sure when your clothes (to the room service person)  Oh, here you go.

Brandon tips the room service person.

As the room service person leaves, someone takes a picture through the open door.

Jenny jumps to attention and pulls at her robe as if to somehow cover herself more.

ROOM SERVICE PERSON:  I’m sorry!  (Leaves and closes the door.)

BRANDON:  You’d think I’d be used to that by now.

JENNY:  Gosh!  That was pretty blatant.

BRANDON:  So what do you think?

JENNY:  Odd!  (She looks at the closed door.)

BRANDON:  About the clothes.


BRANDON:  I sneaked a peek at your size.  I think they’ll fit.  I wasn’t sure when they’d return your clothes.  Also, I took the liberty of getting you something to sleep in and a few other things I thought you might need.

JENNY:  (Going through the bag.)  You have good taste!  Let me go put this on, you know, in case there’s another photographer waiting to jump out of a corner.  (Jenny runs into the bathroom and calls out)  So what did you order?

BRANDON:  Oh just a few things.  I wasn’t sure what you’d like.

JENNY:  (She calls out from the bathroom.)  This is a perfect fit!  Wow I don’t think I’ve ever looked so good.  (She comes out of the bathroom.)  So, what do you think?  (She turns around)  Wow!  (She sniffs the sleeve.)  It even smells good.  Smell this!

Jenny holds her sleeve up to his face.

Brandon cautiously smells it and shakes his head, yes.

JENNY:  So what’s for dinner?

BRANDON:  Well, I wasn’t sure of what you’d like, so there’s steak, chicken and fish.

JENNY:  Oh, I eat anything.  What’s your favorite?

BRANDON:  I wasn’t planning on staying.

JENNY:  Did you eat?  Come on I can’t possibly eat all this myself and look, this is as good as I’ve ever looked, or smelled, for that matter.  (She smells her sleeve again.)  You’ll break my heart if you make me eat alone.

BRANDON:  Well, I certainly wouldn’t want to be the cause of that.

Brandon pauses and watches as Jenny sniffs the other sleeve.

Jenny notices she’s being watched and abruptly stops.

BRANDON:  So?  Wine?

JENNY:  Um, well, sure, just a little.

Brandon opens the wine and pours.

JENNY:  So which one do you want?  (She waves her hand over the different plates.

BRANDON:  You choose first.

Jenny pretends to reach for the steak, then moves her hand towards the fish, all the while keeping her eyes on Brandon’s reaction and then quickly snatches up the chicken.

BRANDON:  You get the one you want?

JENNY:  Yes, (smugly) thank you.  You?

BRANDON:  (Grabs Jenny’s plate, lets it  go and says)  Just kidding  (and grabs the steak.  He puts it down in front of him and raises his wine glass.)  A toast to turtle heroes and new friends.

They drink.

JENNY:  This is really good.  I haven’t eaten so well in the past few days.  MMM, but this, this makes up for it.  Thank you again, for everything.

BRANDON:  I’ve enjoyed myself today.

JENNY:  Really, you should stick around then because chaos seems to follow me around.  It’s mostly my fault, I tend to react first and think later.

BRANDON:  Well, some people would call you passionate.

JENNY:  My father calls it flighty.

BRANDON:  Well, it could be seen that way too, I suppose.  So what do you call it?

JENNY:  (pause)  Being me.

BRANDON:  Well I enjoyed being with you today Jenny.


JENNY:  Thank you.

BRANDON:  So, I heard you singing earlier.

Jenny brings the napkin to her face to hide behind it.

BRANDON:  You’re good!  Ever do anything with it?

JENNY:  No, I was told growing up that singers become drug addicts and are sexually promiscuous.  Did you know that?

BRANDON:  Hmm, My lucky day!

JENNY:  My dad, I don’t know, he let me know early on his disapproval. 

BRANDON:  Too bad.

JENNY:  I’m just always making up songs.  When I was young, I wanted to be a singer.

BRANDON:  So what do you do?

JENNY:  Mostly secretary work.  I’m between jobs right now.  I’m taking some time off to…

Brandon waits for Jenny to finish her sentence.

JENNY:  Well, I guess to think about what I want to do.  (She tears up)  I’m sorry, I just turned thirty and I’m not handling it so well.  (She wipes her eyes with her napkin.)  Rebecca just turned thirty, last month.  We were exactly one month apart.  (She smiles)  I’m old!

BRANDON:  Not as old as me.

JENNY:  Yeah but at least you know what you want to be when you grow up.

BRANDON:  If I knew what I wanted to be, I wouldn’t have to pretend to be other people.

JENNY:  Hmm, you make a point.  (She yawns) Excuse me.

BRANDON:  Well, it is getting late, I should be going.  You finished?

JENNY:  Oh, yes.

BRANDON:  My pleasure.  (He lingers a moment and heads out.)

Jenny looks at the closed door and sighs.  Her eyes shift to the bag.  She leaps up and over to it and dumps it out.  She reaches for the pajamas and smells them, then rubs them on her cheek and throws them on a chair.  She puts the pajamas and the bag in the bathroom.  She comes back out and looks at the list.  She puts it on the night table and heads back into the bathroom. 



It is dark in the room.  Jenny is awoken by a knock at the door.  She digs herself out of the covers, springs up and looks around.  She pauses a second and then gets out of the bed and heads to the door.

JENNY:  Hello?

BRANDON:  It’s me, Brandon!

JENNY:  Oh!  (She runs to the night table and grabs the list.)  Just a minute!  (She runs to the bathroom and when she comes out her hair is not as messy.  She runs over and opens the door.)

BRANDON:  (Holding keys and jingling them.) Look what I found.

JENNY:  Where were they?

BRANDON:  In a puddle.  I’m guessing they slipped out when you bent over to pick up the turtle.

JENNY:  (reaching for the keys)  Oh thank you, thank…

BRANDON:  (pulling the keys away)  Not until you’ve had breakfast.  Get dressed.

Jenny smiles and runs to the bathroom.


Jenny and Brandon are holding coffee cups.

JENNY:  So guess what happened?

They speak at the same time.

BRANDON:  You got fired.

JENNY:  I got fired.

BRANDON:  Hmm, yes, I am definitely beginning to see a pattern here.

JENNY:  Do you suppose I’m cursed?

BRANDON:  Bewitching perhaps but cursed, no.  (Brandon stares at Jenny like he might kiss her.)

JENNY:  Oh my gosh!

BRANDON:  Oh, Um, I didn’t…

Jenny runs past him and picks up the magazine.

JENNY:  No way!  (pause)  Not true!  (She flips through the magazine.  She holds it up to the magazine stand worker.)  There’s not an ounce of truth in this.  How can you sell this crap!

