Kristina Furey

Entry IX of "The List"


Camera pulls back from Jenny’s eyes to reveal scenery change to Restaurant/Bar.

Jenny opens her eyes.  She is in a bar/restaurant, looking at Brandon.

There is a stage with a band on it.

An announcer is talking into a microphone.

BRANDON:  You ready?

JENNY:  I can do this.

ANNOUNCER:  Jenny Matisse!

JENNY:  Here goes!  (Jenny walks up to the microphone.)  I feel so honored to be here tonight and to be able to contribute to something so powerfully positive.  This song is dedicated to my father.  I wish he could be here tonight and my mother too.

She sings.  “We Can’t Deny,” by KRISTINA FUREY

JENNY:  We can’t deny what’s happening here.  You’re getting older and I’m getting older.  I see the lines etched on your face, a map to the past, reminder of yesterday.  A time when you couldn’t love me, the way that I needed, I thought you only loved me when I pleased you and now we push that pain aside, what good is pain, once we’ve learned the lessons it teaches.  And I can’t deny when I look in your face the love that I feel, the love that you’ve given me.  Please, won’t you give me your hand, I’ll help you stand.  I can be strong now that you’re not and you, you can be strong for me, give your hand to me and it will give us the courage we both seek.  We can’t deny, what’s happening here.  What’s happening here.  What’s happening.

The song ends

The crowd applauds.

Jenny walks off stage and people surround her.

Jenny looks over at Brandon and he smiles at her.

Elsa makes her way through the group with a drink in each hand.

ELSA:  That was just lovely dear!  (She hands Jenny one of the drinks.)  You save turtles; you sing like a turtledove and you simply must write us a turtle theme song.

Juliette approaches them.

Juliette:  (hugging Jenny)  You did great!

Brandon is staring at Jenny with a troubled expression.

JENNY:  (to Juliette)  Thank you!  (to Elsa)  Hmm?  I guess I could.  (To both Juliette and Elsa) Excuse me.

Jenny walks over to Brandon, who still looks disturbed.

BRANDON:  You know Juliette Carter.

JENNY:   (On a natural high)  Um, hmm.  So what do you think?  (She wraps her arms around his neck and kisses him.)

BRANDON:  Well, I’ve got to go.  I uh, I’ve got something I need to do.

JENNY:  (She whispers in his ear.) I love you. 

Brandon breaks the embrace and leaves.

JENNY:  (Calls after him with a confused look on her face.)  See you tomorrow!  (She tilts her head, puts her drink down and then starts after him.)

The announcer cuts her off.

ANNOUNCER:  Hey, I just wanted to introduce you to some of our benefactors.  You got a minute?

JENNY:  (Glances again at the door.  She looks worried.  Then she looks back at the announcer and smiles.)  Sure.



JENNY:  (Shaking a ladies hand.)  Yes, it was good to meet you too.

ANNOUNCER:   Well, I guess I’ll see you next week in the studio.

JENNY:  Next week then.

Juliette comes over to Jenny.

JULIETTE:  You never mentioned that you sing!  Here.  (She hands Jenny a drink.)  Cheers to the luckiest girl in the world!  (She holds up her drink and taps it to Jenny’s.)

JENNY:  So what are you doing here?

JULIETTE:  I came to hear you sing.

JENNY:  How did you?

JULIETTE:  I’m a reporter.  It’s my job to know what goes on around this town.

JENNY:  Are you the one that’s been coming up with those stories in the Tattler?

JULIETTE:  Oh, honey, no!  I thought maybe you had an agent drumming up all that for publicity.

JENNY:  So you haven’t…

JULIETTE:  No, no!  So where’s Brandon?

JENNY:  Oh, he had something to do.

JULIETTE:  Well my friends and I are hanging out in the corner over there.  You want to join us?

JENNY:  Thanks, I’ll head over in a few minutes.

Jenny heads over to Elsa.

Elsa appears to be having a good time flirting with the bartender.



Jenny is hanging out with Juliette and her group.

They are laughing.

JENNY:  Yeah, Juliette has this way of always being there when I need her.

Jenny looks up and sees Sophie heading her way.

Sophie waves at Jenny.

JULIETTE:   Well, when your music takes off and you’re famous, don’t forget me.  I expect first dibs on your interviews.

JENNY:  Excuse me I need to hit the bathroom.  Juliette, care to come along?  (Jenny’s raincoat is on her chair.  She picks it up.)

JULIETTE:  No babe, you’re on your own.  I think I’ll sit this one out.

SOPHIE:  I’ll go with you.

JENNY:  Oh,  (She rolls her eyes.) Okay.



Jenny and Sophie each walk into a stall.

SOPHIE:  (Walks back out.)  It looks like someone’s been sick in there!

JENNY:  (from inside stall.)  You know, I realize they’ve done away with the coat hooks to cut down on crime but what do we do with our coats now?

SOPHIE:  Here, I’ll hold it for you.

JENNY:  Thanks.  (Jenny passes the coat over the stall.)

SOPHIE:  (She notices a piece of folded paper slipping out of Jenny’s coat pocket.  She grabs it along with the coat.  She opens the paper to reveal the list.  She stares at it a moment.  She gets a sardonic grin on her face and puts it in her own pocket.)  So where’s Brandon?  You still seeing him?

JENNY:  Uh huh, he had something to do.

SOPHIE:  So he’s not going to get to see you sing?

JENNY:  No, I already sang and he was here.

SOPHIE:  So where’d he go?

JENNY:  I don’t know.  (She opens the door.)  He didn’t say.

SOPHIE:  That doesn’t bother you?  He is quite a ladies man.

JENNY:  I trust him.

Sophie heads into the stall.

Jenny holds the door for Sophie.