Brandon goes over to look at the magazine and laughs a little.

JENNY:  Why are you laughing?

BRANDON:  You have to have a sense of humor about this stuff. 

JENNY:  Why are you laughing?

BRANDON:  You have to have a sense of humor about this stuff.

JENNY:  What if my father reads this?  People are going to think I’m a slut!

Brandon takes the paper out of Jenny’s hand and hands it back to the magazine attendant.

JENNY:  I am cursed!

BRANDON:  Is it really that bad?  Last week they said they had pictures of my gay lover, this week, you.  next week, someone or something else.

JENNY:  So you come out looking experimental.  I come out looking like the slut of the week.

BRANDON:  It’s just a stupid magazine, anyone who would believe that stuff, well, what does it matter what they’d think.

JENNY:  I guess, I (pause) well, (pause) You know what?  You’re right!  People just always believe what they’re going to believe.  I’ve always tried so hard to do and say the right thing and what has that gotten me?  People are so judgey.  I mean, we know, there’s nothing going on between us. 

BRANDON:  Oh, right!  (He taps a bystander browsing the tattler.)  There’s nothing going on between us.

JENNY:  (Laughs and mouths the words, “He’s lying,” and winks at the bystander.)

BRANDON:  (Catching Jenny’s joke grabs her arm and tugs her away.)  We should see about the car.

Brandon dangles the car keys back in front of her.

Jenny grabs them and makes eye contact with the bystander again and mouths, “See,” and then shoves her tongue into her cheek and raises her eyebrows.

BRANDON:  Look at you, (Brandon announces to anyone listening.)  I’ve created a monster.





Entry III of "The List"




Theme music plays

The cemetery is seen from the view of a circling helicopter.  It is a large ceremony.  There’s a lone figure broken off from the crowd. 



Camera zoomed in on Brandon Deveroux.


Brandon Deveroux is apart from others and  placing flowers on a grave.  The headstone reads Victoria Walton-Deveroux.   He kneels down at the grave.  

The camera angle changes to reveal a box turtle that is moving behind him.

The theme music transitions into the first verse of “Wish”.

Brandon closes his eyes in meditation. 

Brandon gets up and heads towards the funeral.

Brandon walks by the turtle, which is very close to the funeral and heading for the road.

“Wish” chorus plays

Rain begins to pour.  People disperse and run for their cars.

The music continues playing but stops short of the second verse and then reverts to theme music.

Cars are driving out of the cemetery in single file bumper-to-bumper.  The road quickly becomes muddy and full of puddles. 

Jenny has taken shelter under a tree as she waits for the mob to find their cars.  She spots a turtle crossing the muddy road and cars are driving over it.  She runs over to save it.  The cars continue moving.  Jenny starts waving her hands over her head and yelling. 

The theme music fades.


ELSA:  What is that crazy girl doing?

DRIVER:  She appears to be saying something.  Would Madame like me to open the window and see?

ELSA:  It would only get us wet, drive on Mumphy.


Jenny, crying now, manages to put herself between the cars.  Finally, one stops.

The beginning of the “Wish” song plays.

Jenny craws under the front of the car.

Someone grabs Jenny by the elbow and helps her up.

She stares into the eyes of Brandon Deveroux.

(Music abruptly stops)

BRANDON:  Is everything okay?

JENNY:  Yes, thank you.  (She stares at Brandon, blinking in amazement.  Her makeup is running and she’s covered in mud.)

BRANDON:   (Noticing the turtle) Oh, I see you have a friend with you and how is he?


Brandon stares at the turtle in Jenny’s hand. 

JENNY:  Oh, you mean the…

Cars start honking their horns.

JENNY:  …turtle?

BRANDON:  We should probably move.  (He leads Jenny away by her elbow and puts his free hand on her back in a protective gesture, putting himself between Jenny and the car.)

JENNY:  (Now engrossed in how the turtle looks)  He looks okay.  (She holds him up close to Brandon’s face.)  What do you think?

BRANDON:  (taken aback) Well, I’m not a real vet but I’ve played one in a movie and, he looks okay to me.  Maybe we should find a safe place to let him go.

JENNY:  That looks like a good spot over there.  (She points to the edge of the cemetery. Where there are some woods.  She holds the turtle up to her face.)  You’re okay now little guy.  No big bad car’s gonna run you over.

BRANDON:  That was quite the rescue.

JENNY:  I just couldn’t believe they wouldn’t stop.  (Back to turtle) No smashed turtles on my watch.  No sir-ee!

BRANDON:  I think he just smiled at you.

JENNY:  (Still looking at the turtle.)  You think?  (She looks at Brandon and sees him smirking.)  Nah, it’s just gas!  Oh, my gosh!  I am so sorry.  I can’t believe I just made a gas joke to Brandon Deveroux!

BRANDON:  Actually, it’s refreshing to be joked with.

JENNY:  (Putting the turtle down in its chosen safe spot.)  So you think he’ll be happy here and stay off the roads?

BRANDON:  As long as he doesn’t follow you home.

JENNY:  Thank you.  (They turn to walk back.)

BRANDON:  I didn’t do anything.  You’re the turtle hero.

JENNY:  For caring, thank you for caring.  (She stares at him.)

BRANDON:  That was a nice speech you made but I didn’t understand the last part about putting things in perspective.

JENNY:  (Her eyes dart away.) Oh I, I didn’t mean to say that out loud.

The second verse of the song, “Wish” starts. 

They walk back to the tree Jenny stood under when the rain started.  They don’t speak and their actions give the sense of an awkward silence as neither one wants the moment to end but either knows how to keep it going.

The second verse transitions into theme music.

The camera shows the turtle walking away one last time. 

They are the only ones left.  Jenny looks around.  She reaches into her jacket pocket.

The theme music stops.

Jenny pats herself down and starts to panic.

BRANDON:  Is there a problem?

JENNY:  My keys, I can’t find my keys.  I had them when I got here.  How could I?  (She cries and starts to slump down into a ball on the ground.)

BRANDON:  (He stops her from sitting in the mud by grabbing her arm and he moves her towards his car.)  Why don’t we sit in my car, while we figure this out?

JENNY:  (Looking down at her skirt and getting more nervous.)  Oh no, I’m such a mess.  I couldn’t possibly…

BRANDON:   Come on.  (He gets Jenny to the car, opens the passenger door and flips the floor mat over and gently shoves the protesting Jenny into the car.)

JENNY:  But I’ll ruin your interior!

BRANDON:  It’s okay, really.  (He walks around and gets in on the driver’s side.)


JENNY:  Why, why did I?  Why?  (She shakes her head and whispers.)  I lost the keys.  (then, says to Brandon) They’re Rebecca’s.  It’s (sniff) everything.  (She continues to cry.)

BRANDON:  (going to hug her and whispering)   I know, I know.   (He holds her as she cries.)

JENNY:  (Pulls back and stares at her feet then at Brandon’s.  Her mascara is running and she looks like she has raccoon eyes.)  I’m sorry.

BRANDON:  It’s okay.  She was your best friend and it’s been a long hard day for you.  How about, I just take you home or to your hotel?

JENNY:  (Starts to cry again.)  I, I’m staying at Rebecca’s.  That’s her car.  Her house keys were on the key chain.  I feel like such an idiot.  I can’t call Sophie because her card is in the car.  There’s, nobody…  (She continues to cry.)

BRANDON:  (He hugs her and strokes her hair.)  It’s okay, I’ll put you up in a hotel tonight and we’ll figure this out in the morning.  It’s going to be okay.  We can go back tomorrow and look for the keys. 

JENNY:  (Looks up at him and shakes her head yes.)  Okay.

Brandon lets go of her and starts the car.  They sit quietly.  Jenny looks at her feet.



Jenny has begun to pull herself together.  She straightens her skirt, bites her lip, looks around the car, looks out the window and then looks at Brandon. 

JENNY:  (There’s no cry left in her voice.)  I’ve totally disrupted your day. 

BRANDON:  (smirking)  Really?  And I was just thinking you’re the turtle hero and how could I ever ask you for your autograph.  I don’t even know your name.

JENNY:  It’s Jenny  (She pauses and smiles)  Matisse.  You’re such a nice guy.

BRANDON:  Really, nice huh?  I’ve been called many things but I don’t think nice was ever one of them. 

JENNY:  So, what’s the best thing you were ever called?

BRANDON:  Wait a sec., (He holds his right pointer finger up and looks at her.)  Who do you work for?  This is starting to sound like an interview.

JENNY:  (laughing nervously) No, whatever you say, I swear will never leave this car and if you knew me, you would know that I always keep my promises, pinky swear.  (She holds up her pinky.)

BRANDON:  Pinky swear?

JENNY:  Yes, now you hold up your pinky…

Brandon slowly removes his right hand from the steering wheel and slowly extends his pinky.

JENNY:  (Locks pinkies with him and looks him straight in the eye and with total sincerity says)  Pinky swear. 

BRANDON:  (Shaking his head and half laughing)  I don’t know.  (He side glances at her and then returns his eyes back to the road.)  Okay, but in return you have to answer a question.

JENNY:  What?  (She playfully big eyes him and shifts her eyes from side to side.)

BRANDON:  Who’s having trust issues now?

JENNY:  Okay, you are helping me out of a jam here and you are the nice Brandon Deveroux.  Anything, but the answer, never leaves this car and you have to answer first.

BRANDON:  The best thing anyone ever called me, was Mr. Practical. 

JENNY:  Mr. Practical?

BRANDON:  My wife used to tease me with that one, whenever she wanted things her way and we weren’t exactly seeing things eye to eye.  That’s what she called me and it was the best thing anyone ever called me.  She’d say, “Come on, why, must you be Mr. Practical?”  As she gave in, or “Okay, Mr. Practical,” and then have some practical reason I should side with her.  Or, sometimes she’d say, “No one likes a party pooper, Mr. Practical!”

JENNY:   Mr. Practical, it makes sense now.  Oh, your wife was so beautiful; I can’t imagine you two ever disagreed on anything.  I’m sorry.


JENNY:  You lost her.

BRANDON:  It feels good to talk about her.  Which, brings me to my question.  What did you mean when you said, “Even in death you help me put things in perspective?”

JENNY:  Hmm.

BRANDON:  (wiggles his pinky)  Pinky swear, remember?

JENNY:  But this is hardly…  Oh, all right.  Well, when she and I were young there was no one I felt closer to.  When the other girls were catty, as girls can be, I could trust she wouldn’t be.  She was the smartest girl in the whole school.  There was just so much to admire about her.  (Jenny is quiet a moment and looks out her window and traces the raindrops running down the window.) When she moved, hmm, the distance made me doubt our closeness. Writing her eulogy, reminded me of the truth.  It… put things in perspective…  only too late.

BRANDON:  Guilt, I know it well.

JENNY:  I guess, maybe it is guilt.  I hate to think she died thinking…

BRANDON:  Thinking what?

JENNY:  Um, well, I hope she didn’t have the same doubts I did.  It’s confusing, hard to explain.

BRANDON:  No, I think I understand.  Often, the ones closest to us are the ones we take the most for granted.  (They pull into the hotel-parking garage.)  The last few weeks of my wife’s life, she and I were so busy, working on our projects.  I thought, “Catherine the Great,” was so important but I had no idea what important was until I heard that the helicopter crashed.

Jenny lays her hand on his forearm.

BRANDON:  I beat myself up over it, for a long time afterwards.

JENNY:  I’m sorry.  (She looks down at her hand on his forearm and slowly pulls it away.)  Oh, my, we’re here.  (She wipes her eyes quickly, sniffs and looks away.) 

BRANDON:  (Looks at his forearm, at Jenny and then away.)  Shall we?



Close up on a mirror.  The mirror reflects the elevator.  The elevator opens.  Brandon and Jenny are in the elevator.  Jenny sees herself in the mirror.  Her eyes open wide and she gasps.  This is the first time she has seen herself since rescuing the turtle.

BRANDON:  You okay?

JENNY:  Bathroom, where’s the bathroom?

BRANDON:  (points in the direction of a restroom sign.)  I’ll go take care of the room. 

Jenny walks with her face pointed towards the ground to the bathroom door.


Jenny steps in and throws the weight of her body against the door.

JENNY:  Oh, my, gosh!  (She covers her face in her hands and slides along the door to the floor.)

Juliette Carter is in the bathroom stall.

JULIETTE:  (calls out) Are you okay?

JENNY:  (quickly replies.  She talks fast.)  Yes, no, no, I mean yes, no, I don’t know…

JULIETTE:  Hey, now you’re starting to scare me. 

The toilet flushes.

JENNY:  (equally fast)  No, I’m just a mess.  Any other girl in my situation would probably consider herself the luckiest girl on earth.  But me…

JULIETTE:  (Walks out, goes to the sink and washes her hands.)  So you want to tell me what the problem is?

Jenny is still on the floor with her face in her hands.

JULIETTE:  Guys have bars and bartenders to help sort out their problems and women, well we have the ladies room.  (She dries her hands.)

JENNY:  Uh…  (She points at toilet paper stuck to Juliette’s shoe.)