SOPHIE:  I guess you trust Juliette too.  Just don’t be surprised when you end up in the Tattler tomorrow and I’d be cautious if she offers you a drink.  Did you ever find out who’s been leaking things to the press?

JENNY:  No, but Juliette said it wasn’t her and I believe her.

SOPHIE:  You don’t.  (pause)  No…  (She opens the door.)

Jenny washes her hands.

SOPHIE:  You know Brandon’s popularity plummeted a bit after Vicky’s death.  (She washes her hands.)  I mean at first it sky rocketed but prior to your involvement with him…  Well, it’s been like a Cinderella story and women everywhere are vicariously living through you.  What’s the chances he and his publicity agent are behind it?

JENNY:  (looking from side to side)  That’s crazy!

SOPHIE:  Is it?  They could be meeting right now, discussing their strategy.

JENNY:  Sophie, I’ve had about enough of you!  You’re just, you’re just, a mean person!  I honestly can’t believe Rebecca ever had anything to do with you!

SOPHIE:  What do you know about Rebecca?

Juliette opens the bathroom door and looks from Sophie to Jenny.

JENNY:  (Sees Juilette) I’m not gonna go there.

Jenny walks out.

Juliette looks at Sophie and shuts the door.

Sophie looks around the empty bathroom, pulls out the list and smiles.



JULIETTE:  (to Jenny)  Are you okay?  What happened in there?

JENNY:  You know, I need to go.

JULIETTE:  Are you sure?

JENNY:  Uh huh.

JULIETTE:  Well hold on a minute.  (She pulls her card out of her purse.)  Call me later and let me know how you are.

Jenny takes the card, looks at Juliette, says nothing and leaves.



Jenny comes in and checks the answering machine.  There is no blinking light and yet she presses the button anyway.

ANSWERING MACHINE:  You have no new messages.

Jenny picks up the phone and dials.

JENNY:  Pick up.  Pick up.  (pause)  Hi Brandon, it’s Jenny.  Give me a call when you get in.  (She hangs up.)  Oh Brandon.  Please, not you.



Jenny is asleep on the couch.  Her hand is resting on her stomach.  She has the phone in that hand.  Her eyes open.  She looks around and then sits up with the phone in her hand.  She dials the phone and then hangs up.

JENNY:  Where is he?  (She looks at her watch it is nine in the morning.  She takes a deep breath, sighs and gets up off the couch.)  Everything’s okay.  I just need to get out and get my mind off of last night.  Coffee!




Jenny is driving and singing along with the radio. 

The song ends.

D.J. JACK:  (voiceover)  And now it’s time for celebrity dirt, dirt, dirt.  (The dirt has an echo effect on it.) Okay Kelly, give us the dirt.

D.J. KELLY:  (voiceover)  Well Jack, it seems Jenny Matisse, Brandon Deveraux’s new squeeze…

Jenny slams on the breaks.

D.J. KELLY:  (voiceover)  is putting a squeeze of her own on Hollywood with a tell all book.

JENNY:  What?

Cars are swerving around Jenny, honking their horns, rolling down their windows and screaming obscenities at Jenny.

D.J. JACK:  (voiceover)  You see, I told you she was a social climber but what would she have to say that anyone would want to hear?

Jenny glances around, slumps down and peers over the steering wheel.

D.J. KELLY:  (voiceover)  Well, let me read you what I’ve got here in front of me.  This is straight from the Tattler.

JENNY:  (Looking around like a ton of bricks could fall on her at any moment.)  Oh my gosh!  What now?  (Jenny pulls into a parking lot.)

D.J. KELLY:  (voiceover) “The Tattler has brought you every chapter of the Jenny Matisse, Cinderella story, all the while not realizing that the story run by the Tattler was only a chapter in the tell all book Jenny herself is writing.”

JENNY:  What book are they talking…

D.J. KELLY:  (voiceover)  “A story that could only be written in Hollywood, about an all American girl, who masked as a grieving friend, came to Hollywood with her own agenda.  According to her note, once in Hollywood, Jenny would support a cause that would land her on Hollywood’s, A LIST, where she would start her own singing career?”  Hey Jack, look at this picture of her singing.

D.J. JACK:  (voiceover)  Oh great!  She thinks she’s a Diva now.

D.J. KELLY:  (voiceover)  Wait, okay, “Write a screenplay and win over a top celebrity.”

JENNY:  Why do they make up these lies?

D. J. KELLY:  (voiceover)  “All while using a celebrity magazine to skyrocket her to star status.  Our faces here at the Tattler are red.”

D.J. JACK:  (voiceover)  As it should be.

D. J. KELLY:  (voiceover)  “And many top celebrities, who have been taken in by her act, will be seeing red when her tell all book is released.”

JENNY:  Why do they think there’s a book?

D. J. KELLY:  (voiceover)  “We have tried to reach many of her celebrity contacts including Brandon Deveraux.

JENNY:  Oh my gosh!

D. J. KELLY:  (voiceover)  “But no one seems to want to comment.”

JENNY:  Oh please don’t believe this Brandon.

D. J. KELLY:  (voiceover)  “We are guessing once they see her list of notes, a Tattler exclusive that even the celebrities haven’t seen yet, they just might have something to say.  So here it is folks, untouched, in Jenny’s own handwriting.  Continued on page 5”

D.J. JACK:  (voiceover)  Come on, turn the page.

D. J. KELLY:  (voiceover)  Look, it’s labeled.  “By the time I’m forty, I will.”  See Jack, they’ve copied the list.  I guess this is her handwriting.

D.J. JACK:  (voiceover)  And look how inconsistent that is.  Well, hopefully, no one will buy her book and she’ll just go away.

D. J. KELLY:  (voiceover)  I think she’s hanging herself with this one Jack.  Call in and tell us what you think?  Would you buy this book?




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