JULIETTE:   (She takes a tissue and removes the toilet paper and then throws it away.)  So, what’s it gonna be?  (She offers Jenny her hands.  Jenny allows Juliette to help her up.)  Oh honey!   (Juliette looks Jenny over.)  You got caught in that storm didn’t you?  (Jenny shakes her head, yes.)  Come on now, clean yourself up.  (Jenny starts by washing her hands.)  So tell me, what’s got you so upset?

JENNY:  (whining) Look at me.  I’m such a mess.

JULIETTE:  This is true.  Maybe you should rinse your face off.  (Jenny does and Juliette offers Jenny a paper towel.  Jenny dries her face.)

JENNY:  Hey, you’re…

JULIETTE:  (extending her hand)  Juliette Carter and you?

JENNY:  Jenny Mattise.

Juliette reaches into her purse and pulls out a brush.  She hands it to Jenny.

JENNY:  Thanks.

JULIETTE:  I’m curious Jenny… How does someone become the luckiest girl in the world?

JENNY:  (Brushing her hair and speaking fast)  Well, it’s a long story but to make it short, I’ve just met what could be the most wonderful man in the world.  The downside,  (She closes her eyes, and pauses)  Just look at me.

JULIETTE:  Well, you’re shaping up.

Jenny’s newly brushed hair still looks messy.

JULIETTE:  (She pulls a small bottle and a Q-tip out of her purse.) One more thing.  (She puts the Q-tip in the bottle and uses it to remove Jenny’s raccoon eyes, left from her mascara.  The she takes hairpins out.)

Jenny returns the brush.

Juliette brushes Jenny’s hair.

JULIETTE:   Trust me.  (pause)  So how’d you get so messy?

JENNY:  (Takes a deep breath and exhales the dialog)  I was saving a turtle.

Juliette puts Jenny’s hair in a French twist.  There’s a knock on the bathroom door.

BRANDON:  (From the other side of the door.)  Jenny, are you still in there?  I got a room.

JENNY:  Just a minute!

JULIETTE:   You just met?  (finishing the French twist)

JENNY:   Thank you.

JULIETTE:  You can keep the brush.

Jenny opens the door.  Juliette sees Brandon.

JULIETTE:  (under her breath)  Guess you are the luckiest girl in the world and I’m the luckiest reporter.


BRANDON:  Hey, look at you.  (Referring to the brush)  I always suspected the ladies room was some sort of salon, forbidden to men.

JENNY:  I made a friend.  Well, actually, a very nice lady took pity on me.  She gave me the brush and the do.




Entry II of "The List"



(Consider MAROON FIVE’S” HARDER TO BREATHE” for background music)

Jenny is crying and walking aimlessly down the sidewalk.  She is wearing a heavy coat.

She walks by a “bum”.

The bum puts his hand out. 

Jenny opens her purse, gets out her wallet, pulls out all the money she has and hands it to the bum.

The bum takes it.

Jenny pauses, looks him over, takes the turtle out of her pocket, then removes her coat and hands it to the bum. 

BUM:  Thank you Ma’am.

Jenny smiles at the bum and walks off towards a pay phone.  She pats her pockets down and looks down at her feet for a second, as if in defeat.  She musters up a half smile and walks back over to the bum. 

JENNY:  Can you spare thirty-five cents? 

(He reaches into what was her coat pocket and drops two quarters into her hand.) 

JENNY:  Thank you sir.

She walks back over to the phone and slumps against the wall.  She has started to hyperventilate.  She takes a deep breath, closes her eyes and puts her right hand over her heart.  She holds her breath for about five seconds and then begins blowing the air slowly out of her mouth.  She picks up the phone and begins to call DR. WELLS, her therapist.

We hear the phone ring. 


DR. WELLS is standing in her living room with a glass of wine.  There is classical music in the background. 

DR. WELLS:  Dr. Wells?

JENNY:  Hi, (She sniffs) it’s Jenny.

DR. WELLS:  Jenny, what seems to be the problem?

JENNY:    (Crying and hyperventilating) I had an argument with my dad.

DR. WELLS:   and how did that make you feel?

JENNY:   Bad!

DR. WELLS:  Come on Jenny, you know what I’m asking, “What kind of an egg do you feel like?

JENNY:  Rotten?

DR. WELLS:  Come on Jenny.  I think the correct response here would be scrambled.

JENNY:  Uh, huh.

DR. WELLS:  say it with me…

They say it together

DR. WELLS:  Scrambled!

JENNY:  Scrambled!

DR. WELLS:   Good girl!  Now, take a deep breath and from the diaphragm… “I want to be a sunny side up egg!”

JENNY:    (Jenny looks around at the people walking by and says it quietly.)  I want to be a sunny side up egg.

DR. WELLS:  Come on, say it like you mean it!

JENNY:   (She says it with her hand over her mouth and the mouthpiece of the phone, as if telling a secret.)  I can’t.

DR. WELLS:  Sure you can.

Jenny sees a man giving her a strange stare.  She moves her hand that was covering her mouth and chews on one of her nails. 

DR. WELLS:  Jenny?

JENNY:  (She says without moving her mouth, in a soft little girl’s voice.)  But there’s people around.

DR. WELLS:  Claim it!  Let me hear you claim it!

JENNY:  (Loud)  I want to be a sunny side up egg!  (People around her give her a strange look.)

DR. WELLS:  That a girl.  Now tell me, why are you so scrambled?

JENNY:  (Breaks into crying again.)  Because today (sniff) I lost my job and my boyfriend has been sleeping with his secretary…

Dr. Wells pours herself a shot and downs it.

JENNY:   I just had another argument with my dad.  Tomorrow,  I turn thirty and I should have arrived by now.  It’s like prom night all over again…

DR. WELLS:  (She lights a cigarette and speaks with the cigarette dangling out of her mouth.) Prom night, now we’re making progress, what happened prom night?  (She inhales and continues to smoke.)

JENNY:  (Spoken without pausing between sentences) I dreamt of it since I was a little girl and how I’d wear a pretty dress.   I’d be beautiful with a great boyfriend but I fell asleep in the sun the day before and got such a bad sunburn.  My eyes swelled up, my scalp peeled and it looked like I had the worst dandruff.  I looked like a lobster in the red dress I bought, (She pauses to sniff), but none of that mattered because, (sniff) because, I was going stag!  (Jenny bawls.)

DR. WELLS:  (Wipes a tear from her eye and downs another shot.)  Oh Jenny, the only thing you missed out on by going stag was the part where you lose your virginity in three very uncomfortable minutes, to the guy, who the very next day says, “We’re going to separate colleges in separate states, so we may as well break up now.”

JENNY:  Oh, Dr. Wells, I’m so sorry!  (She continues to bawl and then notices people are staring and slowly, starts to collect herself.)

DR. WELLS:  Oh hey, how did you think I got into this line of work?  If you’re going to work with screwed up people, you’ve got to be a little screwed up yourself.  Get some rest and this big problem will be smaller in the morning.  (She puts out her cigarette.)

JENNY:   I need a refill on my sleeping pills.

DR. WELLS:  I’ll call it in for you.  Give me a call if it gets bad, otherwise I’ll see you on Thursday and get a job.  Oh, and make sure they have good benefits.



There’s a clock on the wall.  The sound of the clock ticking is loud.  The clock shows  that it is two.

Jenny sits in her dark kitchen. 

Jenny is rolling a prescription container back and forth across her table.

Jenny rolls the container toward herself and attempts to open it.  It does not budge.  She attempts again, putting a little more muscle into it.  It still does not budge.  She attempts again, putting a little more muscle into it.  It still does not budge.  She bangs it on the table and tries again.  No luck.  She gets angry at it and throws it across the room. 

The container hits the wall and bursts open.  Pills fly everywhere.  Jenny runs over grabs the container and starts picking each pill up and blowing them off as she drops them back into the container.  She places the container back on the table and fills up a glass of water.  She pours the pills into her hand dumps them into her mouth.

The phone rings.

Jenny’s eyes look over at the phone.

The phone rings a second time.

 Jenny closes her eyes.

The phone rings a third time.

Jenny picks up the phone and answers with the pills in her mouth. 

JENNY:  Hello.  (Muffled by the pills in her mouth.)  Uh huh…  (She spits the pills across the room.  Then without pausing between questions, says) But I just saw her on TV.  But how could that happen?  Did she win?...  (She pauses for the answer.)  She knew she won but she never made it to the party?  (pause) Uh huh, anything, what can I do?  (pause)  Of course I will.  Hold on… (Jenny writes on a piece of paper.)  Okay, I’ll take the first flight I can get on.  I’m so sorry Mrs. Norton.  (She hangs up.)

JENNY:  She should have made it.  She never made it to her party.



Jenny has her bag already when NELLY NORTON, Rebecca’s mother approaches her with another woman, SOPHIE CALLAWAY, Rebecca’s agent.

MS. NORTON:  Jenny, I don’t know what I would do without you.  (She reaches out to hug Jenny.  They hug.)  You’ve always been such a good friend to Rebecca.  (She moves a strand of Jenny’s hair out of her face as she speaks to Sophie.)  Honestly, I don’t know what I’d do without her.  (Then to Jenny) This is Rebecca’s agent.  She’s making the service arrangements.  I’m going back to the hotel but their booked.

SOPHIE:  Hi, Sophie Callaway.  We’ll drop Nelly off and I’ll take you to Rebecca’s. 

JENNY:  Hi.  (She extends her hand out to shake Sophie’s.  When Sophie doesn’t reciprocate she picks up her luggage.)

MS.  NORTON:  I figured you could stay at Rebecca’s.  (They start to walk.)  There’s no one there, I just, I just couldn’t.  (Ms. Norton starts to cry.)

MS. NORTON:  (Collects herself) There are other hotels…

JENNY:  (Looks Ms. Norton in the eye.)  No, I’d like to stay at Rebecca’s.




Sophie’s driving.

Ms. Norton is in the front passenger seat.

Jenny sits in the back, behind Ms. Norton.

SOPHIE:  So, Nelly tells me you and Rebecca were best friends?

JENNY:  Yes.

SOPHIE:  So, what do you do?

JENNY:  I um, I’m between…

MS. NORTON:  She’s a great singer!  She and Rebecca wrote a one-act operetta in high school and Jenny acted in it, while Rebecca directed and Jenny has a beautiful voice.

SOPHIE:  Oh, really?  So, have you performed in anything I would have heard of?

JENNY:  Well, actually, I… haven’t…

MS. NORTON:  Oh and she wrote the music for the operetta and their friend, what was his name, with the keyboard, Schroeder?

JENNY:  His name was Sean.  We just called him Schroeder.  That was his last name.  He played the piano and was a big fan of Beethoven, so we called him Schroeder. 

MS. NORTON:  That’s right, like that little peanut boy.

SOPHIE:  MMM, How cute.  Well here we are.

They turn into the hotel parking lot and stop at the front entrance. 

A doorman gets the door for them.

Nelly and Jenny get out.


Sophie opens her door,  gets  out of the car and stands on her side of the car.

JENNY:  Let me walk you in.  (To Ms. Norton)

SOPHIE:  (In a monotone voice) No, she’s in good hands and we’ve got to get going.  I have a ton of plans to take care of before tomorrow.

MS. NORTON:  (Pats Jenny’s hand) She’s been such a help.  I don’t want to hold her up. 

JENNY:  What’s your room number?

MS. NORTON:  Oh my, I think I’m having a senior moment.

SOPHIE:   (Walks around the car and tips a doorman.)  Make sure she gets to her room please.  Jenny, we need to go.

The doorman walks Nelly inside.



Sophie is in the driver’s seat and Jenny is in the front passenger seat.

SOPHIE:  (Starts the car and begins to drive.)  This is not some small town funeral being planned.  This is going to be huge.  Everyone that is anyone will be there.  (She looks at Jenny and narrows her eyes.)  It’s interesting Jenny, (She focuses back on the road.)  Rebecca never spoke of you.  Yet ,Nelly seems to think you were her best friend.  Hmm…   Let me tell you what I think.  I think you’re just some little bumpkin that thought she’d fly out as the bereaved best friend in an attempt to get your fifteen minutes of fame.  Well Rebecca and I…  Well we were close.  I’m the one planning her funeral and so long as you’re here you will do as I say, understood? 

Jenny looks quizzically at Sophie.

SOPHIE:  (does a small, closed mouth, throaty laugh.)  You wouldn’t want me to have to expose you as the fraud you are, would you now?

Jenny remains silent, looking at the road ahead.

SOPHIE:  Open the glove compartment and take out the white envelope. 

Jenny complies

SOPHIE:  (grabs a key out of the envelope.  It is connected to the other keys by a key ring.)  Here is the key to the house.  I have disabled the alarm.  Attached is a key to the car, which you can find in the garage.  You will need that to get to the service tomorrow.  I have also enclosed directions in the envelope.  Oh, and my card is also in the envelope.  Have you written the eulogy?

JENNY:  (Not making any eye contact.)  I haven’t had a chance.

SOPHIE:  Then that is the first thing you are to do, and call me so I can edit it for you as soon as you are finished.  I expect to hear from you no later than six tonight.  Well here we are.  (She pops the trunk open from inside the car and stares at Jenny.)

Jenny peeks at Sophie from her peripheral vision.

SOPHIE:  (Widens her eyes in annoyance.)  Go!  (Jenny opens the door and as she does Sophie repeats)  No later than six!



Jenny enters through the front door into the foyer, puts down her suitcase and slowly walks toward the stairs leading to the upstairs.  There are pictures along a wall of the stairs.  She touches the banister.  She pauses, looks up, and then looks around.  There is a big mirror and more pictures in the foyer.  There are pictures of a happy Rebecca with other happy people.  Sophie is in some of them.   Jenny touches one of the pictures of Rebecca. 

JENNY:  I don’t get it Rebecca, how did you get involved with Sophie, or did she not show you that side of her?  I hope you never treated anyone like she’s treated me.  What am I saying?  You couldn’t have.  Remember when we befriended that girl Ramona, that everyone used to tease and how they stopped, once we stuck up for her.  How we beat up that bully that wouldn’t stop and made him promise he’d stop teasing her or we’d tell the whole school what a wimp he was.  (She sees a picture of Rebecca holding a bald child.)  No, you couldn’t have changed that much.  (Jenny looks away from the photo and wanders down the hall into the kitchen, all the while talking to the empty house.)  Okay, help me out here Rebecca, who did you become?  I need to find out or Sophie’s gonna annihilate me. 

It’s a big, mostly empty, looking kitchen.  There is a phone with a sticky note pad and pen next to it.  There is a door to the exterior of the home off the kitchen. 

JENNY (She opens the freezer and the refrigerator.)  Wow, she was a vegetarian?


JENNY:    (Looking around) Who surrounded herself with beauty.


JENNY:    And she had great taste.  (She admires the curtains and sofa.)


She walks up the stairs glancing at photographs.

Photos were to Rebecca, what trophies are to athletes.

JENNY:  Her life was full.  (She touches a photo.)  Full of accomplishments.  (She touches another)  Full of excitement.  (She touches another one.)  And full of happiness. 


Jenny is entering Rebecca’s room.

JENNY:  With great optimism and hard work she rose to the top of her field. 

This is the first room we see that really looks lived in.  There is a book, “Maiden Voyage,” on the night table.  There is a vanity table complete with mirror and makeup lights and plenty of make-up stuff on the table. 

JENNY:  (Turning on the makeup lights.)  She lit up the room with her smile.  (She walks over to a dresser and picks up an energizer battery.)  She was full of energy.  (She opens the top drawer of the dresser, an underwear drawer.) Full, of energy.  (She quickly shuts the drawer and heads over to a little secretary’s desk.  She opens it.)  She was well organized and self disciplined.  (She opens a drawer and takes out a piece of paper, with a list on it.  We see the list.  Jenny reads it.)  What’s this?  “By the time I’m thirty I will…  Break things off with Professor Vickers.”  I forgot about him, oogy.   “Perform in a summer stock play.”  Uh huh.  “Get a job with The Washington Post.  Find a strong woman role model and establish strong contacts.  Start a recycling program.  Make friends with a W. H. F. S, employee. “  Mandy, (whispered) no that’s not it.  Oh, but she was so cool!  “Get my own place.  Get my own car and learn stick shift.”  Braver than me.  “Speak fluent Russian and visit Russia.  Make thirty thousand a year.”  I’m still not making that much.  (pause) She always managed to accomplish her goals. 

Jenny notices another list and picks it up.

JENNY:  “By the time I’m forty, I will. Support a good cause, volunteer, help others.”  (pause)  “Write a song and sing it in public.  Write an award winning screenplay.”  You did it.  I’ll check this one off for you.  “Make the cover of a magazine.  Date a celebrity.”  Hmm.  “Learn to sail.  Get a pilot’s license.”  Interesting?  “Be closer to my mom and work on my relationship with Dad.”   Oh, he never deserved to have a daughter.  “Get married and start a family.  Have a real (pause) orgasm?  With a person, not, mechanical device.”  Okay, well, that explains the devices in the drawer.

Jenny sits down on the bed.  She looks around the room. 

JENNY:  I’m sorry.  I never returned your phone calls or the letters you wrote me.  I just, I didn’t want you to see (Jenny begins to cry) what a failure I was.  You believed in me.  (pause) I wish I could have left like you did.  I wish you were here now.  You were the best friend I ever had.  I guess you left me again.  (pause) I tried to leave me.  (She looks around the room.)  Is that it God?  (She looks up.)  Is it because I tried to take my life?  (She looks at the lit up makeup mirror.)  So you took hers?  Well I’m the one!  (She slams her fist against the bed.)  I’m the one with no future!  (She grabs a pillow and hurls it across the room, then drops her head into one of her hands and cries.)  How can you be so cruel?  (She picks her head up and brings her hand to her mouth and rocks back and forth.)  She, she wasn’t done.  (She grabs the list and looks sadly at it.)  She should have at least been able to finish it.  (She looks at the list and shakes her head no.)





SOPHIE:  Hmm, not bad.  Now Ms. Norton and I will take the limo, you take Rebecca’s car and when the funerals over, so is your fifteen minutes.  I will have Ms. Norton and some close friends over after but you are not expected.  At the church you will sit with Ms. Norton and me.  At the cemetery, I will be sitting with Ms. Norton.  You will stand with all the others.  That said, I’m going home to get my beauty sleep.  Tomorrow’s a big day.

Sophie leaves through the front door.

JENNY:  Ugh!  (She slams her body against the closed door and locks it.  She takes the list out of her pocket and looks at it while sliding her back down the door to a seated position on the floor.  She yells.)  There’s not enough hours in the night for you to get your beauty sleep!



There are a lot of people loitering around the front of the church.  Some of them are with the media.  Juliette Carter is one of them.  She is with her CAMERA MAN.

CAMERA MAN:  And cut.

JULIETTE:  Okay, I’m going to head in now.  You’ll have to wait out here.  (She waves her finger at him, the way one would wave a finger at a naughty child.)  No camera men allowed.  (Then she reaches into her cleavage to pull out her microphone.) 

CAMERA MAN:  No, don’t!

Juliette stops.

CAMERA MAN:  At least we can hear what’s going on inside. 

JULIETTE:  Oh Honey, you are good!  I hope I haven’t disconnected anything.  (She pushes it back in and speaks into her breasts.) Can you hear me?  Can you hear me now?


Jenny’s walking through the crowd and into the church.  She wears an ill fitted, cheap suit.

CROWD MEMBER:  Who’s she?

ANOTHER CROWD MEMBER:  Oh, she’s no one.

Celebrities, ALICIA HUTTON, BRANDON DEVERAUX, and ELSA VANDERHOOF, walk in separately.  People are shouting at them to look so they can snap their pictures.



The crowd of mourners is seen from Jenny’s point of view.  She is standing at the podium looking towards the people congregated there.  Two thirds of the people in the church are wearing some kind of ribbon or pin representing their various causes. 

She sees Alicia Hutton, checking her reflection in a compact mirror.

The crowd is completely silent.  Jenny’s heartbeat can be heard pounding loud and racing and her breath is heavy. 

Jenny sees Brandon Deveraux.

She focuses again on the rest of the crowded church.  It starts to sway and blur and then dark patches like puzzle pieces start to black out her vision.


Jenny is seen from the crowd’s point of view.  She is standing at the podium.  She starts to sway.  The crowd gasps. 

A priest starts to move towards her. 

Jenny puts up her hand to stop him.  She mouths, “I’m okay.”  She closes her eyes for a second and opens them. 

She sees Juliette Carter, apparently talking to her breasts.

JENNY:  The meaning of life, I’ve often questioned, what that is.  Rebecca was a beautiful woman, just thirty years old, who was full of life and invested so much of her life in the lives around her.  I don’t believe she ever took a moment for granted  (Tears start to fall from Jenny’s eyes.) or a person.

Elsa Vanderhoof is polishing her big diamond ring and checking her manicure.

JENNY:  She always saw potential in everything and everyone.  Even as a teenage valedictorian, she was wise beyond her years.   She had encouraging phrases like, “Tell yourself and everyone else you can do anything and if they call you on it, consider yourself blessed because then you get the opportunity to really learn something,” or “Every day is a new opportunity to learn and a chance to change the past because in the future, this will be the past.”

She took her kindness and wisdom to new levels when she was a journalist.  She would write about people and never criticize whom they were or why they chose to do what they chose to do.  She merely wrote with heart about the energy that person brought to the world.  As her friend, I’ve kept every article she ever wrote and I even have a couple of articles other people wrote about her.  In one, the author wrote, “She went about her journalism; much like an artist capturing the soul of their model and leaving its imprint on canvas.”  We can still look around us and see Rebecca’s soul’s imprint on everything and everyone she touched.  She has been a great friend to me and perhaps her greatest gift to me was her life because in her life I am able to see, the meaning of life.  I accept this gift (her voice begins to weaken) and the sadness that comes along with it.  Thank you Rebecca,  (whispered) even in death you have a way of putting things in perspective for me. 





Introduction and beginning


"The List" is a screenplay I wrote between 2001 and 2003.  It was registered with the Writer's Guild and copyrighted in 2003.  I sent it and a one page summary out many times and did not hear anything back.  So I buried it in the chest my Great Grandmother left me when she passed.  People who read it before I buried it, have come back to tell me it is a lot like "The Bucket List" and all I can say is I wrote mine first.  It was a way for me to process some things I had witnessed and experienced in my life, such as the loss of well loved female student I went to high school with and a the loss of a male student I went to another high school with.  It was told to me by a friend, that the male student's best friend, had decided to live out himself, the plans the male student made before losing his life.  That was where the bases of my story came from.  Anyway, I dug it out and I have decided to post at least 10 pages a week from it, until all 118 pages have been posted. 

I was loving the idea of what Matt Damon and Ben Affleck did with "Good Will Hunting" and trying my own hand at something similar.  I did consider submitting to Project Greenlight  but I didn't believe my story was a good fit for that.  Like me it's more mainstream (cliche even) rather than niche indie feel.

If you like TV shows like "ONCE UPON A TIME" or "JANE THE VIRGIN" or the 90's show "ALLY MCBEALL" I think you will enjoy my story.  I originally wrote the lead Jenny with Marisa Tomei in mind and her love interest with Robert Downey Jr. in mind as I loved their chemistry in "ONLY YOU" and the movie!


So, here we go...  "The List"


Red carpet award show.

Close up on JULIETTE CARTER, a TV entertainment host.  The camera pans down to her bosom, as we see her pull two ice packs out of her dress and hand them off camera. 

CAMERA MAN:  And three, two, one, you're on!

JULIETTE:  This is Juliette Carter, live from the hot, red carpet.  Giving all you voyeurs your first unadulterated peek at this evening's award contenders. 

The CAMERA pulls back to reveal a TV set on in a bar restaurant.

OLIVIA and JOE MATISSE, a couple in their early sixties are seated at a table. 

Joe looks angry.

OLIVIA:  I didn't realize the award show is on tonight.

Joe looks at his watch. 

OLIVIA:  Maybe she had to work late.

Joe gives Olivia a look like how stupid do you think I am.

WAITER:   Can I get you another Pepsi sir?

Joe nods, yes.





JENNY MATISSE, an attractive thirty year old female is packing a few items from a receptionist's desk. 

Camera close up on a clay box turtle that looks like a kid made it,  It is on a stack of papers.  It is decorated with the Yin and Yang sign.

The guitar riff from the song, "WISH" by NAKED BLUE, is playing in the background.  It plays in a repetitive pattern.  From here on, this piece of music will be referred to as, "THEME MUSIC."

*AUTHORS NOTE it is suggested you download this song to get the full feel of what I'm going for.

Jenny picks up the turtle and turns it over.  On it's belly it reads, "Rebecca, 1986".  Jenny carefully puts it in her box, grabs her coat and purse and heads for the door. 

The employer stops her.

Theme music fades.

EMPLOYER:  Hey Jenny.  He rubs her arm in a smarmy way and growls out) Umm (in a low voice)

Jenny shrinks away from his touch.

EMPLOYER:  I hate to see you go.  (He raises his eyebrows.)  We could still change that.

Jenny closes her eyes for a second and shudders a sickened shudder, then shakes it off, literally, and walks out the door. 

EMPLOYER:  (calling behind her) I hate letting you go, you know, being that it's your birthday and all!



The theme music plays.

It's a cold March evening.

Jenny is walking down the sidewalk, sniffing and blinking as if she's trying to hold back tears.  She walks by a TV store.  There are TVs in the window.  They are playing some local news show.  The box Jenny is carrying breaks and everything falls to the ground.  Her hands come up to cover her eyes.  She bends down and grabs the turtle.  As she stands up, there is a picture of Rebecca Norton with her name written under it, on the TV in the window.  Jenny looks at Rebecca's name on the turtle's belly, and then back at the TV.  Rebecca's picture is gone.  Jenny blinks, puts the turtle in her pocket and walks on leaving the broken box and the rest of the stu



ff behind. 

The theme music gives way to the beginning of the "WISH" song, which stops before it reaches the first verse.

Jenny sees a church.

With each Amen and Alleluia, the camera tightens in more on the church. 



Jenny walks into the empty church and sees a beautiful stained glass window over the pulpit.

The third verse of "WISH" begins.

Jenny looks around the church.  She bows down and says a prayer.

The chorus of "WISH" begins.

Jenny stands back up, wipes tears from her eyes, looks at the stained glass window again and heads out. 

The chorus transitions back to theme music.



Jenny enters through the restaurant door.  She scans the room and waves across the restaurant, as she runs into an occupied chair. 

Theme music fades.

JENNY:  Oh, I'm sorry, I'm so sorry.

Jenny continues limping over to her parents, Olivia and Joe.  Jenny is calling and waving as she limps. 

JENNY:  Sorry I'm late.

OLIVIA:  (In a hushed tone to Joe.) Now be nice and don't say anything about her...

Olivia and Joe are talking at the same time.

OLIVIA:  Break up with Brad.

JOE:  So, what's new?  (This is his answer to Jenny's, "Sorry I'm late."  He gets up to hug his daughter.)

OLIVIA:  (Shooting a disagreeing look at Joe and getting up to hug Jenny.)  Happy birthday, Joe, our little girl is thirty.  (She ends the hug and holds Jenny's cheeks in her hands.)

JOE:  How's your job going?

JENNY:  (Her cheeks are still in her mother's hands.  Her face appears to be smushed.)  Ah, which one?

JOE:  (pleasantly surprised)  You have more than one?

Olivia lets go of Jenny's face and stares at her with concern.


JOE:  When?

OLIVIA:  What happened?

JENNY:  I don't know.



Jenny is at a receptionist desk with all of the phone lines lit up.

JENNY:  Hold please.  Howe and Howe, How may I help you?

The phones are constantly ringing. 

We hear the voice on the other end.  It is MR. HOWE SR.

MR. HOWE SR:  First you put me on hold for three minutes.  Then you put my call through to the wrong person and now you're asking, "How you can help me?"

JENNY:  I'm sorry sir, I just started yesterday and there's two hundred, something lines in this building and the phone directory, it seems, is not up to date and...

MR. HOWE SR:  I don't want to hear your excuses missy, put me through to Leonard Howe Jr., immediately!

JENNY:  Well screw you!  (Jenny slams the phone down.)



JENNY:  The lady who hired me just called me into her office and let me go.



Jenny is sitting in the office of the HUMAN RESOURCES MANGER.

HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGER:  I'm sorry but I have to let you go.  It seems you told the owner of HOWE AND HOWE to screw off.  On behalf of everyone in this company who has wanted to tell Mr. Howe to screw off, I personally thank you.  However, on the behalf of MR. Howe Sr., I must say "You're fired." In about a minute, two security guards will come to escort you out of the building.  (In a whisper) You might want to grab your purse.



JENNY:  It just wasn't the right job for me.

Jenny takes off her coat and hangs it on the back of her chair along with her purse and sits down. 

JOE:  Well, maybe there is no right job for you.


JOE:  (Putting his hand up at Olivia, as if to say, "Back off") Sometimes, you have to stick with a job, just because it pays your bills.  I certainty didn't work at Kmart all those years, just because I liked the blue light specials. 

OLIVIA:  (Pointing to the TV) Isn't that Becky Norton?

Jenny looks at the TV, stares and nods her head, yes.

The camera pans to the TV, showing Rebecca on the red carpet being interviewed.  There is no sound on the TV.

OLIVIA:  (voice over) I almost didn't recognize her.  Her teeth look so perfect.

JOE:  (voice over)  How is ole Becky?  Jenny?

The camera pans back to the table. 

JOE:  I bet her parents are proud. 

JENNY:  I don't know.  We haven't talked in a few years.  She sure looks happy.  I would be if I were up for best writer award.  "Catherine the Great," is a great success. 

OLIVIA:  Well you know, Nelly moved about two years ago. 

JENNY:  I didn't know her mom moved.

OLIVIA:  To Arizona, I think...  I still can't believe the way Becky's dad just took off with that young girl.  Becky was only twelve and that girl...   Well, she couldn't have been much more than eighteen.  The skinny young thing didn't even have breasts yet. 

JOE:  Oh, but he bought her a nice set and I heard she liked to show em off too.  Just think honey, (to Olivia) If they had em on blue light, I'd ah gotten you pair. 

OLIVIA:  (shocked) Those breasts should have been Becky's child support!

JOE:  I'd say ole Becky's done okay.  (to Jenny) So you don't keep in touch?

JENNY:  Well, it looks like she's got a pretty busy life. 

OLIVIA:  That Alicia Hutton, she made such a great Catherine.  Oh and there's Brandon Deveraux, the one who lost his wife last year.  You know, I heard they were filming his death scene only a week after his wife was buried. 

The camera pulls back on the TV, we see Brandon Deveraux.

JENNY:  (voice over) That poor man, how awful!

OLIVIA:  (voice over) Yes, he's up for an award for the part of Alexander and the one who played Grigory Orlov was arrested for drugs and won't even be at the award show tonight.  I believe they're both up for the same award.

The camera pans back to the table.

JENNY:  How do you keep up with all of it?

JOE:  She knows more about their lives than ours.  

JENNY:  So mom, who's the woman with Brandon Deveraux?

OLIVIA:   (looking at the TV) I don't know but I'm sure we'll find out, Enquiring minds you know...

JOE:  (to Jenny) Where are you working now?

JENNY:  Well, actually I'm not.

JOE:  (raising his voice) How long have you been out of work?

JENNY:  What time is it? (she looks at her mother's watch)

JOE:  What happened this time?

JENNY:  I don't know...



Her EMPLOYER from P.B.I. is slapping Jenny on the butt.

EMPLOYER:  That's my girl!

This scene repeating various times, slightly different each time as Jenny wears different clothes in each repetition.



JENNY:  You know, maybe I could write something.  (To her mom.) Remember that book I started writing that time?  I heard the woman who wrote those Harry Potter books...

JOE:  What about health insurance and how are you going to pay your bills?

JENNY:  Well I still have the twenty-five grand Grandma left me.

JOE:  Oh sure, so you're just going to be a writer and what makes you think you'll be good at that?

OLIVIA:   (Trying to distract them)  Hey, there's Becky again!

JOE:  I bet her parents sleep well at night.  She's someone a parent can really be proud of...

JENNY:  Oh, and I'm not!  (Jenny picks up her purse and coat) You know what else I'm not?


JENNY:  Hungry!  (She then begins speaking on her way out the door and without pausing between sentences.) I'm sorry I dropped out of college.  I'm sorry, I'm not the great business person you are and I'm sorry, I lost a great guy like Brad!  Who, by the way, took his secretary to the Dave Mathews concert last night with the tickets he purchased as my birthday gift.  (She pauses to breathe but just a second.)  Happy birthday!  I can already see my thirties are going to be so much better than my twenties!